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Advantages of Faux Wood Blinds You Cannot Ignore

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Let’s Go Forward with Custom Faux Wood Blinds

The home décor industry has witnessed a steady rise in homeowners and consumers who are vying for selective customized window treatments and designer shadings. Those who want elegance, opulence and a sense of luxury often go for sophisticated furnishing products. Others chose those kinds of window attachments that coordinated with their existing wall and furniture color schemes. It was then found that people with a lot of disposable income and increased interest in trendy home décor propelled the need for window shading products across the world. When it comes to trying out new window treatments, the popular choice is often custom faux wood blinds.

Earlier homeowners often selected wooden blinds to decorate their windows. Due to environmental issues, high costs, and maintenance factors, faux wood furnishings have become a mainstay. These blinds give a wooden look and feel but are not made out of wood. They are constructed mostly out of vinyl or a mix between plastic and wood. These shadings have so much potential when it comes to home décor, and their benefits cannot be ignored.

What Makes Custom Faux Wood Blinds so special as Compared to Others?

Easy Installation: In terms of weight, these blinds are heavy when compared to their wooden counterparts. As a result, the additional weight gets challenging to handle when they have to be installed. If your home has drywall or concrete, it becomes a challenge as the wall can widen and crumble wherever the hardware is situated. Faux wood blinds are lightweight as their composition is mostly vinyl or a mix between vinyl and wood. They are easier to install at any height, irrespective of their size, and the hardware mechanisms don’t get pulled. They can be mounted on to the wall without the fear of damaging the surface of the wall. They also have the appearance of wood, which gives a smooth touch to your interiors.

Faux Wood Blinds Installation

Durability Factor: Certain wooden window dressings have finishes made on them so that they can last longer. However, wood as a stand-alone material doesn’t last very long. These type of blinds, by their composition, can be resistant to mold, rot, surface damage, wear and tear, and harsh climates. You can bet that they will not bow or warp. They can be installed anywhere in the home that receives maximum sunlight and exposure to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. What kind of moisture? Steam from a pot on the gas stove or a shower can cause damage to regular wooden blinds. When treated, the wood can warp, crack, or expand and rot when in touch with water. Moreover, these blinds are virtually waterproof; therefore, they can be easily cleaned with running water.

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Resists Fading: Many indoor furnishings are susceptible to the harsh radiation present in sunlight. As a result, they tend to fade and lose their charm. That includes wooden window furnishings. Certain sealants slow down the rate of these furnishings keeping their wooden finish intact. But over a long period, they still fade. All the more reason to opt for faux blinds, as they give you the experience of natural wood without compromising on the quality.

Variety of Color Options for Your Blinds: Due to their vinyl composition, the number of color schemes and patterns are endless. For every kind of theme, the faux wood shadings are available. You can select from an array of color options and design patterns to match your interiors. They can also be custom made to suit your furnishing needs. Redecorating is now made easy with faux wood covers.

Great for the Environment: These blinds are great for the environment as they are not made from real wood. You are doing your part for the planet by choosing these blinds. They can be easily recycled. You can also go one step further by selecting such recycled shadings for your home. These window covers are an eco-friendly option for your renovating needs.

Eco Friendly Faux Wood Blinds

Budget-friendly Blinds: When compared to wooden shutters, installing these blinds won’t break the bank. They are by far cheaper than real wooden blinds and shutters. If you are doing a complete furnishing makeover for your interiors, then these blinds are perfect for you.

Attractive Appearance: The best part about installing these window covers is that they match well with your wood-based interior furnishings. People find it challenging to figure out the difference between real wooden shadings and faux wood window covers.

Graber Faux Wood Blinds

Safe for Kids and Pets: Faux wood window shadings come in both corded and cordless window treatments. So, if you install the cordless type of blinds in your home, be assured that your children and furry friends are safe from harm and the possibility of strangulation.

Custom Faux Wood Blind Age Like Fine Wine

Wooden window treatments, when placed accurately and in the ideal location, can open up your living spaces to a whole new level of interior design. However, they are not suitable for moisture ridden areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Faux blinds retain their form, design, texture, and color in spite of harsh sunlight, humidity, and other natural elements. Go for faux window coverings and add vibrancy and a pop of color to your interiors. These type of window coverings age well over time as they are designed to resist wear and tear and last for a long time. You can take a look at Graber Faux Wood and Composite Blinds, Lake Forest® Faux Wood and Lake Forest Premium Faux Wood Blinds for direction. They are trendy, modern, and chic in style, and well designed to suit the décor theme of your home. The benefits are durability, increase in privacy, light-blocking features, easy to maintain, moisture resistant, and they are priced reasonably well. Available in a myriad of colors and patterns, you can complement your furnishings with these wood finished blinds.

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