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Smart and Stylish Alternatives to Regular Shutters

Alternatives To Shutters

Reasons to Look for Smarter Alternatives to Shutters


Shutters have long been one of the most trusted window treatment solutions for a variety of purposes, including privacy, security, light, and air control, not to forget a safeguard against inclement weather! Why the sudden need for finding alternatives to shutters that have been entrusted with various human needs for centuries? Let’s engage in a little time travel…The very first shutters were devised some 500 years ago in Tudor-ruled England—solid wood boards that made up the bottom portion of windows with glass panes covering the top half. Glass used to be something of a luxury back in those times, meaning the shutter makers relied on wooden boards to fill in space. These shutters would fold against the inner face of the walls, letting in air and sunlight as and when desired. Modern-day window shutters, while definitely a huge improvement over their antiquated predecessors, are no longer viewed as the stunning style statement they used to appear even a few years back. The reasons? Changing lifestyles, leaps in technology, and changing design sensibilities. The world we live in is hotter than ever, and our lives are more in need of comfort, convenience, cost, and time-efficient solutions than at any point in human history! All these factors make the need to look for better alternatives to regular shutters a natural progression.

If you’re looking for smarter, more stylish alternatives to shutters or planning on getting new ones for your windows, take a pause and consider these exciting (and some incredibly more economical) alternatives you can replace regular shutters with…


Wooden Window Blinds


Real Wood Blinds


Real wood blinds are one of the first options to come to mind when you’re thinking of alternatives to shutters, for the simple fact that they’re equally as elegant and impressive and even look somewhat like plantation shutters. Modern-day wooden blinds are equipped with remote control functionality and amazing customization options. The blinds are practically intrinsic to the frame of the window, with the total absence of chords or protruding parts rendering them ideal for kids’ rooms and pets.


Cellular or Honeycomb Shades


Cellular Window Shades


Cellular shades, with their convenient control features and efficient light control, are another wonderful alternative to shutters. You can choose from various control features, from continuous loop controls to cordless or motorized lift and achieve the desired privacy, air and light control in your place. Blackout materials can give you a level of light control beyond regular shutters by completely blocking out the sun when desired. Add to it the incredible variety available in terms of colors and designs, and you’ll never think of going back to regular window shutters.

That said, there are still a number of shutters still on the market that does a great job. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular options.


Graber Plantation Shutters


Graber Plantation Shutters


Premium wood shutters from one of the most renowned names in window treatment solutions, Graber plantation shutters are a durable and affordable type of shutter. These shutters are composed of quality North American hardwood with a specialized polypropylene coating that protects their color and finishes. The solid salts are highly efficient at controlling unwanted heat gains and losses and help create and maintain the desired indoor temperature in addition to providing the exact degree of privacy you seek. Let’s not forget the range of colors and designs you get to choose from, enabling you to find the ideal match for your personal style preferences and the style and theme of existing indoor furnishings.


Norman Plantation Shutters


Norman Plantation Shutters


These premium wood shutters are as sturdy and long-lasting as they come, sure to serve you well for years to follow! The level of customization on offer is perhaps the biggest plus of choosing Norman plantation shutters. You can decide the color of the shutter, hinges, and louvers to match your home interiors, control the slats’ angular tilt, enhancing both the appearance and the degree of control that you wield. Extremely easy to install and uncannily capable of achieving the exact level of light and temperature control that you require, Norman plantation shutters are just the kind of window treatment you need for replacing regular shutters and wow all onlookers!

You must have heard that old saying “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. Well, it’s an old saying. The new world that you live in has unique, new challenges and unprecedented demands that necessitate you continuously look past the good that’s become regular, and find solutions that are even better than the ones widely considered the best. Chosen with a little care, keeping your budget and needs in mind, these new age alternatives to shutters can prove to be immediately more convenient, economical and effective at meeting your desired functionality as well as design requirements of modern homes and lifestyles.