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Add an Elegant Accent to your Window with Regal 7 ½” Cornices

Add an Elegant Accent to your Window with Regal 7 ½” Cornices

What are Cornice Boards?

Cornice boards are a popular window treatment solution that is regularly used to cover the upper part of the windows. They help to hide the ugly hardware of blinds and help to create a sleek and streamlined look for the windows. They highlight the windows and add just the right amount of drama that is needed to pull a room together. Cornice boards are wooden box structures that come with three sides. They are fitted atop the windows. Unlike valances, cornices are solid ply or wood structures that are plain or covered in fabric and cover the top, front, and sides, while valances are usually made from wood or fabric and cover only the front and sides. Upholstered cornice boards help to add color, designs, and patterns to the windows.

Upholstered Cornices

Size of Cornice Boards

Cornice boards can be modern, traditional, or anywhere in between to suit your style of home decor. Apart from the look and feel of the cornice board, measurement is crucial. To mount a cornice you must take accurate measurements of the windows. How wide and tall you want your cornice board depends completely on you. Cornice boards are available in various sizes starting as small as 5 ½” and up to 12”. Larger windows should ideally use larger sizes. They will help to add depth and height to the windows and make ceilings appear higher than they are. For your large living room windows, we have the perfect set of cornice boards. They are 7 ½” Graber Regal Wood Cornices. They are an absolute delight and the perfect choice for any room.

7 ½” Regal Wood Cornice Boards: Epitome of Elegance & Grandeur

Wood as we know has an elegance and aesthetic appeal that is unparalleled. They impart a warm glow to the room and the natural wood stains can seamlessly blend with any home decor style. These Regal Cornice boards from Graber come in a large array of colors each of them are stunners. Dark cherry, dark walnut, cherry wood, cappuccino, espresso, golden oak, honey maple, roasted chestnut are a few of the popular colors that you can opt for on your cornice boards depending upon the color of your blinds, shades, or drapes. If you are an admirer of real wood and an ardent fan of the richness of the natural beauty of wood, you can never go wrong with this choice of cornice board. The exuberance and elegance oozing out of these window treatments is a celebration of grandness and style. Sometimes your rooms need a makeover and there is a need to completely overhaul the decor of your home. Adding these 7 ½” Regal cornice boards is sufficient to give your rooms a much-needed makeover. Moreover, large and wide windows are a prized possession of your homes. They are the focal point of any room and when dressed and treated correctly they can become an epitome of grace and grandeur. They deserve a cornice board and equally impressive window blind or shade to do justice to these windows. With these cornice boards from Graber, you can give the treatment your windows deserve.

Mount these cornice boards on your windows and step back to admire the effect it has on the windows and the surrounding room. Make the necessary changes to the furniture and upholstery to live up to the standards set by these elegant set of cornice boards.