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Modernize Your Living Room with Alexa-Enabled Window Treatments

Amazon Alexa Shades

Modernize Your Living Room with Amazon Alexa Shades


Aren’t we all amazed by the latest gadgets in the market and the things they can do? They’ve slowly begun to own our living space; you will find them everywhere: in your living room, bedroom, office, your nearest go-to coffee shop, and even your car. They are all designed to make the thing run more smoothly for us. And who’s complaining. We aren’t, that’s for sure, even if they are making us even lazier!

Because let’s face it: we won’t be able to carry on any of our tasks in the absence of a smartphone, a blow dryer, and our computer. The latest addition to technological equipment that seeks to make things easier and convenient for us is Amazon’s Alexa.

Who wouldn’t want to have a device at their disposal that is capable of voice interaction, to-do lists, playing music and audiobooks, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and more?


Amazon Alexa Shades

Besides the above-mentioned features, it can also control other devices inside your home to provide a unique home automation system to you through the use of an app which can be downloaded on your smartphone. This entails pushing a button to activate Alexa’s listening mode, where it can follow instructions provided by the user. The two-way interaction can be customized by your language preference. The supported devices include smart speakers, TVs, and media boxes, laptops and desktops, wearables and headphones and smart home appliances. Another important part of smart home automation that can be controlled by Alexa are window blinds and shades.

Without a doubt, Amazon Alexa shades, have caught the fancy of middle and upper-class homes in countries across the globe, and there’s good enough reason for that. To make things easier for you, you may integrate your window blinds with Amazon Echo.


How to operate my smart blinds with Alexa?

Operating Window Blinds Using Alexa

You can easily control your powered windows using the voice-controlled assistant without even bothering to move. You just need to ensure before operating these blinds that you are within the range of the voice assistant whenever you are directing it to open, close or adjust them. Smart window shades can maintain the temperature inside the home, provide privacy, and keep your home secure against unwanted elements.

There are specific instructions that you can give your Amazon Alexa. Before you go ahead, however, it is important to direct your command by addressing it by its name. For instance, say “Alexa, lower the blinds” or “Alexa, “open the blinds to 30 percent”.

Alexa can be easily integrated by Z-Wave shades brought by ZebraBlinds. For the synchronization to be successfully complete, however, you need to first follow the below instructions.


  1. Ensure that the Smart Hub is in place and is connected to the WiFi network of your home.

  1. Download the Alexa app and access it. Go to the Menu option on the top left corner of the screen.

  1. Tap on the option that says “Smart Home” and then goes to “Your Devices”.

  1. Then you need to tap on “Discover Devices”. This may take some time, but it will eventually find the Smart Hub that you wish to operate.

  1. Once found, tap on “Confirm” or OK to let the process begin.


My Smart Window Blinds Employing Alexa Technology

The smart motorized Z-wave enabled shades that can be easily integrated with Amazon Alexa are shining examples of great quality, superior construction, and a wide variety of benefits and features. A few examples of them are listed below.

1) Solar Shades


Z- Wave Solar Shades


Solar shades are available in brands such as Graber and ZebraBlinds which are the pinnacle of quality. These shades lend a modern look with minimally attractive looks and lower openness factors which let you enjoy an uninterrupted outside view without bothering about being spotted by an outsider. Made of superior glare and UV-resistant material, these shades are ideal window coverings that keep the sun at bay during scorching summers and let you enjoy the comfort of your home without any compromise.

2) Cellular Shades


Z-Wave Cellular Shades


Boasting of honeycomb construction that traps heat, light, and sound in their “pockets”, cellular shades are made of lighter but the superior quality fabric that makes them ideal to use in any season on any kind of window. They are as popular in homes as in restaurants and offices and come in a variety of cell options (single or double) based on your requirements. The single cell shades keep the harmful light away while providing the home a natural and effective glow. The double and triple-cell shades are used for blackout purposes, privacy and noise cancellation to impart some peace and solitude in the room. They are also excellent in moisture and dust resistance, and hence are easier to clean and longer lasting than most other window treatments. Now enabled with Z wave technology, they provide much more convenience and comfort than before.

3) Z-Wave Virtual Cord Shades


Z-Wave Virtual Cord Shades


Virtual Cord Z wave shades are modern window treatments that can be controlled and operated by using a remote and are great for homes with children or pets. They have a manageable design with LED operation and a consistent motor speed. These shades can be conveniently operated from almost anywhere in the room up to a distance of 65 feet. Setting them up is an easy and convenient procedure.

To sum up, Amazon Alexa is a technology that we all had been waiting for. It is pretty much here, thriving and being gushed about by anyone who is using it. Once you are clear of the setup procedure, things become very simple for you. Use it to not just operate your window blinds but for a palette of other purposes, including listening to the news, music, podcasts, and happenings across the world.