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Adding Vinyl Liners to Your Bamboo Roll Up Shades for Extra Protection and Privacy

Adding Vinyl Liners to Your Bamboo Roll Up Shades for Extra Protection and Privacy

Your Home Deserves Something Special

Your home is a treasured place. It is a reflection of the time, effort and love that you have invested to create a peaceful and cheerful space for your family. It is the place where you make memories to last a lifetime. The walls stand a testimony to the laughter shared, the tears shed and myriad emotions that we experience in our lifetime. Home is where you come back to at the end of each day seeking warmth, comfort and security. So, whatever you choose for your homes must only enhance its beauty and appeal.

Bamboo Blinds

The furniture, the upholstery, room color and decor are but an extension of your own persona and they all add their unique touch to your homes. We endeavour to choose each element of our home in such a way that they create an ambiance that is luxurious and elegant, while oozing warmth and charm. It is not a single object that can weave magic but a combination of everything that you add to your home. However, if we were to hold in one element in a slightly superior position compared to others it would no doubt be window treatments. They are a powerful inclusion in your house and have the ability to make and break the entire look of your room. With all things chosen well, a poorly selected window blind or curtain can ruin the appearance of the windows and the room. Drapes, Roman Shades, Wood Blinds have an unparalleled luxurious appeal. One that competes closely with these window treatments are Bamboo Blinds.

Bamboo blinds, also known as natural blinds, are made of natural fibres of the bamboo plant. There are window treatments that use a combination of bamboo, jute, grass and rattan to create a variety of color options for your windows. Made of natural materials, bamboo blinds lend natural warmth and an earth boho look to the surroundings and as they are made of renewable materials they help to contribute to the green environment.

Outdoor Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Blinds: Pretty Blinds with Little Privacy

Bamboo blinds are perfect for the super-sunny rooms. They help to filter the natural light flooding your space. They help to dilute the harsh rays of the sun and fill the living space with a soft and warm glow that creates a magical ambiance. And the best part is, they are extremely affordable. Given their natural color, they can blend well with any decor. Easy to install and maintain, bamboo blinds are a great way to up the style quotient of your homes without breaking your back. Bamboo blinds are super pretty but when they are quite useless when it comes to privacy. Light filtration, appeal and aesthetics are important but so is privacy of your living space. If the interiors of your house are led bare to the outsiders it could trigger safety concerns. People can get an unobstructed glimpse into your activities and jeopardise the security of the space. Your house is where you are most vulnerable and hence it should be sealed off from the prying eyes of outsiders.

Why Use Liners?

If you are in awe of your bamboo blinds and have no desire to get them replaced, you can always add a liner to the blinds to make them more practical and functional. Liners are fabric sheets that are added to the blinds, shades and drapes for a variety of reasons:

  • If you room is sun facing, there are chances that curtains and drapes will fade over a period of time. Liners are added to increase the longevity of the curtains and protect them from a direct onslaught of sun’s rays.
  • Liners are often added for curb appeal. Different rooms in the house may opt for different window treatments which will create a disproportionate look of the house from the outside. Adding a similar liner to all these curtains and blinds will help to create a uniform curb appeal.
  • Liners also help to cut off excess light in the room. You can opt for any window treatment but to expect all of them to block out light would be foolhardy. If you have shades, blinds or drapes in your bedroom which are beautiful but do little to keep the light out during sleep time, you can always counter the situation by adding a blackout liner to these window treatments without having to overhaul the existing blinds and drapes.
  • If you have opted for fabrics and materials that do much for the aesthetics of the room but little to preserve the privacy of the room then they become dysfunctional. To protect the privacy of your house and cut of view of the interiors of the house from outside you can add liners to your existing blinds and shades. These are known as privacy shade liners.

Why Vinyl Liners?

Bamboo blinds are gorgeous but people can peep through these blinds to get a view of the inside of the house. Liners will help to address the concern comprehensively. You can opt for blackout liners for your bedroom bamboo blinds and normal blinds for living rooms etc. You can choose from a variety of materials. Vinyl, plastic, cotton, are commonly used for liners. Vinyl makes a great choice of material because they are extremely resistant to wear and tear and durable. They are resistant to stains and moisture and prolonged expose to heat and water will not cause them to warp or peel off. They are also scratch resistant. As liners are window facing they will have to encounter harsh elements of nature. Vinyl is sturdy and will retain its look and quality for years.

So if you have bamboo roll up shades in your room and looking for an additional layer of protection and privacy for your rooms, vinyl liners do an admirable job.