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The Most Affordable Window Protection Ideas For a Small House

Affordable Window Treatment Ideas

Affordable Window Treatment Ideas a For Small House


Getting the house of your dreams isn’t always a realistic goal. It requires a lifetime of budget preparation, planning, investments that give proper returns and a steady flow of income. However, that doesn’t necessarily stop you from having the best things in life: comfort, contentment, and having a loved one by your side.

You can be as happy and relaxed in a compact house. Small apartments with limited space are anyways available by the dozens in big cities where people jostle for space. They require as much care and attention as a palatial bungalow, and they need some good-quality blinds with redeeming qualities that can keep them protected against heat, dust and unwanted noises from neighbors.


Affordable Window Treatment Ideas

While there are some good enough traditional window coverings such as heavy-duty draperies and curtains, they are not always a practical solution. They require a lot of maintenance and care and may entail huge costs not only while purchasing them but to regularly clean them to ensure they last reasonably well. What we are looking here are affordable and reasonable options in terms of budget that may fit your place’s limited space and are suitable for small and medium-sized windows.

Here are some good, affordable window treatments ideas for a small house that you can go for, which will be as good as any expensive window treatments.


1) Day Night Cellular Shades


Day Night Cellular Shades


Are cellular shades worth the money? This is a question that most shoppers ask while purchasing them. Day night cellular shades are one of the most highly effective window blinds that give you more than your money’s worth. They are a combination of two different kinds of fabrics: one with room darkening features that block sunlight, and the other with light filtering features that allow the house to be filled with natural sunlight. This is a unique combination that offers you the best of both worlds at an affordable price and customizable size options that go well on any kind of window.

You can set an arrangement as per your liking. The blackout portion of the fabric comes handy when you want some privacy inside your room for finishing a college project or making that weekly presentation, or simply to enjoy an unperturbed sleep. When you begin to feel claustrophobic and want to enjoy the sunny day, you better let the light filtering portion of the fabric come to your rescue. Day night cellular shades are great insulators, and they help in saving your energy bills exponentially.

2) Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric roman shades negate the belief that good quality comes only when you’re spending a huge amount. Spending money might get you stuff with some prominent features to assist you, but that doesn’t mean you always get subpar features when you are spending less. Ask someone who has gone for Roman shades to dress up their windows, and they’ll tell you about their positive experience in great detail.

Roman shades do not merely assure you of comfort and privacy. They offer a fantastic appearance with their unique texture and designs, which employ only one piece of fabric to run through them. You can pull them up or down based on your need, and they are as suitable to be installed in a bathroom as they are in your bedroom or dining hall. They also come in various mechanisms, so you can choose cordless options if you have children or pets in the house as they ensure safety. They are also effective noise canceling window treatments.

Roman shades can also be customized depending on the window size. Thus, they can be set up even on small or medium-sized windows, making your small apartment come alive with their lively and sparkling appearance. Since they can be easily available in shopping complexes and online stores throughout the country, they are one of the most highly-purchased items for window dressing. Their medium-to-low prices also ensure they are universally applicable for any kind of home.

3) Exterior Solar Shades


Exterior Solar Shades


Exterior solar shades can be set up when you feel you do not have enough space inside to set up a window treatment. However, they are an extremely efficient solution, in that they let the house be protected from the detrimental effects of ultraviolet glare while letting in some natural sunlight to save on your morning energy bills at the same time. Exterior shades are made from a special fabric that allows you to look on the other side of the window without being conspicuous. So you get to enjoy a decent view and keep a check on the street or the people who come to knock at your door while maintaining your privacy during the daytime.

Exterior shades can withstand any weather condition and are more durable than most window coverings. They come in a range of prices, so you can choose the more affordable ones when your budget is limited. However, this doesn’t discount any of their prime features, as they work as well the expensive ones do.

4) Window Quilts

Window quilts are as effective as any other window blinds and boast of similar features. However, what keeps them apart is the level of thermal insulation they provide, especially in colder climates. They are known to effectively trap air between the blind and the window, preventing the escape of hot air. Window quilts are available with a metalized polyester layer to boost their insulation feature. At the same time, they have a reflective outer space that doesn’t allow any outside air to come through, thus proving to be very good window treatments for all seasons.

They are typically facing mounted and are rolled at the top of the window, mostly hidden or exposing only the rolled-up portion. Their vertical edges fit well into edge channels while the bottom edges are filled with foams, thus trapping air from either leaving or entering. The less expensive window blinds for narrower windows are available with Velcro closures that bind the windows trims to the blind and are as effective as the other ones.

5) Window Films

Window films are essential window treatments when you need a long-standing, the long-lasting solution to perpetually keep out the heat. Using them is a practical solution as 90% of the ultraviolet rays are transmitted through the glass.

Window films were earlier used for automotive tinting and commercial building windows for health and security purposes. Lately, they’ve started being used universally for blocking UV rays and also controlling the level of heat and light that enters a room. The non-reflective films help absorb solar energy, while the reflective ones absorb as well as reflective solar energy.

Window films are cost-effective solutions that can easily be installed on small/medium-sized windows without taking much of your time. A window panel over window films may be effective if you feel that your room is exposed to outside view, or when you need to accentuate the look of your interior.

6) Weatherstripping

One of the traditional methods which are as effective in modern houses as any other is weatherstripping. This is mostly a DIY window dressing method, where openings in doors and windows are sealed by way of a thermoplastic elastomer or rubber. The purpose is to prevent moisture from entering the house during rains and to keep the interior air inside and preventing its escape. This is to save energy on heating and air conditioning when the temperatures go down and up, respectively. This method hardly entails any costs as you just need to spend on the material used for sealing.


You can go for any of these budget-friendly window treatments and make your house look all the more impressive and stylish. Any of them can lend a dramatic look to your abode. So invite your guests over and let them fall in love with your minimal yet exquisite taste, all at affordable prices.

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