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The Alluring Window Valances and Cornices

Topping up windows or doors with a Valance or Cornice is some of the additional touches that can be made to a window decor style. Latterly in the American Window Treatment market, wide varieties and ranges of aesthetic and superior Wood or Fabric Valance and Cornice are available. Installing this grandiose Valance or Cornice frames provide an opulent touch and broad appearance to the room. Many of the artful and innovative ideas for the decoration of the Window Valance or Cornice make a wonderful change to the home decor. The unique style of Wood or Fabric Cornice is ideal for large architectural homes, banquet halls, hotels, restaurants, etc. The elegant Wood or Fabric Valances are ideal for all ranges of homes, apartments, cottages, etc. Graber and Crown, one of the leading brands in the American market, offers great styles and collections of custom made Valance or Cornice in Wood or Fabric with the affordable prices.


Styles of Wood Valances and Wood Cornices.


Wood Cornices with decorative contrast color Keystones

Graber offers a lot of artistically handcrafted and refined custom window wood valances or Cornice with vast collections of painted and stained wood colors with the standard traditional finish and glossy finish. These wood valances or wood cornices can be customized to the size or the colors according to the customer’s choice. Decorating the top of the windows or doors with these wood valance or custom window wood cornices along with or without the window covering creates a Royal touch to the room decor. Adding it to the window covering in the contrast color gives additional gaudy looks to the window decor. The wood valance is lightweight than wood cornice and has no dust cover. This super quality artistic wood valances are coming in three inches Classic Wood Valance; three and a half inches Beaded Wood Valance, three and a half inches Legacy Wood Valance or the four and a half inches Symphony Wood Valance.


The custom wood cornices are the larger size than the wood valance and has a dust cover on the top. Graber offers variable styles of this super fine wood cornice that are four and a half inches Symphony Wood Cornices, five and a half inches Nobel Wood Cornices, five and a half inches Regal Wood Cornice, Seven and a half inches Nobel Wood Cornice and seven and a half inch Regal Wood Cornice. This jumbo size handcrafted gorgeous wood cornice creates a sumptuous appearance to the decor style. It is available on the outside mount of the windows or doors with returns or in the inside mount option.


Benefits of Keystones.

Wood-KeyStones-Cornices-Valances -
The Decorative Keystones are the extra ornamental flair to the Wood Cornices or for the Wood Valances. For the wide measurements of this wood cornice or the wood valance, these lovely Keystones help to cover the splice. For the wide windows or the patio doors, this wood valance and cornices with extra ornamental keystone in the equal distance give more attractiveness. The selection of great wood colors of Keystones with Wood Cornice and Wood Valance enriches its Grand touches of the decor style. It is available in the matching color or the contrast color according to the design choice.


Benefits of Palladian Window Shelf.

Palladian-Window-Shelf-for-Arched-Windows -
Palladian wood window shelf is the bedrock for the large wide frameless windows with arch and the large frameless windows with the small pane. It is made from the processed American Hardwood that ensures its strength, super quality, and long durability. Graber and Norman offer varieties of Au Courant painted wood colors with the thickness of two inches and can customize the width and window depth according to the customer’s need. This tenacious Palladian window shelf for arched windows helps to install any styles of window coverings with top mounted or the support bracket required. As it is coming with the concealed insulation bracket makes it simple and easy to install. The presence of this opulent Palladian window shelf converts to a brilliant window decor style with the minuscule budget.


Styles of Fabric Valances and Fabric Cornices.

Fabric-Valances -

Decorating the window top with the inspiring Fabric Valances and Fabric Cornices gives the beauty of a colorful, impressive decor style. Nowadays many different patterns and beautiful Fabric valance and Cornice available in the American Market. In the most affordable price Graber and Crown offering the custom made latest styles and designs of awesome fabric valance and cornice. This Custom Valance and Cornice coming in the countless selections of eye-opening designs and textures of the fabrics like silk, linen, cotton, etc. Decorating the window covering with this fabric cornice or valance gives the perfect decor style. Adding only the Fabric Valance or the Cornice to the windows make to have the colorful decorative windows with maximum daylight and can enjoy the exterior views. They are very easy to install and maintain.


Fabric-Cornices -
The particular style of fabric-wrapped cornice gives a regal beauty of looks to the home decor. Available in three different styles like Arched Cornice Board, Modern Cornice Board, and Tailored Cornice Board. The variable pleated pattern of fabric valance is elegant and Cherry-Pick. Coming in six different styles like Scalloped Drapery Valance, Double Scalloped Drapery Valance, Blouson Drapery Valance, Tuck Drapery Valance, Whimsy Drapery Valance, and Gallant Drapery Valance. Each pattern of this valance has its beauty of style and adding this to any styles of the window dressings makes a Babylonian decor style. Get the dream of resplendent decor style to your home with this creative ideas and offers in the budget.



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