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The Amazing Features of the Dual Roller Shades

Making the Best of Your Ultimate Window Treatment

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.”
Theodore Isaac Rubin

I recently finished my fifth project of the month, decorating a home successfully. Three of my customers had opted for LightWeaves Roller Solar Shades by Graber. I am not surprised because these shades come with amazing features and provide a very sleek look to modern homes. I promoted these shades to my customers for most of their home designs, other than a few buildings where the installation of these shades does not seem appropriate, or the budget of the homeowner is below the price.

If you wonder why I recommend the LightWeaves roller solar shades to my customers you just have to get a peek into their amazing features. Roller Solar Shades by the trusted brand Graber offers an excellent selection of light and temperature-controlling shades. The main attraction of Roller Shades is the wide variety of colors, wide variety of textures and improved temperature control. Solar Shades have the advantage of 1% – 25% openness, excellent outward visibility and glare control. Imagine the result when both the roller and solar shades come together as dual shades to provide the ultimate luxury for the homeowners!

When I install the Dual Roller shades on the windows, most of the customers are jubilant with the outcome and often offer excellent testimonials or recommend me to their friends and family. There is nothing much for me to do here since the dual shades satisfy the customers to a great extent. Two shades are combined onto one bracket for complete privacy and light control. I prefer and recommend each shade to be configured with Roller or Solar fabrics since solar, or sheer fabrics maximize the view to the outside, whereas the roller fabrics maximize privacy, providing the best of both. Dual shades also improves energy efficiency of the room.

Roller Shade Fabrics

Roller shade fabrics offer a solution for light control with their sheer to blackout fabrics range. They are good enough for any room or decorating style with their wide range of color and patterns. They effectively block damaging UV rays to increase indoor safety. Roller shades can be coordinated with other product lines like the Vertical Blinds, EvenPleat and FashionPleat pleated shades.

Solar Shade Fabrics

Now let us look into the fabric styles and information of solar shades. With the installation of solar shades, you can maintain an outward view, with filtered and diffused light illuminating the interiors. Typically the higher the openness factor and darker the fabric, the clearer is the view. You can minimize glare on televisions and home office computers with the darker fabric color providing better glare control besides better view to the outside. Solar shade fabrics block damaging UV rays as well with the amount of UV ray blockage being inverse to the fabric’s openness factor. For example, a fabric with 10% openness blocks 90% of UV rays. Solar shade installation will protect furniture, carpets, artwork, and other interior furnishing from fading due to harmful UV rays. It reduces the indoor temperature with the excellent feature of LightWeaves fabrics that reduce heat transmittance, keeping rooms cooler and increasing the comfort level in the home. The lighter fabric colors control temperature better than darker shades.

Unfortunately, solar shades do not offer nighttime privacy. When the interiors are illuminated, solar shades allow inward visibility which is not preferred by any customer. Hence to complete privacy, I install a dual shade or secondary treatment for providing the customer what they need. With dual shades, a customer can pull down a Solar Shade during the day to lower the temperature and block the glare while maintaining the view to the outside, and pull down a Roller Shade at night to protect privacy.

Tips and Guidelines

I follow and recommend certain tips and guidelines for my customers to make the best use of their ultimate window treatments. It is pertinent to order all shades for the same room at the same time to ensure there is consistency in shade fabric color and minimize dye lot variation. Often there are multiple shades displayed in the same room. For such décor, I recommend all shades be ordered with the same fabric orientation for a consistent look. I explain the advantages and pricing options for the shade control with my customers to help them make the right choice. The different control type options available for roller and solar shades are
• Cordless Lift System
• Continuous Cord-Loop Lift
• Smart Pull Lift
• Motorized Lift
With the automated homes gaining popularity, most of the customers prefer motorized options though I do come across few people who are not very comfortable with either automated homes or motorized dual roller shades.

Dual-roller-solar-shades -

I try to explain in detail what would it costs them and what comes free with the shades so that my customers can plan their budget properly. The following additions are under no charge category:

• Chain Color (Black, Brown, Gray, Stainless Steel, Vanilla, or White)
• Chain Guide Color (Black, Brown, Gray, Vanilla, or White)
• Bay and Corner Windows
• Chain Length (must specify different length)
• Chain Location
• Fabric turned 90° (width for height)
• Heat Sealed Hem Bar
• Hold-down Brackets
• Projection Brackets (3¼” [8.3 cm] and 4″ [10.2 cm])
• Reverse Roll
• Returns for Square-corner Valance
• Seaming
There is a surcharge on the following:
• Cassette Valance
• Component Size Upgrade: Clutch, Tube
• Cut Yardage
• Dual Shade
• Fascia
• Scallop and Gimp
• Square-corner Valance
• Bead Trim
• Wood Cornice and Valance

I provide information and allow my customers to make their own choices. No matter what decision they make, with dual shades it is easy to create adaptable and multipurpose light control and privacy levels for any interior. The innovative and technically advanced window treatment that integrates two fabrics either of which can be independently lowered or raised gives excellent practical purpose besides aesthetic appeal. They are good enough for homes both during the summer and winters.

When I install these shades for any home, I do not have to worry about children or elderly people as they are very environmentally-friendly and are Microban and GreenGuard certified. They do not emit any toxic or hazardous materials. I often come back with a feeling of having given my customers a safe and excellent product for their money. In return, my business has expanded through their recommendations. Thanks to the unique product manufactured today by the window treatment industry, my job is getting easier with each passing day.

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