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Enhancing The Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Home With Day Night Honeycomb Shades

Day Night Honeycomb Shades

Day Night Honeycomb Shades To Decorate Your Windows

Day Night Honeycomb Shades

If you want to freshen up the décor of your home, then nothing will be better than Day Night Honeycomb Shades. The good thing about day-night cellular shades is that they are available in many designs, colors, and patterns to help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. In addition to their modern look and feel, they are also well known for their energy saving properties and considered among the best window coverings to keep heat out.

In the following sections, let us look at the various possibilities that open up when you use cellular shades to decorate your windows

Day Night Honeycomb Shades – Vibrancy Of Colors

There is a wide assortment of colors for you to choose from. It is likely that you will be able to find a shade that perfectly matches the decoration scheme you have planned for your home.

You can also blend them with other window treatments in a room since cellular shades are available in eggshell, basic white, and other neutral colors. Moreover, the color of the shade will play a crucial role in determining the amount of light that enters your house and how much energy you are able to save by installing cellular shades.

You can choose darker hues to reduce the amount of light coming in during summer months.

# Diversity In Fabrics

  • There are also different fabric options to choose from according to décor of your home, for instance, polyester fabric material can be spun-lace or bonded
  • Other fabric options include challis, linen, muslin, nylon, lace, and cotton
  • Similarly, you can have the top layer of fabric made using an airy and sheer material while the bottom fabric layer could be made using an opaque material on the day-night honeycomb shades
  • This allows you more versatile privacy and light control options on a single shade
  • Apart from looking attractive, these dual layers will also insulate your home on sunny afternoons and protect your home from solar gain without blocking natural light

You can also select from a range of textures and thicknesses that match your requirements.

# A Versatile Option

  • There are different sizes for you to choose from when it comes to pleats. You can select between ¾”, ½”, and 3/8″. Moreover, these pleats can be lined to achieve the extra darkening effect

  • These shades also stack tightly while in a raised position, providing your windows with an open and uncovered look

# Stain Resistance

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

  • Apart from being the best way to block heat from windows, it is also easy to clean them since these cellular shades are made using the fabric-like material
  • Many manufacturers also add stain-resistant protection for their cellular honeycomb shades to make sure it is easy to remove the dirt and grime without affecting the pleating or colors

# Many Designs To Choose From

There is no dearth of style and design options when it comes to the selection of cellular shades. You can select a style, texture, material, design, and color that fits décor of your home and serve as a unique design feature in your home.

# An Option For Different Rooms

The positive thing about cellular shades is that they are suitable for different rooms in your home.

For example, when installed behind a bed or a drawer, they look lovely and their clean lines provide your bedroom with an inviting look. Moreover, their insulating properties ensure that you feel comfortable all throughout the year.

  • The fact that cellular shades make a place feel comfortable is also the main reason they are considered the right choice for nurseries
  • Your baby will be cozy in a room that has cellular shades since these shades will perfectly blend with soft look and feel of your nursery
  • Likewise, the warm and elegant look of cellular shades will be appropriate for your dining room
  • For instance, jewel-toned cellular shades when neatly drawn will provide a striking background for your dining chairs and tables

# Right Fit For Different Type Of Windows

Cellular shades are the right fit for different types of windows and help in increasing attractiveness of your windows.

For example, if there is a room with a low ceiling, then cellular shades will be an ideal option since the clean edges these shades have will help in making the room look taller.

  • Similarly, the simplicity of these shades will help to highlight as well as emphasize the space in a large room
  • If there is a full-length window, then cellular shades will prove to be the right choice for them since they can completely cover a window right from top to the sill
  • This way you will not have to worry about gaps spoiling the décor of your room
  • The full coverage and layered feel of cellular shades will provide your long windows a warm and softened look that your guests will surely admire
  • If there are arched windows in your house then they will benefit from custom shaped cellular shades, that can be designed in a fan shape to bit semicircle or arch windows
  • They also look excellent on skylights and do well to complement the texture of your ceiling

# Match with Room Decor

  • The sleek design of these shades is well complemented by Art Deco and Modern decoration schemes present in a room
  • Likewise, the clean, simple lines of cellular shades work as an excellent backdrop for any cottage or French country look
  • If you have antique furniture, then white cellular shades can easily accent them and match the vintage look you want to create in a room
  • Similarly, you can match the texture of your shades with that of the couch to provide a uniform look to a room

# The Different Tones

  1. You can opt for jewel tones and successfully make the windows stand out in your bedroom or living room
  2. Similarly, neutral tones are able to accept the view and furnishing present in a room
  3. The multitude of styles and hues means you can mix and match as per your personal preferences

In Conclusion

To summarize we can say that cellular shades provide many options to decorate your home just the way you want to. If you want more design ideas to use cellular shades according to décor of your home then give us a call and our experts will guide you so that you can select the best available option.

Just call on us on our customer support number – 1-866-881-8682 to get the ball rolling!