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The Amazing Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

The innovations in window decor.

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”Bill Gates

With the amount of technological progress taking place in our age, like it or not, automation is here is stay. Only, we have to take care to apply it to operations that will magnify their efficiency. Automation has given people the ability to shift from hard working to smart working, where more results are achieved with lesser efforts. Energy consumption is one of the drawbacks when you go for an all automated, smart home, right? Wrong! Fortunately for you, unlike many other motorized products, automated window treatments will help cut down on your energy consumption by insulating your home effectively. You will see the difference reflect in your utility bills.

The technically advanced and innovative window treatments are taking giant leaps making them integral to and the most attractive part of interior decor. Every day, you see the market being hit with more sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing, effectively functional and easy to maintain and install window treatments. Contemporary, cutting-edge technology has revolutionized window treatments by incorporating batteries, motors, gears and remote controls, giving customers sleek, modest and technically advanced window treatments at economical rates.

Blinds, shades, curtains, shutters or drapery increases your home value, besides serving the practical purpose that needs to be monitored throughout the day for proper control of privacy, light filtering and insulation. Motorized window coverings is an exciting feature for consumers because they make operating them easy, safe while giving easy control to those windows that are hard to reach since you can operate those window coverings without having to gain physical access. Now you can put gorgeous motorized wood blinds on any window, regardless of how difficult to directly reach.

Today, consumers have the option of the cheap motorized shades version of any preferred window treatment they choose for their home, offices or commercial buildings. Motorized window shades are safe for homes with children or pets because there are no hazardous cords to pose strangulation risks. It also accommodates an advanced time-activation feature that will keep your home safe while protecting it against burglars.

Roller Shades.

Roller window shades are one of the most popular and modern contemporary window treatments, especially in the North American continent. No wonder, as roller shades are the simplest yet one of the most elegant window treatments you can adorn your windows with. They are budget-friendly, and they do not occupy much space, are highly utilitarian and quite durable as well. They are suitable for any room and most windows types, blending in effortlessly with modern and traditional decor alike.

What has increased their popularity among customers and decorators alike is their motorization. Of all the types of window coverings that can be motorized, roller shades are the simplest since the shade fabric is lightweight, which allows the motorization of the roller shades to be very economical, simple and easy to install. The motorization options are also suitable for the working system of roller shades. Roller shades consist of durable fabrics which winds around a hollow tube that houses a ratchet and spring. The fabric winds around the tube when pulled up and down to regulate the light in the room. The internal ratchet locks the shade into place at different heights, whereas the spring inside the tube adjusts the tension of the operating mechanism. Manually adjustable roller shades have sidewinders that lock the blinds at different levels, which can be uneven for different windows. When motorized, they can be set to create uniformity in the room. You can either control each of these shades separately or as a group. The motorization comes as wired switch controls mounted on walls or as a wireless remote control system. Make sure you find the specific motorized operating system that meets your personal requirement.

Solar Shades.

Solar shades function with the same mechanism as the roller shades, the difference between them being the soft blend of the fabrics used to manufacture the solar shades for windows, which allows you to maintain a view to the outside, instead of blocking it out. While certain shapes and images can be seen from the outside during the day, at night they provide little privacy for brightly lit rooms. In regions with cooler climates, Solar Shades give you great energy efficiency, allowing for heat gain. The motorized options allow you to operate them easily, blocking the harmful rays of UV rays and offering diffused natural light provided by nature when optimally required.

Exterior Shades.

Exterior solar shades cover huge open spaces like patios, decks or balconies. Hence, it is convenient to have motorized exterior shades to maximize the luxury that comes with their installation. Modern technology sees to it that you can control your exterior shades not just by remote control or switches on your wall but also through your Smartphone or tablets.

Motorization of exterior shades allows you to open and close them smoothly without damaging the fabrics. They can be integrated to function with other automated home systems for safety and energy efficiency.


Blinds allow control of light through both tilting of their slats, as well as pulling up the blinds to various heights. Motorized window blinds make it not only aesthetically pleasing but also very convenient to maintain uniform light filtering throughout your home or office by adjusting the slats evenly on all the blinds. Most of the blinds have motorized options for adjusting the slats but not for pulling it up or down; this is done with a cord mechanism.

Drapes and Curtains

One of the most attractive innovations of window treatments is the motorized drapery rod, which works smoothly and silently, increasing your pleasure in closing or opening the graceful window coverings. Motorized drapes systems increase visual appeal present with the bold velvet, rich silk or light sheers by adding elegance and sophistication to any interior decor.

These are the small luxuries that make our lives so much more comfortable. Like in the words of Coco Chanel, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. We all agree that smart homes with motorized window treatments are the comfortable luxury we deserve today with the hectic lifestyle of the modern world.

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