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Aluminum Blinds or Solar Shades for Commercial Use?

A Comparison of Aluminum Blinds Viz Solar Shades for Commercial Use?

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, one always noticed windows covered with aluminum blinds, if at all. The CEO’s rooms/suites always sported those resplendent drapes with all the trimmings. And aluminum blinds always bring to mind those nosy janitors or secretaries sticking their fingers through closed blinds to peer out and see if the coast was clear! In the last two decades though, so many other varieties of window shadings have arrived on the market, all with endlessly innovative features that make for ease of use and energy optimization. With global warming due to a shredded ozone layer a stark reality, all manufacturers have to be mindful that their innovations suit the modern requirements of lessening carbon footprints.

Let’s take a look at why aluminum was a favored material for use in the manufacture of window blinds. Aluminum is a versatile metal with few negative qualities that restricts its use. Tensile, durable, and light at the same time, it made (and still does) infinite sense to use them in window blinds as an alternative to drapes and Roman shades, as using slats corded together to open and close when required made for practicality not provided by more the traditional forms of window coverings. Add to this the ease of cleaning, and the multiple color options and finishes made them an attractive choice of window dressing. And up until a decade and a half ago, they were used rampantly as a favored window covering. Modern innovation has paved the way for more efficient, attractive, and equally durable (if not more so) options.

Let’s enlist the advantages of Aluminum Window Blinds/Venetian Blinds/Mini Blinds-

They are wonderfully durable – not damaged easily, being metallic, they’re fire resistant as well; having said that, the paintwork can get scratched if not used carefully, and the blinds end up looking grungy. And though they’re built out of 6 or 8 gauge aluminum and doesn’t crease easily, once bent, they tend to look sloppy.
They provide good ventilation and outdoor view when completely lowered and the vanes are in the optimally open position; they provide great privacy, both day or night and the vanes can be tilted to any desired position, so it allows for maintenance of privacy while providing natural daylight. They even make for great UV ray deflection if the vanes are turned upwards. They could block out practically all the light should that be desired.
They have good control systems in place like the continuous cord loop, clutch wand tilt, and cordless systems, all child-friendly systems.
They come in a broad range of colors and finishes that allow them to fit into any manner of office décor.

But –

Since they are metallic in nature unless they are used with another set of window covering, they provide little in terms of insulation against heat or cold. So, as far as economizing on heating and cooling bills go, don’t look to aluminum mini blinds for a solution. I wouldn’t go for it.
While some reputed brands offer gear driven motorized vane control mechanisms, they are not outfitted with integrated operating systems with light sensors and timers that make for the ultimate ease in operation – a system that has become a must in today’s need for sustainable window coverings that AluminiumBlinds -Zebrablinds.combring in tax benefits to users.

Two very salient points. I mean, who wants to go running after window coverings while in the midst of an important budget discussion? It would be so much easier if window-covering controls were centralized to optimize natural light control.

A better option would be Solar Shades – these are state of the art window treatments made from unique eco-friendly polyester and PVC blends designed to block the sun’s heat and glare in order to optimize energy considerations-

1. Winter, spring, summer or fall, they keep the intense glare of the sun out while protecting interior elements from fading, and the human skin free from the ill effects of the UV rays while one is indoors. They make the workplace a pleasure to be in as the glare is totally cut off from shiny surfaces and computer screens, still allowing for a relatively unrestricted view of the outdoors.
2. Because they block the heat and glare of the sun, Solar Shades keep interior temperatures regulated, with reduced need for heating or air conditioning, and subsequently cutting down on harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
3. They are available in a variety of openness in weave that helps in the reduction of the glare, heat, and optimization of view and privacy. The colors they’re available in are a deciding factor in the view outside – dark colors makes for a better view; light colors offer better glare control but obstruct the view somewhat.
4. Best of all, they are available in automated versions with virtual cord control, a remote controlled operation that can operate single or groups of shades from up to 65 feet away from multiple locations. LED indicators that show the status; no fussy antennae poking out; so silent in function that the inhabitants of an office need never know when they’re raised or lowered. The gentle glide offered in motorized shades protect against wear and tear, so they retain a look of newness at all times. And they can be programmed to raise and lower at preset timings to optimize energy usage – remember, this earns the establishment valuable LEED sustainable Window Dressing Credits.


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