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A Smart Solution To The Work-From-Home Blues

A Smart Solution To The Work-From-Home Blues

Working from home is only fun when it isn’t mandatory. But as the pandemic continues to be a threat, another threat starts looming over the horizon. Even the strongest minds have been known to break under the pressure of being confined to one space. We’re sure you’ve tried almost everything and yet you just may not be able to stop going stir-crazy. But before you decide to climb onto the roof and scream into the never-caring void, perhaps you should consider another option; a smarter option. Now hear us out, we’re sure that very few things in the world can match up to the cathartic release. But with that being said, a smart home is actually a great option for you if you like working from home. Even if you just want smart blinds, they’re still a lot more entertaining than your standard blinds that will probably snag from how often you raise and lower them out of sheer boredom.

Smart Zebra Sheer Shades

But why do we think a smart home with smart blinds is actually a good choice if you’re stuck at home? That’s simple: A smart home is designed to let you stay inside for extended periods of time. A lot of the technology has one key purpose: To offer convenience and entertainment to any who reside within. However, smart homes are pretty pricey and a lot of the “smart” in smart homes actually comes from a collection of smart appliances that work together. For example, you can create a smart home by simply setting up smart blinds and smart lights. Now is it the perfect definition of a smart home? Perhaps not, but it definitely puts your home in a smarter category.

Smart shades don’t just enable you to raise and lower your blinds. With the extra time you have now you can create a whole schedule depending on your needs for the entire day. The heat and light absorption itself will depend on what type of blinds you choose. What will really change is the smart motor that moves the blinds themselves. While z-wave motors do work best when they come with the blinds themselves, they can also be combined with a smart switch that allows you to control them via your smartphone, just like any other smart home solution.

Smart Z-Wave Solar Shades

As for what material you should choose, that depends on what you need. If your home has a more contemporary design then smart wooden blinds would be perfect! Not only are they one of the best-looking shades you can find, but they’re also great insulators against temperature. This insulating property as well as its aesthetic value makes smart wooden blinds or remote wooden blinds a strong contender for anyone choosing blinds for their home.

But what if you want better light absorption as well? Wooden blinds are known for their many beneficial traits, but they aren’t the best at total light absorption. You’ll definitely get less light coming through your blinds, but smart shades can give you a more even lighting and will prevent you from needing additional curtains on a window. Smart shades are compact and will blend in as long as you got the colour right. If you’ve got a more modern style going on then you can be certain that the right coloured smart shades will work wonders. However, smart shades are more than just that. If you choose high quality fabric for your smart shades, you can even have it painted to better suit your style. Smart shades with designer patterns are every artist’s dream, especially when the smart shades can all work together to hide or reveal a home’s true visual nature. So if you’re looking for something to do while you work-from-home, you will find that picking up a painting brush and decorating your home is a great way to get something done while also occupying yourself.

But if you’re feeling really fancy, and if glass and metal is the way you like to build your home, then smart gray horizontal blinds would fit your home perfectly. Granted, horizontal blinds do not have the best light control properties, but smart horizontal blinds simply look too good to ignore. Horizontal blinds in some ways represent a breaking of the mould, creating a surprising image in the eye of anyone who sees it. But of course, when you talk about smart blinds it would not do well to ignore the smart aluminium blinds that are quite common. Not only do these smart blinds work wonders in any white-walled room, but they are also budget friendly to the point where you can setup a whole building floor with them.