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Add a Touch of Elegance with Custom Wood Cornices


Give a makeover to your home with astonishing Decorative Wood Cornices

Let the décor of your windows do all the talking for you and impress your visitors and guests. Your windows will emit an abundance of enthusiasm and style with these wonderful looking cornice boards. Wood blinds, roman shades, roller shades, or any other window treatment will glitter with an alluring beauty with any of our artistic and designer cornice boards.

What are Custom Wood Cornices?


A cornice is any flat decorative frame that crowns an element of your homes like a window or a door. They are the perfect solution for a window that needs an attractive touch. A natural wooden cornice offers a cultured look that is sure to complement any window covering. These custom wood cornices are made of high-end quality wood that results in superior durability and long-lasting elegance. These are perfect for banquet halls, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and other social spaces. Pick from either painted or stained wood to merge with your decor.

When you choose to garnish a window, it doesn’t have to end at the window treatment. Fixing wooden cornices supplements another layer to the design element that can complement or contrast with other factors in the room.

Some tips for buying great valances and cornices include measuring accurately, acknowledging the existing qualities of the window and the interiors, and selecting the right style.

Cornices are the ideal choice for many rooms and fashions. Wood cornices can be an immediate focal point in a room. Real wood cornices are the excellent way to add rich, layered design to your window blinds. These cornices will cover unpleasant curtain rods and add a sense of custom-made appearance that makes an ordinary window or patio door looks distinguished.

Select a style that will fit your decor and help accent your existing window treatments. As a layered top treatment, fabric valances can be used to create a contrast with hard window coverings for a flowing, drapery effect. Also consider utilizing a patterned cornice over a neutral covered treatment, or vice versa, for a striking, bold statement. Valances and cornices are also amazingly useful at hiding distracting drapery hardware or unsightly headrails.

Fabric Cornices

Fabric Window Cornices

->Ideal finishing touch to your windows
->Stylish way to conceal your hardware
->Great for layering, won’t obstruct your view
->Intensifies the look of any window treatment
->Plenty of fabric styles and options to fit your decor

You can add fabric cornices to your drapery treated windows and make your home look like a paradise. Cherish the look of your home and choose the perfect fabric cornice that matches your drapery window treatments.

Here are the various benefits that cornices offer:

Make a Style Statement

The broader the cornice you install, the more striking it will be, so you should only choose a broad one if you are ok for it to stand out and be noticed. Striking patterns will also make a cornice more noticeable.

Maintain the Style of Your Room

Cornices suit most rooms, but they are particularly suited to classical and traditional interiors. Traditional interiors are about poise, elegance, and embellishment, so not only are cornices pretty much a must, but you can get crazy and creative with fabric colors and patterns, from the geometric to the floral.

Keep Things Simple

Small and simple cornices go perfectly well with almost any interior. They offer a fine finish, and they also provide a pleasing shift from the colored wall to plain a white ceiling.

No matter what your taste and budget, or the extent of your makeover design – finding a rich, easy-to-install addition for any room is much simpler and much cheaper than you might imagine.

The smooth stained polish and the finished look of this cornice make it look very alluring. The 7 ½” dimension of the custom-made Cornices makes them a perfect choice for large and wide windows. Also, the option of returns with outside mounts makes it easy to be installed with draperies and other window coverings. There is an extensive number of colors available. Maintenance of this cornice is also as simple as just cleaning them on a regular basis with a cloth to help keep it like new. Installing the cornice is also very easy and convenient.

Custom Wood Cornices

Custom made cornices are usually made of wood. For a perfect look, you can combine a cornice board with coordinating roman shades or a customized drapery curtain. Let the soft and crafty hues of these custom drapery valances highlight your cornice. Custom cornices add a beautiful, and smooth topping to your custom window treatments. These cornices are available in many styles and designs that present you with limitless ways of giving a makeover to your home.

Window Cornice Boards

Available in different sizes, these attractive Wood Cornice Boards top your window treatments to hide headrails and other hardware while supplementing a bold decorative element. They are perfect for open rooms, where blinds may be seen from the top.

