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Accessible Homes For The Elderly With Motorized Window Shades

Accessible-Homes-For-The-Elderly-With-Motorized-Window-Shades -

If you have a disabled or older adult is living in your home, you need to make sure that the house can be accessible by everyone. Window treatments must be flexible enough to be easily operated by everyone. Choose cheap motorized shades that are easy to operate, lightweight and still stylish. The shades are easily moved with the press of a button and are perfect for elders that spend a lot of time at home. Replace your old modern windows with these simple and easy-to-use mechanisms.
Let us learn how to create an accessible home for the elderly with motorized window shades

Mount your hardware properly

Curtains and shades give an elegant look to your home, but can be dangerous if they fall. To prevent this, it is essential to fix the curtain rods and shade cassettes directly to a wall stud. You can also try fixing the curtain rods to wall anchors that increase security.

Remove hazards

One of the safety measures you need to consider when you have a disabled or elderly person at home is removing hazards on or near the window that can fall.

Smart home technology

Motorized-Window-Treatments-For-Elderly -

The smart window treatments allow the elderly and disabled to stay in their homes comfortably. There are many advantages of smart window treatments when it comes to accessibility and ease of use.

Motorized Shades Convenience

One of the biggest reasons for choosing smart window treatments is convenience. You can operate your window treatments using the remote with the touch of a button. These shades are especially useful for difficult to operate windows in hard to reach areas.
You can also schedule your shades to operate automatically throughout the day if you go with smart motorized window treatments.
The remote control is handy and easy to operate. If one is sitting or lying down, they can easily operate the window treatments by using the remote.

Automatic Shades for better Safety

Remote control motorized blinds are excellent for safety, as they do not have any cords and do not require any physical exertion to operate. Smart motorized shades also implement safety in other ways. If you leave town for a holiday, motorized shades can make it appear like someone is home, deterring anyone from any unsavory activities. So in addition to convenience, they provide security too.

Motorized Shades Provide Better Energy Efficiency

Motorized shades help to maintain room temperature during summer (as well as winter) by not letting outside cold or warmth enter the room. This helps in reducing your electricity usage for climate control and to save energy. With smart motorization and some clever configuration, you can use your shades to adjust automatically according to the temperature or even position of the sun.

Programable Electric Shades Protect Your Furniture

Besides providing security and safety, motorized shades can also protect your furniture, floor, and other valuable items from damaging sunlight. Lowering your blinds during the afternoons of the day helps in prolonging the life of your furniture, floor, and valuables.


Take time to pick window shades that are accessible and safe for your loved ones. Here are some features to look out for when picking your window shades.

CORD CLEATS – These anchor the cord to the wall. This option is available with all window coverings that have lift cords.

CONTROL WAND – This option is an alternative to cords and chains for vertical blinds and keeps the disabled and elderly people safe.

CORDLESS LIFT SYSTEM – This system allows a streamlined look and the lift cords are eliminated for increased safety.

CORDLESS BOTTOM UP/TOP DOWN – This system combines two popular options into one. The shade lowers from top or raises from bottom without exterior cords.

CONTINUOUS-LOOP LIFT SYSTEM – This system keeps the cords at a constant length. The cords are held taut by a safety hold-down device.

MOTORIZED LIFT OR TILT – Motorized window treatments feature cordless control and are operated remotely with the touch of a button.

SINGLE RETRACTABLE CORD – The Patented Smart Pull operating system lowers the shade evenly with a tug of the cord and raises it up with a few short pulls.

Consider these treatments for your accessible home:

Motorized Natural Roman Shades

Motorized-Roman-Shades -

These shades offer a clean and classic look and providing excellent light control and privacy. They have several accessible options, including the cordless and motorized lift, and are made of a continuous, folded piece of fabric. Roman shades are available in many different fabrics to match the beauty of your home.

Motorized Aluminum blinds

Aluminum-Blinds -

The cordless aluminum blinds are extremely durable and offer a high level of privacy. They are familiar and simple and are easy to tilt and operate. They are a great and affordable choice for a low maintenance blind with simple operation.

Motorized Cellular shades

Motorized-Cellular-Shades -

Honeycomb or cellular shades are one of the best choices for homes of the elderly and disabled. These shades offer great insulation from summer heat and the chill of winter with double cell fabrics. They also offer privacy and light control. Cellular shades are available in the cordless lift, as well as motorization options for accessible use by the elderly and disabled.

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