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Cheap and Affordable Blinds to Decorate Your Bay Windows

Cheap and Afforable Blinds-To-Decorate Your Bay Windows

What are Bay Windows?

There are few things that can make a room look stunning and ethereal as much as a well-dressed bay window. Bay windows make a wonderful addition to any room. They jut out from the outer wall of a house and helps add an extra space in the room by the window side. They come with 3 or 5 windows. For 3 windows there are two angled windows and one middle window and for 5 windows there are 4 angled windows and 1 middle window. They are sprawled across a considerable area of the wall, they allow ample natural light to pour in the room and becomes the focal point of the room. Bay windows particularly look beautiful if you have a stunning outside view like a mountain range or a sea. The windows help to frame the view. If the windows are the highlight of the room, the space that they create can be used creatively. You can use the bay window space to create a reading nook for yourself, a cozy sitting area for the family and use it for storage purposes as well by adding some cabinets and drawers.

Dressing up Bay Windows – A Challenging Task

While bay windows are great to have they can be challenging and difficult too for a homeowner to dress effectively. Bay windows expose a major part of your house to the outsiders, they allow too much natural light into the room which can allow unfiltered UV rays to escape inside and can also cause loss of energy in the house. If you have a bay window in the bedroom this can affect your sleep as it will allow too much light inside. In short, you cannot afford to leave your bay windows untreated for too long as it can cause a host of problems for the inmates.

Taking the Right Measurements

The first step towards choosing the right window treatment for your bay windows is getting the measurements right as these are angled windows. Measurement is the key if you want the blinds to make a good fit and also effectively help to block out light and add adequate insulation to the windows. The blinds can be inside mount or partial inside mount and outside mount. Once you have got the measurements in place it is time to decide which window treatment to choose for your bay windows as you are bombarded with options. Let us look at the feasible and economical options which will not make a dent in your savings.
Measuring Bay Windows for Blinds

Affordable and Durable Window Treatments

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood is a popular choice for bay windows as they are cheap yet durable window treatments. They are an economical alternative to real wood blinds. They have the same warm appeal and soft glow of real wood blinds and resistant to moisture and dust. They do not warp, crack or peel off even when exposed to tough conditions. You can choose from a wide range of colors and textures to blend with your decor. You can choose different slat sizes and also cordless lift option to make operation easy and hassle-free. They look gorgeous on bay windows.
Faux Wood Blinds for Bay Window

Mini Blinds

If you are looking for an affordable yet durable window treatment for your bay windows you could also consider Aluminium Mini Blinds. They come in trendy colours and modern blind styles to compliment your contemporary room decor. They are a practical solution to window treatment requirements and come with different slat sizes ranging from ½ inch to 2 inches. Aluminum blinds give you control over your lighting and privacy needs by adjusting the slats. The cordless lift options make them a perfect choice for bay windows in homes that have toddlers and pets.

Cellular Shades

Cellular honeycomb shades are another good choice for your bay windows. These are perfect if you are looking to insulate your bay windows from possible energy loss during the winter months. They are gorgeous to look at, come in a range of choices to meet your needs. There are light filtering cellular shades, blackout cellular shades, top-down-bottom-up cellular shades, etc. You can opt for a cordless lift option as well for easier functionality. Cellular shades are also an affordable option for the bay windows.
Cellular Shades for Bay Windows


Drapes are another popular choice of window treatment for bay windows. There are ample options to choose from in terms of color, texture, style and fabric. Drapes are timeless beauties and can infuse elegance and warmth to the entire room. If you are looking for affordable window coverings then drapes will not disappoint you as they are available in different price ranges to cater to the needs of all users.
Drapery for Bay Windows

Roman Shades

Roman shades can also be considered for your bay windows. They have the look and feel of drapes and function like a blind. Made of fabric there are colors, designs, textures and prints to choose from that will enhance the beauty of your windows and the room. When raised, these Roman shades collect in pleats at the top and infuses the right amount of drama your windows need. Easy to clean and maintain, Roman shades have been in demand for years and while they are not as cheap as faux wood blinds or mini blinds, they are not too heavy on the pockets either.

So if you have a gorgeous bay window in your house choose a window treatment that will do justice to its beauty and flaunt it better. You could go with any of these affordable window coverings and you will not be disappointed.

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