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Reap the Advantages of Using Automated Shades and Blinds in your House

Advantages of Using Automated Shades and Blinds

Automatic window shades are the new thing in the market, and they are making a lot of buzz for good reason. These shades are keeping up with the requirements of the present-day homeowner and deliver to a customer base that needs convenience and comfort over everything else. However, these products are relatively new and the information on them is scarce. It is no surprise that a customer would want to know about their operation and benefits in detail before they make an investment.

To start, how are motorized shades powered? Well, there are three ways in which these automated window treatments work. The first is through lithium operated batteries which are installed in the window shade. A major disadvantage of this type is that they get discharged easily (within a year or so) and have to be replaced or recharged. The second type is solar powered window shades and blinds whose cells are recharged on its own by the solar panels installed in them. These are the most sustainable product and are environmentally friendly too, however, they require 5-6 hours of direct sunlight and are designed for one open and one close per day. The third type is the hard-wired window covering which does not require a recharge or replacement as long as it is installed since it is plugged into a socket and directly consumes electricity. Since they don’t require a recharge, they are convenient and recommended if you have many shades, however, their install can be more involved and you may need to find a way to hide the power cords.

Before you make a choice between either of these available types, you should see what works for you and what will be the most viable for your requirements. It is also a good choice to get in touch with someone who has installed this at home or even gets in touch with the customer support of the store from which you are making a purchase. There are many online stores that sell these automated window blinds and shades and have them available in a wide range of designs and colors, so you don’t have to compromise on your aesthetics.
We have laid down a few advantages of these automated window shades and blinds that will help you make an informed purchase. They are:

They make your house more accessible
Normal window coverings require physical interference to be maneuvered, that is, to raise and lower it we need to physically do so. This may not seem like such a burden to you, but given the presence of kids, old people and people who do not have as much physical access as we do, such as pregnant women or people who are differently-abled, it becomes a huge advantage. They have more access to the house and can control their environment on their own terms without reaching out for help. We should try to make our house as accommodating as possible. For a house with kids, this prevents them from climbing up to adjust the blinds or from risking strangulation on dangling lift cords and makes the operation of the blinds throughout the house simple and easy.
Automated Blinds and Shades
More security and privacy for your place
You know how regular shades work. Now imagine that you can operate any type of shade according to a schedule and with conditions set by you. If it is installed with cellular shade, it can open and close on its own, according to the position of the sun or temperature of the room or according to the time that has been pre-set by you. This also means more security. If you plan to go on a vacation or have to leave your house empty for ‘x’ number of days, you can pre-set your timing of window coverings and it will appear that you are still home. This reduces the chance of burglary or forced intrusion or theft.
Smart Honeycomb Shades
Can be tuned with other devices
You will be surprised to know that the functionality of automated window shades and covers increases when it is kept in sync with other smart devices such as smoke detectors, sound systems, lighting systems. For example, if your smoke alarm goes off at any time, you can set these window coverings to open on its own to reduce damage and increase chances of safety. This will also help alarm the neighbors and help will arrive soon. Such features become extremely significant if you have a house with kids or if such a fatality occurs when you are fast asleep. It adds to the security of your place too. Similarly, other trendy features such as syncing your lights to these shades come in handy when it is operated in large spaces such as offices with lots of windows and with lots of lights. Physically turning on every switch is daunting and inconvenient, and installing these in your office will give it a chic appearance. There is so much you can do to make your place the modern haven that one can only imagine.
Google Home Smart Blinds
It is very eco-friendly
We all have some temperature regulating device in our house or office. With these window coverings already regulating the temperature to a large extent, the use of these devices is reduced, hence the electricity consumption is lower, and energy is saved. While any window treatment will provide energy efficiency to an extent, these automatic window treatments are especially effective as you can set schedules to have them operate exactly to your given needs. This allows you to rely on the window coverings to heat up a room or cool it down instead of your AC or heater.
Smart Motorized Natural Shades
They are the product of the new generation
‘Smart’ devices are dominating the market everywhere and there is no way to escape it and there is no reason to. They make our life easier and comfortable. They give your house the personality of a modern edge and also increase its value in the market. These products are also very easy to install and do not require professional help, like any product of the ‘smart’ age does. In short, it is the product of the present and is a great investment.

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