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Advantages of Decorating Windows Room by Room


Welcoming of new born to family.

“Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.” – Taylor Hanson

When my definitely better half announced that our baby was on the way, I was overjoyed and know why they call a baby a life changer. Just those words had a tremendous impact on me, and I was thinking about making the whole world a better place for my baby. I wanted to start with our home, making it a safe haven for our baby to be showered with love and care.

Life changes with marriage – the honeymoon and setting up our home had burrowed through our not-too-large savings. Now I had to take care of setting up a nursery and other necessities to welcome our baby. I was ready to go the extra mile to keep my wife Linda and our baby safe and comfortable.

With the onset of morning sickness, Linda had a terrible time sleeping. Our health care provider informed us that she needed better rest and diet to help the growth of the baby. Enough sleep was elusive, what with the nausea, the frequent micturition and the constant noise and intense light streaming into our apartment.

When we moved from our apartment in Down Town Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois  to our detached house in LakeRidge Run, South Oklahoma City eight months ago, we were excited by the huge spacious indoors and had entirely ignored appropriate window coverings – they were just old throw away curtains that we’d got from friends. We thought we’d change them once we’d settled down, but being newly married made us procrastinate! But hey! We’re talking about 14 windows – that’s overwhelming to deal with all at once!

Our bedroom needed to be attended to first because Linda’s comfort was paramount importance. That is when I realized that I didn’t have to do the windows all at once. I could start with our bedroom windows and then move on to other rooms one by one, ending with the nursery! Once broken into smaller sections, the whole task appeared so much easier to accomplish. I decided to focus on one room, and use it for inspiration to continue with the windows of the next room……..


Shopping Online for Custom Window Coverings.

We decided to buy our window coverings online as Linda was in no state to go tramping from store to store. I picked the narrow corner window for my first attempt so even if something went wrong, it would not stare at me for days to come.

The offers of free shipping were good because there would be no extra cost for purchasing the window coverings one by one. I was feeling more satisfied with my idea of doing the window treatments one by one by the hour!

We were unsure whether to opt for blinds or shades for our bedroom. I found the perfect solution in the Odyssey Insulating Blinds, which are amazingly designed to look like the shades, on the one hand, being made with soft fabrics but were incorporated with the functionality insulating blinds. No more confusion, we were getting the best of both shades and blinds.

Functionally and aesthetically these blinds are perfect windows coverings with the feel of a window shade. The unique soft fabrics vanes expand into cells that trap air for a significant amount of insulation during all seasons, which would save me a lot in coming years over energy bills – like the cellular window shades. The expanded and compressed vanes create an easy control of light filtering and privacy. The cells compress with a flick of the wand, to offer a clear view. Another advantage for me was that these shades were white to the outside providing a uniform exterior appearance even if I choose different colors for different rooms. This would also reflect heat in summer, keeping the interiors cool enough.

First I ordered a sample. When fully satisfied I went through the step by step procedure of ordering online carefully since this was my first online shopping experience. I choose the inside mount without making any deductions because the factory would make the deductions for me. I carefully measured my window and entered my window size. Next was the color option. We choose slate because that blended perfectly with the interior decor of our bedroom. I did not have much choice with the cords options, so I went ahead with the standard cord. A room darkening liner in tan was picked for further convenience. The liners were white on the side facing outside as well.

I added valances, cleats and hold down brackets to the list, which made the window treatment more appealing, functional and safe. I filled up the room name and additional notes. There, it was done!

With the do-it-yourself instructions, I had the Odyssey Shades up in no time at all, done with immeasurable enthusiasm. I could envision completing the installation of the shades in all the rooms well in advance of the baby’s arrival. At a glance –


  • I saved a lot with free shipping charges
  • There was no stress on my budget
  • I was not tired, hassled or running short of time
  • It was a smart move to pick a less important part of our room for trial
  • Doing the smaller window first gave me insight into the window coverings, so that I could make    necessary changes for the more important and prominent windows
  • I choose different window coverings for our kitchen and bathroom because of high humidity in these rooms
  • Doing one window at a time did not clutter my home
  • With all the experience, I could finally achieve a perfect look for our living room
  • The nursery turned out perfect


One step at a time and I had our windows dressed the way we wanted them to be. Also, it gave me the satisfaction of doing something for my family since Linda was bearing the burden of completing it! The least I could do was to be supportive and show her how much this meant to me.


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