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Aluminum Blinds Are Cheap, But Do They Last?


If you are out blind shopping, brace yourself! You are about to be submerged in a world of textures, colors, patterns, operational styles, and automation.

The domain of window treatment solutions has undergone a big transformation in the past few decades. New designs, coupled with innovations in both material and operational features has flooded the marketplace with a wide-range of innovative solutions. No matter what your budget is, you will probably have no difficulty in finding exactly what you need for your room. With so many options at hand, selecting a blind can become slightly daunting.

In spite of the stiff competition, some traditional blinds are still dominating a significant market share. Aluminium blinds are one of them. There are many reasons why aluminium blinds have managed to hold on to consumer interest for so long.

Why are Aluminium Blinds So Popular?

Affordability: The first thing you will notice about aluminium blinds are their affordability. Aluminium is widely found in the nature, and aluminium alloys are easy to manufacture. All these factors contribute in pulling the prices down for aluminium blinds. If you are planning to have the whole house done in similar blinds, the affordability of aluminium blinds would make it an attractive option.

Looks: Although affordability is its biggest selling feature, aluminium blinds come with some really good looks. Other than mini blinds which are still very popular, aluminium blinds are also available in larger slat sizes. Larger slat size makes the window look bigger, allows a better view, and lets in more light. Aluminium blinds are also easy to color, so that customers can have them in every imaginable colors. You can also up the décor quotient with the help of decorative tapes.

Eco-Friendly: Aluminium blinds are one of the most eco-friendly options out there. With the global battle against climate change gaining massive pace in the last few years, consumers are increasingly looking for products that are responsibly sourced and recycled easily. Aluminium blinds tick most of the boxes in this respect. Aluminium is widely available in nature and is easily recycled. As these blinds are very durable, the need to replace them is far in-between and the damage to the environment is minimal. For this reason, aluminium blinds are a popular choice when it come to eco-friendly window treatment solutions.

Other than these generic features, aluminium blinds also address some of the more pressing concerns of consumers.

The Usual Benefits

Although aluminium blinds aren’t for everyone, these blinds come with some very attractive benefits.

Light Control: The slats are very effective in cutting off the light. You can position the slats to control the flow and the direction of the light. This way, you will be able to keep the harsh glare of the sun off your furniture and paintwork. Your room will also look great with the attractive patterns that aluminium blinds trace on the furniture and the flooring. When you need more light, just open the whole blind. When you need to cut off light completely, shut the slats and enjoy a partial room darkening effect.

Privacy: The slats are also very effective in blocking out the view from the outside. Even when the slats are open, you can slightly lower them to block the view, while maintaining the ventilation of the room. The bigger slats will not provide you as much privacy when open, but if you have a view to kill for, I am sure you would not mind having a window covering that allows you to enjoy it, while protecting your interior from sun-damage.

Although these benefits appeal to a wide-section of consumers, the most fetching aspect of aluminium blinds are their durability.

Are Aluminium Blinds Durable?

There are many factors that make aluminium blinds durable. Its durability is one of the biggest reasons for its presence in commercial establishments.

Metallic build: Due to its malleable nature, aluminium is an ideal material for building metal blinds. These are light-weight, yet strong. These two factors combine to make aluminium blinds extremely durable. The metallic build allows these blinds to withstand rough handling for years, while the light-weight quality makes it easy to clean them. So, it is no big surprise that even after years of use, aluminium blinds still look as good as new.

Moisture Resistance: Above all, these blinds can withstand long exposures to moisture, making them ideal for high moisture environment like the kitchen or the bathroom. Moisture is a big reason for decreasing the life-span of a blind. Wooden blinds are particularly vulnerable to moisture exposure. Fabric blinds, too, develop mould and other stains, when they remain in humid environment. Comparatively, aluminium blinds are highly resistant to moisture. You just need to wide off the excess moisture gathered on them. This feature also makes it easy to clean these blinds. A wet cloth and a soapy water are all you need to give your blind a thorough clean up.

Heat Resistance:  The metallic texture reflects back most of the heat that fall on it. The shiny look also aids in keeping the heat off. Generally, metals can withstand hours of heat without any visible damage. The same goes for aluminium blinds. These blinds are great for windows that receive more than their fair share of heat. It might damage the paintwork, but aluminium blinds are very easy to repaint. Just give it a new coat to give your old blinds a bright fresh look.

All these above-mentioned factors make aluminium blinds both durable and affordable. So, it is safe to say that the unique combination of price and features still makes aluminium blinds a frontrunner in the race to become the ideal window treatment solution that you are looking for.