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Advantages of Custom Roller Shades Over Ready Made

Advantages of Custom Roller Shades Over Ready Made

The blinds that are there in the market today come with their own advantages and takeaways. Some are made of thick materials, built to withstand strong climates when the summers hit their peaks and when winters get colder than usual. Others are built to upscale the interior look of your bedroom or living room, to suit the contemporary elements and give you something to win over your friends and relatives. However, there is no standard window treatment that can be universally applied to all windows in any part of the world. How about light filtering curtains in areas experiencing more than 40 degrees temperatures for at least four months in a year? Or what good would wide window shades be on windows that are very narrow and slim? This is where customization comes in.By getting customized shades, you will be able to specify the requirements to the manufacturer and get the shades made exactly how you want them. Great brands take care of even the smallest of details, from the right window dimensions to the exact color that you covet. In this section, we identify some of the advantages that custom roller shades have over standard, readymade shades.

What Are Solar Shades?

You must have come across solid window shades that roll from the top till the bottom to cover the window. At the top, they are generally suspended from a metal or aluminum roll, accommodating the entire shade effortlessly. The fabric is made up of heat-resistant material which can protect you from the sun when temperatures rise. That’s how these shades derive their name, and hence are applicable especially in summers in regions across the world.

Solar shades, because of their popularity to combat heat, can be set up in areas such as the living room and the bedroom where sun rays can fall directly on the windows. Besides, they can be very effective outdoor shades and can be set up on your front deck or patio which can otherwise become quite insufferable to be in hotter climates. Because of these features, they allow you to set base on your deck, move your furniture and sit. The special fabric, as discussed, of these shades, is also such that it allows you to get a reasonably clear view of the garden and the front portion of the house, right up to the gate.

Custom Roller Shades Advantages

There are multiple takeaways of tailored roller shades as compared to readymade ones, a few of which have been discussed below.

1. A Trendy and Stylish Look: Roller shades are anyways known for their minimal look and design. A plain, solid sheet of fabric in your large living room will not just make the place look bigger and more beautiful than it already is, but will also help you choose the ideal color that will go along with the other hues of the room. A solar shade in the right color will fit in perfectly with the furniture, flooring and walls of the room. This is why customization is important, for if you otherwise purchase a window treatment in a standard color, it may thwart the overall ambiance of the room.
Insulated Roller Shades
2. A Myriad Of Options: When you have more options to choose from, you can build the shades exactly as you want. And not just in your choice of colors but also the fabrics and their openness percentages. The higher the openness percentages of your shades, the more sunlight you get in your home and the better vision you have of your outdoors. However, many such shades do not provide ideal privacy once the sunsets. Depending on your preference, you may get your shades. But you don’t get to choose your fabrics if the shades are ready-made, and you will have to settle for the only standard one available.

3. Privacy: This is one thing that one must never compromise when setting up a home. Buying the right shades is just one of many to-do tasks while setting it up, as the windows are one of the most important areas of the home. Getting readymade shades as a mere formality or just another task might land you in trouble sooner than expected. Windows that have shades shorter than their length or width are at the mercy of burglars who might find out about the occupants of the house and when they aren’t home so that they can barge in. By getting the right shades, you get to cover every ounce of the window space, leaving no scope for anyone to know the indoors.
Blackout Roller Shades
4. Ideal Fit For Windows: Windows are generally in a square or rectangular shape. So if you are looking for shades for an odd-shaped or oval window, going to a store that sells readymade shades might be a fruitless exercise. Instead, choose brands that allow customized fitting for a wide variety of window shapes and sizes. All you need to do is measure the dimensions of your window and dictate them to the manufacturer, who will get your ideal shades made in a stipulated time.

5. Energy Efficiency: You know your windows better than anyone else, and you do know the exact expectations that you have from a blind if you want to purchase the ideal one. When you know that a light-filtering shade would work better on your windows than a blackout one, you would stay away from a store that sells standard opaque blinds. Similarly, if privacy is what you desire at all times, even during evenings when the indoors become visible to outsiders, you would steer clear of shades with high openness percentages. The right custom window shades would be energy efficient for you, not only saving costs during day time but also keeping the usage of air conditioners to a minimum.
Motorized Roller Shades
6. Higher Quality Brands: Clearly, you need to find the right brands when you are investing in a shade. Customer reviews and a thorough online search is essential. To make your job simpler, let us lay it out for you. Graber and Crown are two of the premium brands that sell customized shades, built to perfection by inculcating materials that are fire retardant as well as dirt-resistant. Brands that do not offer customized shades with respect to size, color, and materials are not recommended, as their quality tends to not create a good impression in the minds of customers.
Graber Cordless Roller Shades
7. Convenient and Easy Delivery: There are multiple benefits of choosing a customized shade manufacturer. Besides the obvious benefits of insulation, color and design choice, and different openness percentages, top window covering brands offer free shipping and samples to help you make a clear choice. With these free samples, you will be able to better decide which ones suit your windows and rooms.

Final note: For getting the right solar shades, you must be able to sift through different designs and colors, which is possible only when the brand offers customized solutions. By getting the ultimate window solutions, you will get a shade that is not only stylish and energy-efficient but one that also entails privacy and long-lasting durability.

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