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Achieve the Perfect Synchronized Look with Zebra Sheer Shades


The Intrigue of striped decor

“God has a sense of humor. Don’t believe me? Just look at a zebra and tell me what was going on in His mind that day.”
Kim Gruenenfelder
When we really give a deep thought to the animal, it does appear as though God was having fun. Zebra has always stood out in animal kingdom for its unique stripes and also because it is among the very few introductory words that can be included in children’s picture book which starts with ‘Z’. Since we become familiar with Zebra stripes in our childhood, it’s no wonder everything striped gets automatically related to the zebra in our minds. Zebra crossing and zebra shades, blinds are conveniently named after the animal as well.



There is something very unique and intriguing about stripes, be it on a zebra, a flag, a dress or a window treatments. It is the alternating contrast that makes them very interesting. As an interior decorator, I use stripes to bring out a magical and unique effect that enthrals. There are times when nothing I do adds liveliness into a dull room. That is when I make use of stripes! They add depth to any space very easily. I have also observed that stripes blend in with florals, solids or dotted patterns effortlessly to induce energetic ambience.

At times, I use stripes on window treatments to contrast with the other elements in the rooms. When I install Zebra Sheer Shades the striped element is already present in the style of these shades. It is the unique design of the light filtering/blackout fabrics and sheer fabrics alternating on same panel in dual layers that gives zebra shades the natural striped appearance. This pattern is completely different from patterns of stripes printed on fabric. They can be used to smartly create energetic vibes inside the room. These shades are also known as Zebra Sheer Shades or Zebra Roller Shades.

We cannot ignore the practical functionality of these window treatments. They are excellent in providing proper light and privacy for any room, brightening the room while meeting privacy needs of the clients. I rate zebra shades quite high among window treatments since they are a great fusion of practical function, visual charm and user friendliness.

The creative technology that goes into manufacturing the Zebra Sheer Shades incorporates dual layers of alternating 3 inch semi-opaque/opaque and 2 3/4 inch sheer woven fabric bands that creates the ultimate combination of privacy, utility and style – exceptional craftsmanship of the shades that helps in controlling the light streaming in through windows, protecting indoor elements from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun.



Zebra-Sheer-Shades -
Fortunately, unlike the zebra, these shades do not come only in black and white but also in Beige, Black, Chocolate, Gray, Ivory, Natural and Orange. The decorative effects I create with these stripes that helps coordinate with other patterns always gives me a high. The positive client feedback doesn’t hurt either. Zebra shades are made with high-quality polyester fabric that ensures their durability and easy maintenance. They edges of the shades are heat sealed, enabled by the innovative technology of cutting heads that prevents fraying due to excessive use. Easily maintained, any stains or spots can be removed from these fabrics by rubbing with damp sponge and mild soap; otherwise, feather dusting or light vacuuming should suffice. I advise my clients not to use chemical cleaners on these shades that may lead to the discoloration of the fabric, spoiling the beauty of the window treatment.

I use zebra shades to cover large windows since these are among some of the rare window treatments that are available in widths of 94 inch, and also drops to 94 inch. Most of my clients are delighted with the practicality of adjusting the alternating bands to allow subtle illumination of the rooms that improves the architectural features of a room. The shades are controlled by a clutch-controlled continuous cord loop that makes for easy lifting and positioning. An aluminum head rail and bottom bar makes for sturdiness and durability. A color coordinated cassette valance (fabric covered option available) houses the headrail and operating mechanism for a sleek, finished look to the shades, elevating the window décor. Since the hardware is included with the product the easy installation of these shades is facilitated.

For clients who demand blackout for their bedrooms or media room, I recommend the blackout Zebra Roller Blinds in which the blackout bands can be aligned to stack on top of each to ensure the customer has maximum privacy and light blockage. The bands can be aligned to alternate to allow a pleasantly obscure view of the outside world, only shadows and silhouettes to be seen. The shades can be retracted fully into the valance to allow an encompassing exterior view.

Like Gillian Jacobs who famously said, ‘I am trying to break free from my stripes addiction, but the pull is strong! I need help buying non-stripes’. I try to avoid including stripes in designs too often, but it is the only solution for those craftily elegant looks!





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