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Budget Friendly Window Treatments for Your Rental Home

Affordable Window Treatments

Need for Window Treatments

Window treatments are critical for the functionality of your windows and the safety and comfort of your homes. Windows are the source of energy loss in the house. They cause warm air to escape the house during winter and hot air to flow through during the hot summer months thereby upsetting the temperature within. Lack of window treatments can also compromise your privacy as they expose the interior of your house to the passerby. Further, the absence of effective covering can affect your health and also damage your interiors and furniture. This is because windows will allow unfiltered sunlight and harmful UV rays to stream into the house. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can prove detrimental to health and property. If we leave aside the functionality argument, window treatments can have a last impact on your home decor. Consider a bare and naked window and one which is well dressed in a pretty shade or blind and see the impact it has on the aesthetics of the room.

It is for a host of reasons that window treatments are strongly recommended. You can choose from window shades, blinds or drapes, anything that suits you meets your requirements and does justice to your windows. While we don’t think much before investing in our own homes, investing in rental homes is a different story. Both landlords and tenants face hurdles when it comes to choosing window treatments.

Window Treatment Dilemma of Landlords & Tenants

Landlords feel that since they themselves will not stay they are not too keen to invest in effective window coverings. Tenants feel that since they will stay only a short while they do not want to spend much money on window coverings and would rather keep the money aside to spend on windows in their own house. It is important for landlords to remember that window covering are important in attracting tenants and by providing them with window treatments he can bargain better for a higher rent.

If landlords do not provide any window treatment for rental homes, tenants are often discouraged from purchasing one because it is a temporary home from them. But they need to realise that windows must be covered for their benefit and better living. Their safety, privacy and wellbeing depend upon window coverings. The most important thing to do when considering window treatments for your rental homes is having a discussion with your landowner. You never know if they would be willing to pay completely for the window coverings or may at least want to split it with you. Once you have clarity about it you may go-ahead to work out the finer details.

Roller Window Blinds

Budget-friendly Window Treatment Solution for Rented Homes

To help both landlords and tenants find a window treatment of their choice which are effective but budget-friendly, we have compiled a list of blinds and shades that they can invest in.


The easiest, affordable and a no-brainer solution for your window treatment needs is drapery. They are easy to hang and take off. If you don’t want to for added expenses you can opt for drapery panels over custom-fitted draperies. When you vacate the house all you need to do is take them off, pack and leave. Take care to choose a color and design that appeals to you so that you can reuse them wherever you go next. If you want them to be durable give some attention to the fabric. Do not go for high maintenance materials as that might be too extravagant for your rented houses. Draperies are high on aesthetics; they address your privacy concerns and do a decent job of cutting down glares and UV rays depending upon the material selected. So, if you are too confused about window coverings for your rented apartments go and pick up draperies. If you are a landlord, drapes work well of you too as they are affordable and require least amount of investment.

Faux Wood Blinds

If you have a limited budget for your rented house but looking for wood finish to compliment your décor, give faux wood blinds a shot. They are cheap, easy to maintain and give the feel of real natural wood. They are low on maintenance and work well in moisture-ridden areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They do not warp or peel off when exposed to moisture and high temperature. As they are extremely easy on the pockets, they are a favourite choice for people who do not want to invest much on window coverings and hence perfect for your rented apartment. They work perfectly well for both tenants and landlords.
Faux Wood Blinds for Large Windows

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

These are another cheap and affordable option for your rental home windows. They are extremely durable as they are stain-resistant, dust resistant, scratch-resistant and fire-resistant. They come with a sleek and refined look that hits of well with most casual décor styles. They are available in a large array of colors that can blend with the existing color scheme of the room and furnishings. They give you excellent control over privacy and brightness. Aluminum blinds are easy to clean and maintain as well and are perfect for your needs.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are another great choice for your rented apartment windows. Like aluminum and faux wood, vinyl blinds are durable, resistant from fire, scratch, dust, humidity and dents, easy to maintain and clean. They too are affordable and give you control over light and privacy. The blinds can be customized if you want, come with different lift options, and hence extremely functional.
Vinyl Window Blinds

Vertical Blinds for Doors

If you have a glass door which also needs some window treatment to protect your home from peeping neighbors, cold draft, UV rays and glares, you need vertical blinds. These blinds are best suited for doors and large windows. Vertical blinds are available in different materials like PVC, wood, fabric, etc. Since you are looking for a window covering for rented apartment and may not want to invest much you could settle for PVC. Available in a wide assortment of colors and textures, these are a form of vinyl blinds that give the effect of fabric but affordable and easy to maintain.

As a landlord or tenant, you have loads of affordable options to choose from for your rented homes and apartments. They are easy on the pockets but do not lack smartness. They are good to look at and most importantly extremely functional and durable. They can last for years and hence the money you invest will be recovered in no time.

Roller Shades

Another very impressive window covering for your rented apartments is roller shades. They are a minimalist window treatment that looks gorgeous and are among the most versatile and functional window shades in the market. You can customize them and choose from light filtering, room darkening and blackout fabrics depending upon your need for light filtration and darkness.

You can choose drapes, shades or blinds for your windows depending upon your budget and requirement. These are all affordable window treatment solutions and not at all extravagant. Choose anything that looks good and works well but doesn’t neglect your rental homes. You may not be the owner of the place and you deserve to live well, comfortably and in style.

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