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Easy To Install Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminum Venetian Blinds – Easy To Install Kitchen Window Treatments


Looking for kitchen window treatment ideas? Allow us to help you settle in.  Deciding on Window Treatments for your kitchen can be quite a challenge. It’s a huge world of options out there with blinds, drapes or valances. If you aren’t sure where to begin this read might be quite helpful in choosing the right treatment. We will try to help translate your vision for a perfect treatment and help you find the right solution. Before you go shopping, it’s a good idea to do some preliminary work to check out the various options.

Considering the different odors, temperature changes and cleaning that goes on in a kitchen you might want to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Durability

  • Cleanability

  • UV Protection

  • Privacy

  • Convenience and Ease of Use

  • Budget-friendly

  • Decoration


Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas


While most kitchen window treatment ideas will check positive on the above list, there are some options that are better suited for your space than others. Here are some products for you to consider:


Aluminum Venetian Blinds


Aluminum Venetian Blinds


Aluminum Venetian Window Blinds are a super light option available in solid plain colors and metallic finishes. They are a stylish yet functional way to dress up your kitchen windows. They are perfect for kitchens as they can be used in heavy moisture areas like above the sink or near the stove where the fear of water or gravy splashing on the blinds is a huge risk. Easy to clean, with a wet cloth, these blinds are resistant to room temperatures, warping, and stains.

They offer an uncluttered look when pulled up. They stack neatly into a small footprint on top of the window without obscuring your view. They provide various degrees of privacy depending on the slats setting, allowing the right amount of light filtering with its tilt position and completely blocking the light with 100% privacy with an easy movement.

They are low on maintenance as they can be easily cleaned with a soft duster or a wet cloth. They are energy efficient while being strong and durable. Their simple interface makes it user-friendly and popular where you have the kitchen blinds working overtime. A safe and clean option as kitchen window treatment ideas for a perfect choice


2-inch Aluminium Blinds

The 2-inch aluminum blinds make an ideal option for kitchens. When they are tilted open these slats are spaced further apart providing you additional benefits than traditional Aluminum Venetian blinds. The2-inch aluminum blinds provide heavy-duty durability, ensuring that your choice is smart and budget-friendly. The popular cordless lift allows you to do away with the messy cords without having them in your food all the time. So choose wisely and let this be an investment you can be proud of.


Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Neutral kitchen with whites or subtle colors demands a treatment that adds a zing to the area. Cheap Custom Roman Shades offer softness and a charm that’s great for any kind of a look. The fabric selection is endless, and if you would like to add a traditional feel to it just affix trims. They bring in style and lend a formal tone to any informal space like a kitchen.


Woven Blinds


Woven Blinds


Woven Blinds are made from abundant natural elements like bamboo, jute, and others. These are excellent natural light protectors and are also friendly on the budget. These make for an unusual and different type of blinds. Ideal for the kitchen while lending an artistic and elegant look to your window. Your contribution to a greener environment starts from here.


Valances or Cornices

A straight or curved valance will give you a touch of fabric without sacrificing the natural light. While these treatments do not offer complete privacy, they add a pop of color with any solid colors or patterns that you might choose to go with. In addition to being away from the splutters and splashes of your work in the kitchen they add a mellow touch much needed in any warm space. In case you want to tie the room together ensure to choose the same fabric and pattern across all the windows in your kitchen. What better way to add harmony to your kitchen life?


Unique Ways To Hang Curtains

Curtains can be an affordable option when your budget is a constraint. You might want to consider cafe curtains for windows above the sink or stove. Cafe curtains help in giving you the right privacy while ensuring you have enough natural light to boost those energy levels of the family in the morning.

You might want to use sheer drapes as an alternate if privacy is not a concern and your window is not above the sink. Sheers offer an elegance that is beyond comparison and can be simply hung over a rod. Use floor length sheers to add an endless charm and allow natural light to flood your kitchen.

In case you are looking for complete blackout and 100% privacy, choose to go with thicker fabric options that give you these benefits. With complete light control and privacy in your hands, you can be sure to enjoy an amazing experience satisfying all your room’s needs. Windows over kitchen sinks will not be benefitted with thicker drapes as they will tend to become high maintenance. Make sure you do the right research before committing to a product.

With our different types of window treatments, you are bound to find your perfect kitchen window treatment ideas. Remember to contact our experts before settling down for something that you like. After all, every extra moment that you spend in your kitchen will help plan your family’s day. So hurry and take advantage of our huge discounts and choose the most effective option for your kitchen today!