All window cornice boards that are made out of wood are available to match Graber Wood Blinds or can be easily matched with existing décor.

Decorative Wood Cornice

Wooden Cornice Boards

Like many home decorative concepts, many buyers use the words “cornice” and “valance” interchangeably. Though both are window treatment solutions that cover the top section of your window, the decorative wood cornice board is made up of solid material like wood which is further coated or covered with fabrics or trims to coordinate with the window treatments. The fabric is extended and hand-stapled to a box made of wood that is then hung on your wall above the window. Cornices are used to disguise curtain rods and other window treatment hardware that can give an unpleasant appearance to your window.

->Crafted from superior wood.
->Fine furniture-quality polish.
->L-brackets are used for smooth installation.
->Outside mount has joined corners and a dust cover to hide the top of the window treatment.
->Inside mount has straight–cut edges, with no dust cover.
->Decorative keystones are required for cornices that need splicing.
->Keystones can also be requested on cornices without a splice.
->Keystones will be painted or stained to match the cornice color.
->Optional different keystone color selection available.

Design experts have used cornices in artistic ways in homes to dress up dreary windows, expand the size of smaller windows, add artistic value by hiding headrails and hardware, and conceal imperfections. With modern window coverings, designers can upgrade your home atmosphere – creating your dream home in reality.

Unique characteristics of superior hardwood assure one-of-a-kind cornices with custom color options, which can intensify the visual charm. The 5 ½” Graber Noble Wood Cornices are elegantly crafted accessories for your windows. Their specific design stands for the quality promised by Graber.

How to Choose Cornices Based on Personal Style and Preferences

Designing Your Personal Style with Cornices

It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of the traditional or the contemporary, there is a cornice to match your windows and your home too. Cornices are the decorative embellishments that connect your interior wall and ceiling. They not only reveal light and brighten a room, but also help you design a home that is uniquely you.

Classical Style

For the people who love heritage-style homes, there are plenty of adorned and embellishing cornices to pick from. Decorative cornices always catch the eye and encourage guests to draw their sight upwards.

Contemporary Style

If you are one who admires to bring a more simple look and feel to your home, there are many cornices out there to befit you. Modern design is now inspired by a maxim of ‘simple yet effective’ and can furnish any room with a rich feel.

Unique and Natural Characteristics of Graber Wood Cornices

The wood used to construct Graber wood cornices has natural properties which make them truly unique and special. The artistic wood grains show the direction, size, and the look of wood fibers which differ greatly depending on where the wood is taken from the tree. This creates a pattern that is rare and unique for every product. The growth on the outer edge of the tree known as burl magnifies the beauty of the product as well. Natural designs are also made on the surface of the custom wood cornice board where fibers are twisted to form circular shapes that resemble a birds’ eye. ‘Pin knots’ wood patterns add to the visual interest, as they can differ in size, structure, shape, and color. All these markings and patterns will give a natural difference in color and grain, magnifying the intrinsic beauty of the natural wood. They do not hinder the structural wholeness or endurance of the wood in any way. These wood cornices are quality guaranteed by Graber and covered under manufacturer warranty.

Natural Wood Cornices for Your Homes

The stiff design of the Noble Wood Cornice in stained or painted finishes lends an impressive appearance to larger, broader windows in your home. They are available in various color choices which makes it easy to consolidate them into your home décor and beautify your home to make it look very stylish and elegant.

With minimal maintenance and cleaning, you can keep the cornices looking like new for a long period of time. You can clean them regularly or use a vacuum cleaner on low to ensure that the new look and the shine of the wood cornice last for a longer time. Dirt removal and spot cleaning is not a tough task either because they are also water resistant and can be spot cleaned with a wet cloth. Installation of the cornice is an effortless, simple and easy process.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, you can be sure that our wood cornice boards will be the right fit for your windows to enhance the overall beauty of your home. Add decorative cornices to your home makeover design wish-list and make it happen! Shop for our Graber custom wood cornice boards online at at the best prices.

We would love to help you create the perfect look for your home. Reach our team if you have any questions and get free shipping and free samples while shopping!

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