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Adding Subtle Elegance To Your French Doors With Wooden Blinds


French Doors Are  a Modern Classic

French Doors are some of the most pleasurable and unique pieces of interior décor in any home. This is mainly because of the unique design of these windows. To put it into context, the hinges of these doors or windows are mounted opposite sides of the door frame and have two sections that pivot on these hinges. Each of these two sections is covered by either a single glass pane throughout the centre of the door or individual panes strung together within muntins.

It is not just that French Doors are unique in sense that their designs are vastly different from other window and door designs, it is also because French Doors have existed for a very long time and have a lot of historical significance, which can give any home a modern, yet classical ambience or vibe. French Doors have evolved and persevered from the inception of their usage in the 1600s to become not only a relevant piece of décor today, but also to consistently be one of the most sought-after designs. They are used in small sizes as windows and as doors for the purpose of opening into a balcony, front porch or even patio.

Find the right window covering for French Doors

While they are adept at allowing natural sunlight to enter your room, you will need to get the right window treatment to complement any pitfalls that come with these doors. For instance, although natural light is usually beneficial, you would want to protect yourself from glare and UV rays. You would also want privacy during certain times of the day, for which you would need a window treatment that can cover the glass panes when needed. Furthermore, glass panes aren’t the best resistors or reflectors of heat, which means that a window treatment can help you regulate temperature and act as an energy efficient option.

There are many different types of blinds you can explore to figure out which works best for your French Doors. The key is to find complementary characteristics between the French Doors and the set of blinds. For example, roller blinds can do really well if they are paired with French Doors. Depending on the type of fabric, they provide good filtration of light and also privacy. If you are looking to block the sunlight out completely on days where you want to sleep in, blackout blinds are an ideal candidate. Roman blinds can also do really well for you with respect to privacy and light filtration. Not to mention, the patterns and texture of the fabric of roman blinds can give a soft and soothing look to the room. Thermal blinds can be good for preventing warm air from entering the room. Vertical blinds are also good choices for French Doors that lead to patios and porches.

Wooden Blinds are a viable candidate for partnering up with French Doors

Wooden blinds work the same way as almost any other type of blinds. They adopt the Venetian style. They are a bunch of horizontal slats that are strung together by a cord pulley system. Wooden blinds are also a traditional window treatment. They were one of the first types of blinds to be made. Despite having different types of blinds that have over the years, wooden blinds have managed to stay relevant over time. This is mainly because of their design and the elegance they bring to homes.

People do not want their blinds to look industrial and rigid. At the same time, they also want their blinds to have symmetry. They can usually get both of these out of wooden blinds. This is because wooden blinds look less industrial and more primitive while also having a sleek design. Wooden blinds are also known for the sophistication that they bring to a home because of their traditional vibe, coupled with the fact that they have not gone out of style.

There is also a common misconception that wooden blinds do not give you the luxury of versatility. You can use different shades of varnish and stains. You can go a step further and use something gloss paint or even wax.

Now, French Doors can go quite well with wooden blinds. This is because they complement each other in terms of aesthetics and functionality. They are both traditional décor that have survived the test of time handsomely. French Doors allow a lot of sunlight into homes. Wooden blinds, on the other hand, can block the light whenever you don’t need it, and other times, you can filter out the glare as well. Furthermore, privacy can be an issue with French Doors, which wooden blinds can really help with counteracting.

What are the benefits of wooden blinds?

If you are still unsure about whether wooden blinds are the right choice for your French Doors or if you are sceptical about wooden blinds in general, here are some benefits of wooden blinds that can help to push you in the right direction –

  1. Privacy – Blinds made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and blinds made of out fabric can be translucent or may even cast shadows that allow passers by and nosy neighbours on what might be happening inside your home. Wooden blinds on the other hand, are completely opaque. This is why they work well with French Doors, where the glass panes are unhindered.
  2. Regulation of temperature – Glass isn’t a good insulator or reflector of heat. This can make your summers with French Doors very difficult. Wooden blinds are good insulators that keep warm air from entering your house during the summer and warm air from leaving your home during winters. This also means that the blinds are energy efficient in the sense that they can reduce the amount of money you spend on utilities.
  3. Durability – Wooden blinds are durable window treatments. They are an efficient long-term investment. There is a higher possibility of you moving on to a trendier window treatment a few years later, as opposed to having your wooden blinds wear themselves out.
  4. Maintenance – They are also easy to maintain. All you need to do is make sure you regularly dust your blinds. Fabric blinds for that matter, require deep cleaning.

The bottom line is that wooden blinds work really well for French Doors. You can also go for faux wooden blinds which are close substitutes to wooden blinds, but are made out of PVC. They have only a slight difference in texture and feel and come at a cheaper price. The benefits you gain from real wooden blinds are also quite important, along with the aesthetics. Make sure you take your time to make an informed decision.

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