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All about Sheer Vertical Shades

All About Sheer Vertical Shades

All about Sheer Material

Time and again we have spoken about the beauty and elegance of sheer drapes. These are lightweight curtains that often used as part of layered window treatments. They are paired with blackout heavy drapes to allow natural light to flow in and give an airy feel to the rooms. While these are drapes that we are talking about, you may be aware of sheer vertical and horizontal shades.

Sheer Horizontal Shades

Sheer shades or sheer horizontal shades looks to combine the best features of drapes and blinds. So while you get to operate them like blinds, lowering and raising them at will, you get to enjoy the benefits of sheer drapes. They help to add class to the windows, protect the rooms from the harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight that can damage your interiors, and provide some privacy. The horizontal sheer shades use two layers of sheer fabric which are connected by solid vanes. When the shades are lowered you can tilt open the vanes to allow light and also allow outside view. When you close the vanes the stripes overlap to block out light and provide you the much-needed privacy. Horizontal sheer shades allow you to get a taste of best of both worlds and address all the needs you have from your window treatments.

Sheer Horizontal Shades

Sheer Vertical Shades & their Features

This brings us to the next thread of our discussion, the vertical sheer shades. These shades look to combine the elegance of sheer shadings with light control features of vertical blinds to allow you to control light. Soft sheer fabric is paired with light filtering or room darkening vertical fabric vanes. They allow fabric vanes to seamlessly integrate with layers of sheer fabric. While Sheer Horizontal Shades are great for covering windows, sliding patio doors or wide windows often pose a challenge. sheer vertical shades are perfect for covering patio doors, French doors, and high-rise windows. They are sleek, neat and easy to operate.

Sheer Vertical Shades

Sheer Vertical Shades are great for controlling light in the rooms. If you want you can use them to block out light and also harness it to create warmth in the room. When you keep the vanes opened the sheer fabric helps to filter the light and also allows you a view of the outside world. When the vanes are closed, the shades help to darken the room giving you the much-needed privacy. If you want to increase your privacy you can add extra liners or use an additional layer of drapes.


  • To complete the look of the windows/patio doors and these shades it is recommended to use a cornice or valance. They will add character to the window treatment, highlight it and enhance the appearance of the windows or doors. Since the material that is being used is sheer, the window dressing is simple and classy and to make a bold statement, a cornice or valance helps.
  • You can choose where you would like your shades to stack, to the left or right of the windows or you would like them split from the middle while opening.
  • As far as cleaning and washing are concerned, polyester and fabric blends can be machine-washed. Soon after the wash gets these shades reinstalled when they are still slightly damp. Remember never to put the sheer shades in the dryers. It will spoil them. The sheers can be ironed or steamed as per your liking.

Dressing up those beautiful patio doors and those wide high-rise windows never seemed easier. These doors and windows are a great addition to your homes and help to enhance their beauty. But when it comes to dressing them up adequately and efficiently you often encounter hurdles. Not all window coverings available in the market are ideal for sliding doors or big windows. You have beautiful doors and windows but know not how to cover them. Sheer Vertical Shades are the ones that you have been looking for all along and solve not only your problem of dressing up the windows and doors but does it rather efficiently. Your need for light filtration, glare blockage, privacy protection and outside view preservation are all taken care of. So if you are looking for that perfect shade for your patio go for Sheer Vertical Shades and you will not be disappointed.

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