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A Review on Day And Night Blinds And Why They Might Be For You

What are Day and Night Blinds?

Day and night blinds, which are also called twist vision blinds, stand out in their design and functionality. Essentially, they sport both a transparent or translucent material and a darkening material. The aim is to make these blinds usable at any time of the day or night.

The words ‘day blind’ act as a nomenclature to represent the transparent layers while the ‘night blind’ is a term that refers to the darker colored layer. The blinds are multifunctional.

Day-Night Shades

Able to switch between light filtering and blackout as per your needs, Day-Nights are as flexible as you are!

Day Night Cellular Shades for Bedroom

How are Day and Night Blinds used?

The different fabric styles of the day and night blinds are stacked on top of each other, and allow you to draw either one to the full length of the window opening, or have half covered by one and the other half covered by another. This gives you flexibility in terms of light control as well as your view (if you have one fabric as a see-through transparent fabric), privacy, and insulation.

Why is the use of day and night blinds encouraged?

  1. Regulating Room temperature – It is common knowledge that light transparent blinds are good at repelling heat from entering homes while preserving your view. On the other hand, it is also reasonably known that darkening shades can retain the heat within rooms by trapping them. Owing to these properties, it is natural that transparent blinds, owing to their properties, are great during the summer, whereas, darkening blinds are useful during the winter.

Day and night blinds, having both, transparent and dark layers can be multifunctional in repelling heat in the summer and retaining it in the winter. The user does not have to replace the blinds when the season changes and it can help out financially because the expenditure incurred to keep the house warm or cold is reduced.

Day Night Honeycomb Shades
  1. Directing the Sunlight – The benefits of directing the sunlight are two-fold (which is often overlooked), the directed sunlight not only illuminates a specific portion of the room, but on the other hand, the rest of the room becomes cooler on account of the shade that is cast. In order to capitalize on this when using day and night blinds, the objects in the room can be equipped in such a way that the directed sunlight is used to its maximum. For example, the sunlight can be directed onto something like potted plants or objects that the owners wish to be illuminated to make them prominent. On the other hand, electronic equipment such as televisions or workspace stations with the Laptops of PCs can be placed at the end which receives the shade. A cool environment keeps such equipment out of harm and glare from the sun.
  2. Privacy – Fully transparent blinds allow anyone from passing by to find out what is happening inside by simply peeking. While darker blinds give people the privacy they need, they would have to sacrifice the ability to obtain sunlight. This is where day and night blinds can really help. The transparent blinds allow for sunlight to enter and the darker shades or night blinds make it so that it is not easy for anyone on the outside to impede on the privacy of the occupants.

How are Day and Night blinds maintained?

In comparison to other blinds, day and night blinds require slightly more care but do not require users to go out of their way to maintain them. This is what makes day and night blinds very desirable. Blinds that are made in the roller blind fashion can be subjected to harsh substances and rough cleaning methods. Day and Night blinds on the other hand require a delicate approach.

What are the criteria to pick the perfect night blind?

In picking the right day and night blinds for a room or house, it is important to give some consideration to the darker layer or the night blinds especially. The usual colours of the night blinds that are picked or dominate the market are black, light grey, dark grey and different shades of brown. But it is crucial to note that they come in other colours as well. The colour of the night blinds can be chosen based on how well it suits the aesthetic of the room. For example, the colour of the blinds could match the wall or paintings mounted on the wall. If the room has a certain theme, the night blinds can boost the image of the theme of the room. If it is a play room for kids, it might do well to use different colours for each fragment of the night blind.

Why is it advisable to purchase day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds are extremely versatile. They can be used throughout different seasons. Most importantly, users now have a control of how much light they want to allow inside the room. Based on the requirement, the amount of light entering can be adjusted. It also allows privacy to the occupants of a home without having to sacrifice the ability to view the world outside the window.

The maintenance of day and night blinds requires slightly more time and effort. But it does not incur too much financially to maintain and with regular cleaning, it can serve its owners for a long time.

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