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Adjusting To Pandemic Life With Home Decor


Homes in Pre-Pandemic Times

The definition of a home and the purpose of our homes have undergone an enormous transformation in the last year. The onset of the pandemic has changed the dynamics of work life and home life as we know it, even as little as over a year ago. Prior to the pandemic, a home served as the place where one came back to at the end of a long day, to eat, rest and spend time with family and chill out during the weekends with family and friends. During the week, children would be in school and the adults in their respective workplace, with only home makers, young children, the retired and elderly restricted to the confines of the house.

Home as the Centre of Existence during a Pandemic

As the pandemic came knocking at the door, everything changed almost overnight. Except for emergency service workers offering life saving and critical services, the majority of people were asked to work from home. Schools and day cares closed their doors and education too moved inside the home. Entertainment venues like movies houses, pubs, bars and restaurants also shut down their services while the latter only allowed takeout as a means for acquiring meals. Like with schools and daycares, people also began to look indoors for their entertainment needs. With home theatres and home bars, the need to move out was reduced. Homes, which had remained empty for the greater part of the day, now became the center of existence for every member of the family.

Aesthetics or Comfort?

Rooms and spaces were identified in the house which could be converted to office space and home schools. Office furniture, kid’s tables, and chairs were purchased to make a formal arrangement in the house to help create the right ambiance for work and study. Predictably the home décor of the house had to make way for these changes. In the pre-pandemic days home décor was all about aesthetics coupled with functional benefits. Décor items were carefully hand picked and chosen for every part of the house. But with the world turned upside down by the pandemic, the demands and expectations for the home has changed. It is no longer the space where you rest, chill and entertain. It has become also the place where you work, study and attend calls and different classes. The décor has to be more practical and comfortable to accommodate the changing dynamics of the pandemic-hit world.

“People are spending a lot more time at home and looking to add layers of functional comfort to their space,” Alessandra Wood, the Vice President of style at Modsy, told Insider. People are now prioritizing comfort over everything else because they are spending all their time at home. Anything that isn’t functional and works only aesthetically are not finding favor among homeowners any longer. They are looking for elements that are more inviting and lend comfort to their surroundings. It is predicted by experts that harsh lines and cold surfaces will be replaced by more comfortable furniture in 2021. Traditional styles, softer curves and overstuffed furniture are set to make a comeback. With socializing being severely restricted, it is important to make homes more comfortable and cozier.

Increasing Love for Informal Traditional Décor

Contemporary modern homes had adopted a modern style of home décor. Today, modern décor is all about sleekness and is characterized by sharp-edged couches, marble or granite countertops, which have neutral color schemes. It is no doubt elegant and stylish but it can also appear cold, too formal and business-like to the extent that it tends to lend an impersonal touch to the surroundings. Warm colors, warm lights and softer edges can make staying home an enjoyable experience.

Use of Vibrant Colors

If you have a predominantly neutral color schemed home, you could try introducing dash of bright vibrant colors like yellow, red, orange etc., to break the monotony and brighten up your space. Bright colors have a positive and cheerful effect.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are an important part of your home décor. They add aesthetic and functional value to your space by adding insulation to the windows, blocking out heat, cutting out harmful glares and UV rays, and of course preserving your privacy. No matter what window treatment suited you in other times, now that you are at home all day, you need window coverings that really work for you. If your work space set up near the window, you will need protection from heat and the harsh sunlight that could make working uncomfortable. Also, you would hate to be pried upon by passing on-lookers. Top-down bottom-up shades, solar shades, dual sheer blackout shades are window treatments which offer a solution to the issues at hand. They create the perfect ambiance for your stay-at-home needs.

Rearranging Home Furniture

Rearrange your homes to make space. Do away with stuff that you have not used for years or no longer need so that you can create more space for your requirements.

Because you are staying at home you will need space for an office desk. You will no longer be needing a big dining table because you will not be entertaining guests. You can push the desk to one side so that you can create more leg space in the room. Make use of the window spaces where you can set up your work table.

Now that you are stuck at home you may feel the need to do home workouts, for which you will need more space. Move the sofa to a far corner and create your workout area inside the house. If you have formal stiff couches and chairs, if your budget permits, you may want to replace them with softer, fluffier, fabric ones that will ensure ultimate comfort and rest. It will make your movie watching experience truly an enjoyable one. You can put your feet up with you bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show. Nobody likes to sit in an uncomfortable chair or sofa, and with the pandemic still ongoing, you will be spending a lot of time on your couch.

The bottom-line is: make your home décor more practical and friendlier to make your stay in the your house happier and cozier. The aesthetics can wait. For now, it is time to stay at home and make the most of your time indoors.

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