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Advantages of Noise-Cancelling Window Blinds

Sound Absorbing Window Blinds

Advantages of Sound Absorbing Window Blinds


The summers have arrived, and it is that time of the year when it’s your responsibility to beat the heat. Some choose to pack their bags and visit places with lower temperatures and sumptuous food. Others who love and do not wish to leave the comfort of their homes make a few changes here and there, not only enhancing the beauty of their abode but also customizing them to reflect heat and noise. This keeps their homes cool and cozy while giving them peace against unwanted sounds.

While turning on air purifiers and air conditioners, shutting doors and closing your glass windows are obvious noise canceling solutions, but they cannot be deemed permanent due to their disadvantages, incurring high costs being one of them.

This calls for the need for effective heat reflecting and sound absorbing window blinds, curtains, and shades. Different shades offer different advantages, but they can be collated together to give you a descriptive idea of what lies in store for you if you go for the ultimate option.


The Need For Sound-Absorbing Window Treatments


Let us illustrate the problems of modern city life with an example. You can be a clerk working a nine-to-five job, an employee working the night shift, or a freelancer who works from home. Each job can be demanding and stressful. The clerk comes to the comfort of his home and decides to watch some television and relax after a long, tiring day. The night shift employee needs to catch up on his sleep during the mornings and daytime, and the freelancer needs to work in silence and concentration all day.

But the clerk is bothered by cacophonous and grating traffic noise, the night shift employee’s sleep is disturbed by his neighbors constantly talking loudly outside and the freelancer’s work keeps getting interrupted by the neighbor’s dog who keeps howling.

When the walls are wafer thin thanks to the builder who chose to cut down on his costs, the problem of outside noise presents itself as a demon eager to take away your happiness.

Perpetual outside noise is an issue we face all throughout the year, unlike the problem of extreme heat which happens only during summers. Hence, sound-absorbing shades are important to a healthy daily routine. Apart from canceling noise, they offer multiple advantages that go along with their primary benefit.

  • Control over light: Customise them to control the amount of light you want entering your home. The blackout ones offer more resistance, while the sheer and translucent ones allow some but not all outside light.

  • Control over temperature: There are few effective energy saving options other than just buying the right window treatment. Cellular shades or other treatments with thick fabrics are great for insulation and temperature control.

  • UV protection: The sun radiates ultraviolet radiation which can be harmful to the eyes and skin. People in places which are warmer than others are more likely to suffer from ailments resulting from them. Hence, these places call for window treatments more than others.

  • Style: Who would not want a throw their weight around and be at the center of attention in, say, a house party? Go online, shop for the best brand of window blinds, and rev up the look of your home while displaying your fantabulous taste in home furnishing at the same time.

  • Variety: Colours, fabrics, materials, prices, customizing options, additional add-ons, you name it! There’s a market for various consumers and their varying, inconsistent needs. Rest assured, you’ll never feel running out of options when you are looking for the perfect window shade that will do justice to your need.


Can Sound Absorbing Window Curtains Offer 100% Resistance

Sound-absorbing window blinds are better used in compact apartments in the middle of the city, near main roads where traffic never stops, surrounded by children of neighbors that never stop yelling and dogs that never stop howling. It can get on your nerves and you can be close to your breaking point.

However, it must be noted that noise canceling window blinds do not provide 100% silence. Their material acts as a barrier that helps dampen the noise through the window. However, you can still choose a combination of them to your liking and garnish your home while working them to your advantage. For even more insulation from heat and noise, go multi-layered with cellular shades and drapery.

Effective Window Treatments

People who are aware of the right window treatments know about the advantages of blinds, shutters and what have you to keep the sound and heat outside. A few pertinent questions that people shopping for home décor treatments ask are: Which are the best sound blocking and noise-canceling window blinds in the market. What are their unique features? How convenient are they to install? This section seeks to answer all these questions and more.

There are multiple noise-canceling window treatments that you can go for, from flat sheer window shades to vertical blinds.

Sheers And Shadings


Flat Sheer Window Shades


They can be easily adjusted without complications to check how much space you want between them. Flat sheer window shades not only protect your house from traffic and unwanted noises from neighbors but also helps maintain the amount of light you want inside your home. They are among the most simple, easy-to-set-up solutions when to comes to smart blinds and shutters.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Available in various materials of varied textures, shapes, and cells, honeycomb shades have become go-to solutions to sound absorbing window blinds. If you want to save money, you can go for single cell honeycomb shades, which use a light material to block UV rays and sounds. However, if you do not wish to compromise on energy efficiency and want no outside interference whatsoever, the double- and triple-cell shades are the ones to go for. With fabrics that are meant for blackout purposes, they are ideal.

Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


Mostly reliable and common, Roman shades offer the best of style and panache. They’re modern and elegant and are available in dense fabrics, colors, and textures. They provide an extra layer of protection and can trap sounds between the glass and the window covering.

Woven Woods


Woven Wood Shades


Crafted from natural fibers, woven woods give an indigenous yet stylish look to your home. Whether they are pulled down or up, they have overlapping folds, offering a unique design.

Roller And Solar Shades


Roller And Solar Shades


With multiple options to control light and heat beyond their noise-canceling feature, these sturdy sound absorbing window blinds can be easily installed and set up. They can be opaque or sheer depending on your requirements and taste. With their classy look and feel, they can enhance the appearance of any living space.

Custom Plantation Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


This is the most traditional yet effective option to cancel unwanted noise. Modern-day materials have enhanced the look and feel of them, making them performance driven and highly useful. They’re also very easy to maintain with no additional costs.

Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds


They can be used where the sizes of windows matter. Often used in offices and large spaces, they offer style and come with remote controls to control the extent to which they can be pulled down. They are generally used with French doors, sliding glass doors and bay windows.

To sum up, there’s a solution for every home furnishing woe, a shade for every window, a blind for every door. It all depends on your need. You can go for a single shade or try out multiple options combining the benefits of all of them. However, you must do proper and thorough research before going for the best brands offering the best smart blinds and shutters.

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