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Accessorize Your Window Treatments For Your Decor

Be your own designer – accessorize your window treatments to highlight the Decor.

“Matching your hat to your shoe to your bag, or your necklace to your earrings, has a tendency to look dated. Mixing up your accessories add interest to an outfit and can make you look much more modern and polished.” – Stacy London, American stylist & fashion consultant.

The fashion statement mentioned above applies to your windows as well. You can use the window dressing accessories to make your windows look either dated and classic or modern and polished. Give some thought to the accessories you choose for your window coverings, as they make a huge difference to the aesthetic value, of not just your windows, but your interiors as well.

Window covering accessories come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, serving both practical and aesthetic needs. From curtain rods, valances to trims, everything has its own unique appeal.

Some of the modern day window covering accessories are available as/in:

· Appliqued or Painted
· Bronze
· Steel
· Brushed Nickel
· Nickel
· Resin
· Gold
· Wood
· Brass
· Cast Iron
· Plastic
· Stainless Steel
· Powder Coat
· Marble
· Glass
· Fabrics

With that wide range, it won’t be difficult to find the perfect look you want. You can also choose from the wide spectrum of colors, patterns, designs and textures available to you. Use them wisely to complement, highlight or blend in with your interiors.

Valances are significant accessories to your window coverings that can give any room an extraordinary appearance. It is often made of fabric, wood or metal. They are further styled with color, pattern and softness that add to the beauty of the window. They can be paired with window covering or can stand alone. They are often used to conceal decoratively and cover the window covering hardware, which can be ugly when left uncovered. The exquisite artistry produced by expert craftsmen, available in a full range of colors, window valances are one of those indispensable accessories that give your windows a sophisticated stature, especially when they are crafted from premium wood.

Valances can complement window coverings such as:

· Cellular Shades
· Cellular Vertical Shades
· Natural Shades
· Pleated Shades
· Sliding Panels
· Vertical Blinds
· Drapery
· Roman shades
· Wooden blinds
· Roller/Solar Shades


Custom-made wooden valances that are handcrafted from North American HardWood that are stained or painted are available from renowned brands in your needed sizes. Some of the most popular valances customers prefer for their homes are 4 ½” Symphony Wood Valances, 3 ½” Legacy Wood Valances, 3 ½” Majestic Wood Valances,, to name just a few.

Custom-made Wood cornices that are handcrafted from North American HardWood and are stained or painted have a smooth painted and stained finish, like the 4 ½” Symphony Wood Cornice, 5 ½” Noble Wood Cornices, 7 ½” Graber® Noble Wood Cornices, 7 ½” Graber® Regal Wood Cornices, just exude charm and elegance by their mere presence. They are the perfect match for any room that needs some additional decorative value.

The smooth texture and finesse of these beautiful valances and cornices last forever due to their durability, resulting from the high-quality wood they are made of. Easy to install and easy to maintain; everything you need in these amazing decorative elements.

The luxurious design and the smooth texture of drapery valances, created from exquisite fabrics like Carmina, Melodie, Matrix, Orlando, Species, Valdosta, Candia, Fergus, Flourish, Parma, Silk and many more, can quickly provide a royal look to even a simple room. Crown designer Parisian Pleat Valances give your windows a full and sumptuous look whereas wooden valances give it a neat and tidy appearance. Pick what best suits your requirement.
Scallops add poise, grace and charm to your windows with their petite presence. They can be picked from variants like Classic, Colonial, Provence, Cathedral, and Dentil, all of which can captivate you by their gorgeous shimmer. Trims can also add that alluding unique look to your window coverings. Braided trims are available in Calico, Hessian, and Linen styles. Bead trims do not go well with all interiors, but elevate interior décor when they blend in. When you customize your window coverings, you can choose optional lace, gimps, fringes and trims to increase their beauty. Do not be hasty with the decorations for your window coverings, since they can easily acquire a cluttered look. Contemplate and evaluate how they would suit your room before making a decision.

Of course, drapery has its own charisma, but its overall beauty can never be sufficiently fortified until you install customized drapery hardware that work as decorative enhancement for them. Innovation and technology have seen to it that even drapery rods are unique with a special function/feature added to it. For example, a spring pressured steel rod has a brass finish, which is not just a thing of beauty but perfect for mounting tiers or curtains inside a window frame. If you want hi-tech window accessories, the magnetic clear rod is the ideal choice for you. The powerful magnets attach the lace curtain or SheerWeave shade rod to any metal doors or frames in a jiffy. There is no need for screws and hammers at all.

Open and exposed rod ends can be an eye sore, so get them covered properly. Crown brings you the rarest and the finest accessory that can uplift the general stature of the drapery in your room with their metal rod heads. When these elegant decorative pieces are added to the end of the rods, the window coverings in your home will dazzle no end. The sleek designs, sophisticated finish, and durable accessories are the easiest way to take the style of your interior decor a notch higher.

Tiebacks, drapery rods, head-rails, shade brackets, valance clips, clip rings and many other small accessories give your window the final finish of elegance.

Looking at all the positive points, it is easy to assume that the accessories could be quite expensive. Surprisingly, they are available at affordable prices online, at Zebrablinds. The aura and beauty of these accessories also increase your home value to a great extent.

Be creative enough to have unique and marvelous visions. All these window treatment accessories are sufficient to change your vision into reality.

Happy decorating!


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