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Outdoor Shades For Your Porch

Outdoor Shades For Your Porch


Most of us love to spend time on our porch. Especially during the summers, there’s nothing like a relaxing evening outdoors. And our porches have become extensions of our homes, furnished with couches, tables, and outdoor chairs. When you have a day off, you can spend your day on your porch being lazy outside.


When you invite guests home for dinner, you can treat them better by making the porch a better place for them to stay. Encourage your guests to have some fun and enjoy a drink outside, while staying protected from the sun. Outdoor porches are great for kids’ birthdays or family gatherings, or the occasional BBQ with your friends.


However, the one thing that stops us from doing all these things in our outdoors is having the proper privacy and protection from the sun. With the modern motorized outdoor shades available in the market you can turn your outdoors into a lovely living space.


Outdoor window treatments are specially designed to consider all the factors that obstruct your outdoor experiences. They make your outdoor spaces accessible to use by ensuring privacy and UV protection and are treated to withstand outdoor conditions. With these window treatments, you can extend your home to your outdoors.


Turn your outdoor spaces into a cozy living space with these exterior solar shade ideas!


Benefits of Exterior Shades

Exterior Solar Shades

-> Protect your exterior and interior furnishings from the sun

-> Add privacy to your outdoors.

-> Diminish the glare entering through the windows or in your outdoor space.

-> Help keep bugs out.

-> Helps to make your outdoors more usable.

-> Add beauty to your outdoors.


Outdoor Roller Shades

Outdoor Roller Shades


Outdoor Roller Shades are one of the ideal options for your outdoor spaces. The roller shades help diffuse harsh sunlight radiating into the spaces of your garden or outdoors of your home.

They also offer a sleek and pleasant look for your outdoors which in turn makes your home look beautiful than before. These shades provide you outdoors with the best privacy, comfort, and greater sun protection. They also keep your home cooler during summers and the warmer during the colder months by blocking the heat from the sun or cold breezes. These shades actually help to control the amount of sun you let into your porch, making your outdoors comfortable. These shades also keep you safe by obstructing the harmful insects entering your patio space. With these shades, enjoy your summer evenings outdoors.


Choose your shade based on the location of your patios. If your porch is expecting a lot of sunlight, make sure you select a low openness fabric that helps keep the outdoors safe and cool from the harmful sunlight. If you expect a moderate amount of sunlight, choose a dark colored fabric for a better outdoor view.

For a better experience, you can also go for the motorized version of these shades which employs Somfy motors for operation and remotes for control. This lets you comfortably access these shades with a touch of a button.


Graber Exterior Solar Shades


The Graber exterior solar shades are an excellent choice to shield your home from severe outside heat or cold with ease. These shades add a contemporary styling to your home. They are also good at making your home energy efficient and helps you to reduce your cooling and heating bills if you use them to cover your home’s windows. When you select these shades, the fabric you choose plays a major role. Choose between the different ranges of transparency for a better view or privacy based on your personal preferences. Lower percentages offer better privacy and UV protection, while higher percentages will allow a better view. The Graber Exterior Solar Shades are also weather and rust resistant.


Custom Outdoor Shades


When you customize the outdoor shades based on your requirements, you will achieve the desired look and feel you want. As privacy is the main concern in selecting the outdoor window treatments, it is always a good choice to customize your window treatments accordingly. Custom Outdoor Shades results in creating the desired ambiance of your outdoors and also protects your backyard. With these Outdoor Shades, you can enjoy a comfortable outdoor stay. Enjoy the best living experience by installing these customized outdoor window shades to your outdoor porches.


Get these efficient window treatments and turn yours outdoors into pleasant living spaces. Design your outdoors as you desire.


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