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5 Cool Things You Can Do With Amazon Alexa Compatible Automatic Blinds

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Amazon Alexa Compatible Automatic Blinds

What is Home Automation?

Home automation has created quite a storm across the world and as the name suggests they help to automate most of the electronic devices and appliances that are found in the majority of homes today. The objective of home automation is to reduce physical human involvement in daily mundane activities and hence save time and energy. They help to integrate all compatible smart devices and appliances into the home automation system and they communicate with each other to get the task done with a mere click of your Smart Phone or tablet. Adjusting the temperature on your thermostat, setting the alarm, opening and closing window blinds, switching on and off the lights in the house, brewing your cup of coffee are few of the many things that you can get done from the comfort of your couch and even when you are not at home.

Benefits of Home Automation

Gone are the days when people used to view home automation as an opportunity for homeowners to show off or luxurious indulgence. Home automation is advantageous for a number of reasons.

    • The biggest benefit of home automation is that it allows you to manage all devices from one place in the house and this is an enormous convenience. Keeping devices and appliances connected through one interface is a major step forward for home management. You can indulge in a series of activities without running around and hence save time and also multi-task.
    • It allows easy and hassle-free accommodation of new devices and appliances which means that you can replace your old stuff with ease. They will be seamlessly integrated into the system.
    • Home automation helps you to maximize the security of your homes as you can integrate the home security and surveillance features into the smart home network. You can connect surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and other similar devices and you can track these from halfway across the globe.
    • The easy control from phones and tabs and the ability to schedule operation mean that you can help keep your home ready to welcome you back from work. You can schedule the thermostats to maintain the temperature so that it is neither too hot nor too cold. Lights and shades can also be programmed to convert to evening mode and even have your lights and fans switched off when you leave home and help save few bucks.
    • Most importantly, home automation reduces dependency on the human effort which is a boon for aged and sick people and for youngsters who find no motivation in indulging in mundane activities.

Automated Smart Shades

What is Amazon Alexa?

Home automation has gone a notch higher with the introduction of home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These are AI-enabled virtual assistants that help to answer all your daily queries with the help of voice messages. They are driven by a Wi-Fi network and they can be integrated into your home automation system as well. This means that you can give voice commands through Alexa to operate the smart devices. You do not need a remote, Smart Phone or tablet to operate the devices anymore. You will need to add voice controls to blinds, shades, lights, thermostats, speakers, etc. and have them operate as per your schedule.

Things You can do with Your Alexa

You get to do some cool stuff with automatic blinds that are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

“Alexa, can you lower the shades?”

Mornings are a hectic time for most homeowners who have to perform several daily chores from getting those lunch boxes ready and the children prepared for school while you are constantly watching the clock as you a running short on time for office. With so much on your mind it is but natural that you might forget to get the blinds and shades lowered. This is important because keeping them open will allow the outsiders a view of the inside of the house and can also allow energy loss during the day hours. You can ask Alexa to do this task for you.
Alexa Controlled Blinds
Alexa, can you turn the blinds off?

With the sun setting and dinner getting ready you may be planning for a relaxed romantic dinner with your partner watching the sun go down with a glass of wine. You want it to be an intimate and private affair and you can get Alexa to turn the blinds off.

Alexa, can you schedule shades to open at 7 am?

There is absolutely no one who likes the sound of an alarm going off early in the morning when you are still snuggled up in bed. You want the day to start with some peace without that annoying sound of an alarm. But you also cannot afford to run late for your engagements and office. The best favorable alternate is scheduling Alexa to open the shades at a particular time and allowing the warm rays of the rising sun to fill your rooms.
Amazon Alexa Window Blinds
Alexa, can you turn on the movie theatre mode?

Most families have a movie day in a week when the entire family comes together to watch something together to bond and to relax. You get ready for the movie date with popcorns and the movie is about to start when you realize that the blinds have not been closed. Light-reflecting from the sun rays can spoil your entertainment experience but no one wants to get up either. You can ask Alexa to turn the movie theatre mode on which will cause the blinds to be lowered automatically.

Alexa, can you turn window coverings of the bedroom/living room?

It is possible that every room in your house has more than one window which means more than one window blind or shade. These blinds and shades can be clubbed together into individual groups which can be controlled individually and also collectively. If you want your blinds and shades to be lowered or raised you do not have to place individual voice commands for each of them. Just give the group name and ask Alexa to run on or off the blinds.

Isn’t it cool what Alexa does for your homes and blinds with these simple voice commands? Get them programmed, add groups, name them and you are ready to go. No longer do you need to run all over the place or even pick up the remote or phone to operate your blinds. Just give some voice commands on the go and get your work done.

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