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A Simple Mother’s Day Gift – Vertical Sheer Shades

Mother’s day – Commemorating the birth of new life.

Have you ever walked into the house only to hear a deafening silence with an accompanying cold draft tunneling from the kitchen? And it hits you that mother is not at home! And the empty feeling that goes with it! But then I cheer up because I know she’ll be home soon. I can’t think what it must be like to grow up in a motherless home. There’s so much we take for granted – I will always have clean socks and underwear; if I need uniforms and have no time to launder them or have forgotten to launder them, I know I’d find them neatly laid out at the foot of my bed; when I get home from school, I know I’ll find a hot steaming cup of chocolate or butterscotch milk, with sprinkles on the froth, waiting to be slurped, on the kitchen table; I know mom’ll notice I’m sick even before I notice it, hot lime and honey waiting to soothe the throat and aspirin for the fever in hand; beware those mean teachers who dare to mess with me! And boys, don’t ever dare to dent my ego! Mom is never far behind me! And there’s nothing like a mother’s warm and comforting bosom when you’re hurting, no matter how old you are!

My mother’s not a stay at home mom; nor is she an entirely ‘career’ mom; she’s always around when we need her, and we always have a hot home cooked dinner. No microwave dinners for us – we’re spoilt senseless with great food every night of the year coz mom believes in serving ‘wholesome and healthy’ food. In multiple cuisines! If you’re craving a cheesecake, there you’ll spy it in the fridge – don’t ask me how she does that! Hot, chewy brownies topped with gooey Nutella on a cold, rainy day! Warm smells of spicy apple pie and cheesy spaghetti meatballs! And those fresh baked sausage rolls and raisin sourdough bread – there’s just no beating comfort food! Who wants Costa’s and Starbucks when everything is so tasty at home?!?! And every time I watch some obese brats gushing over hot dogs on ‘Eat Street’, I wanna say, “Hey, get a life!”

Isn’t it interesting that mother’s day is celebrated in spring? Commemorating the birth of new life! And I certainly don’t need a reminder from Hallmark to tell me mother’s day is approaching. The thing is not to buy into the hype of mother’s day; do for mother the way she does for you – from the heart! This year, the second Sunday of may will not be celebrated with an ‘I love you, Mom’ coffee mug, or fluffy carpet slippers with a bunny’s head and whiskers! I have grown up after all, and I am finally old enough to realize how good I have it; so, none of the everyday mundane – I want to do something simple but unique.

I know ‘mother’ has been venerated through the ages, and that it took an American daughter to fight for this special day at the turn of the last century; that’s all very well, but what am I going to do that will warm the cockles of her heart? Though there’s no ‘home’ without mother, I’ve noticed that none of the houses I’ve been to have a special place for mother, ours included. Why is that I wonder? We have play rooms for kids, an acoustic room that’s generally a father’s domain, music rooms for budding musicians, a study that’s always monopolized by the father or one of the kids, but never a particular room for mom. And I sometimes read that clichéd stuff about mothers and powder rooms, but I think that’s a figment of some man’s imagination – no mother has time, nor will she waste energy with something so frivolous.

I know mom loves our large homey kitchen – it’s quite state-of-the-art, with a set of large floor-to-ceiling corner windows made of glass bricks, in front of which (on the inside) she has a little mulch patch where she grows a huge palm and some of her favorite herbs; with high stools on one side of the island that doubles as a breakfast/homework/ evening drink counter! So I enlisted my older brother’s help in creating an alcove between the open kitchen and the formal dining area. It would be shielded from the dining space while remaining partially open to the kitchen because, of course, she’d want to keep an eye on things there! A tall floor-to-ceiling inoperable window stands to the side, 4 feet wide, with the view of the front gate and drive. It would be an open but concealed cabin, 8 feet by 6 feet in dimension. We maxed out our credit cards and got her a plush lazy-boy, and a roll top writing table she could shut when she was done (she hated clutter and liked everything closed up in their spaces!)

The Mystic Sheer Vertical Shades.

Now, as the space in front of the window was partially closed off, we decided to have it outfitted with window shading called Sheer Vertical  Shades from a brand called Graber – very mystic and romantically beautiful, they are much like drapes over vertical blinds, but the long vanes are sheathed in a gossamer-thin fabric that softly filters the sunlight even when the vanes are turned fully open. The advantage of these sheer vertical window shades is that the louvers can be individually washed, and vanes can be individually changed if damaged by some strange twist of fate! Also, the gossamer fabric can be detached from the whole and dumped into the washer, or sent out for dry cleaning; and like the vanes, if it needs to be changed, it can be done without changing the whole system – which meant that she could get a different color if she chose to! Wow! Great looking stuff for a fabulous mother! We also got dad to promise to chip in and get her a new Mac book, and we plan to download a whole lot of her fave movies and music into an external hard drive that she can access whenever she pleases – can’t wait for mother’s day! And guess what, she’ll love it if only because we did it for her!

“The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.”

~William Goldsmith Brown

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