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Contemporary Alternatives to Curtains And Blinds

Alternative Window Treatments

Alternative Window Treatments – Contemporary Alternatives to Curtains And Blinds


Some people have a real aversion to shades and blinds. Surrounded by heavy draperies and drab blinds while growing up would probably have left you with a bad experience about window treatments. But let’s face it, without any window coverings you are publicizing your personal life to the world outside. So going sans window treatments is definitely not a good idea.


Alternative Window Treatments


Whether the purpose is to keep your home cooler or warmer, our alternatives are sure to make you think. Gone are the days when you would have to still opt for curtains or blinds for those tacky houses. There is a world full of choices to fit any style and decor for dressing up the windows in your home. We bring you some contemporary alternatives to curtains and blinds that are popular and budget friendly.

Plantation Shutters

  • Indoor shutters – The plantation shutters are perfect for any decor as they sit perfectly on the frame without disturbing the ambiance. The louvers can be easily operated to open and close as required. They are available in different materials like wood, wood composite or vinyl. They come in many color options ensuring you get one to fit your home.


Fabric Roman Window Shades


  • Fabric Roman Window Shades – These are a very popular option as they raise the sophistication of your room immediately. The cascading effect of the Fabric Roman Window Shades adds the desired elegance to your windows. Available in numerous materials, these shades are known to provide you with complete light control and privacy.
  • Stained Glass – Dreaming of a room full of light, yet you desire complete privacy? Repurpose salvaged stained glass to add them to your bare window panes and create an ultimate window treatment. You can be sure to create the right focal point in your room with this idea. This alternative window treatment is sure to create a spell.
  • Laser cut wood panels – A bold new take over traditional blinds, the laser cut wood panels slide smoothly over the windows to provide complete privacy and light control. Roll them onto the blank wall for a beautiful piece of art to unfold.


Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains


  • Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains – Create the perfect 5 star look in your home with pinch pleat sheer curtains. Hang them right up to the ceiling for a luxurious modern look. They are designed with a double pinch pleat style at the top to be used on curtain rods or tracks with rings. These curtains add a dash of personalized glamour to your living room window ideas.


Natural Window Shades


  • Outdoor Roll Up Bamboo Shades – Using Natural Window Shades is the best way of doing your part for Mother Earth. Outdoor roll-up Bamboo shades provide excellent light coverage for any room. These shades are very affordable while lending the ultimate protection and stunning looks to your home.
  • Customized Fabric Valances – These valances are made of a premium quality material for a beautiful outcome. As alternative window treatments, they lend affluence to the overall look of living room windows with their simplicity and elegance. Choose to go bold with loud patterns that reflect the modernity inside you.
  • Patterned shades – Patterned shades can add a touch of tranquillity to any room. Choose to highlight the walls around the window with the colors and patterns you might decide on. This not only adds depth but also does not hamper the decor of the space. Layer them a full height solid drapery to ensure you bring in a touch of interest.
  • Macramé Curtains – Create a beautiful mess with a bohemian look of the Macramé Curtains. Whether it’s a functional look or a decorative one, these curtains are sure to meet the criteria. Style with colors that complement your room the best and unleash the most sought after DIY pattern today.
  • Metal Framed Doors – Factory style metal doors lend a no-nonsense and geometric approach to architectural splendor. They add a touch of class with their sheer basics and allow you to show off the room.

So go glam this season with these alternative window treatments. You are sure to find one within your range and preference. Talk to our experts for more solutions and advice on how to extend these ideas. We would love to hear from you.

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