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Adding Privacy with Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Sliding Glass Door Covering Ideas for Ultimate Privacy

Sliding glass doors are the perfect addition to your home interior, giving you access to connect with the outside world while letting the natural light and fresh air to enter your home. They are the aesthetically pleasing way to give your home a functional and stylish appearance. Through these door windows, you can have a beautiful outside view while relaxing or taking some rest.

But sometimes you don’t want the outside world to peep inside the home. Mainly this problem occurs when your windows face the busy street side. Privacy is essential for every home décor as it helps individuals to maintain their autonomy and individuality. But some people assume that through these glass doors, it’s not possible to maintain the level of privacy. But that is not the case. Covering them is the best solution that you can do. These doors not only create a problem when we talk about privacy, but sometimes excess light and heat that enter through these paths also create unhealthy conditions for your interiors. Window designers say that covering them with the right sliding glass door coverings is the best way to get rid of all these issues.

There are many options available to choose from, but the right selection can add dramatic flair and a charming makeover to the room. Learn the basic window solutions and their unique features that will work best for your home!

Top 5 Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Privacy is an essential factor for all of us, and the right window treatment on sliding glass doors can provide you with the ultimate protection. Selecting the proper dressing can be a challenge as you don’t want to hide the beauty and usefulness of these doors. Below are the top five window treatments suggested by the professional window designers for sliding glass doors –

• Vertical Blinds
If you are looking for an affordable window solution for your two-panel sliding glass doors that will cover the doors completely, then vertical window blinds are the right choice. They can be paired with the valances or cornices for a complete finishing touch. Premium-quality material makes the blinds extremely durable and sturdy to withstand harsh weather conditions. If your windows face the street side, then these blinds are a great choice as you need more privacy there. The slats of these blinds are adjustable and can be completely closed for light blocking and privacy. Open them for natural light, and to enjoy the solitude, close the vanes. Customizable options are available so that you can pick up your favorite style from a vast range of colors and texture selections. Both inside and outside mounting available, but for full coverage opt for outside mounting.
Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Door
• Vertical Cellular Shades
Besides protection, if you are craving for energy-efficiency for your home, then vertical cellular shades are the way to go. They are the best alternative of vertical blinds as they have more capability when it comes to offering privacy or insulation. Sliding glass doors confront a large amount of light and heat that make a space unbearable to stay. But vertical cellular shades, with their unique insulating features, do the best job in reducing heat transfer through your windows and increasing energy efficiency. Available in many colors and design textures to suit your existing décor style.
Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Door
• Sliding Panel Track Blinds
Panel blinds are generally used to divide a multi-purpose room. But they are fantastic when you install them on sliding glass doors. Their construction provides the interior with maximum privacy so that you can relax inside without any worry. These blinds are excellent in controlling light and glare as well. The sliding panels are a modern take on the vertical blind style, and they give a clean look as they are less busy, simple, and more contemporary looking.
Sliding Panel Track Blinds
• Custom Window Drapery
Curtains or draperies are the superior selection for covering glass doors. Their sophisticated color and patterns make them a vital part of your home, and at the same time, your sliding doors become the focal point of the room. They can be paired with other window solutions for enhanced mechanisms. For example, layer the curtains with vertical blinds that will provide more privacy, light control, and insulation than before. They can easily match your décor type while adding warmth and sophistication.
Drapery for Sliding Glass Door
• Plantation Shutters
Another popular and stylish choice to dress up your sliding glass doors – plantation window shutters. They come in different louvers to control natural light and privacy. Keep the shutters closed for maximum privacy. To have an exterior view along with the freshness of natural light, open the louvers. Shutters are also popular and well-known for their insulating properties that keep the temperature of the room in an ideal condition. Shop now to enjoy their endless benefits.
Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

Considerations Before Picking Up a Blind for Sliding Glass Doors

When selecting a window treatment for sliding glass doors, there are many things to look for that will determine how efficient they are when it comes to privacy. For many consumers, this selecting blind process may seem tricky, but the below guidelines will help you to get the best one that will bring the right feel to your décor instantly.
• Make sure that the window treatments operate in the same direction as your sliding door, which means if your glass door opens from right to left; then window designs should also do the same.
• Everyone wishes to have a lovely view through these glass doors while having coffee or reading a book. But the lack of privacy should not prevent this. Choose a shade or blind that will provide a degree of privacy without obstructing the view.

In Conclusion

Choosing the wrong kind of shade or blind can ruin the beauty or functionality of the sliding doors. Make the right choice that can be overwhelming for your interior. Your privacy is in your hands. Browse now and start decorating your sliding doors. For further assistance, consult with our experts, they will guide you to get the best fit.