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A Review of The Best Insulating Blinds In 2020

A Review Of Best Insulating Blinds In 2020

Insulating Blinds Reviews

Windows are an integral part of our home décor as this architectural design allows natural light and fresh air to enter, making our interiors delightful and pleasing. But they are also responsible for letting indoor air to escape as well. According to the U.S. DOE, 25% of heating and cooling costs of your home are because of air leakage through the side of the windows and in older homes, it can increase to 40%. The size and position of your windows also affect in increasing the temperature of your room. This happens especially when your windows are not properly insulated. The best way to address this problem is to install energy-efficient window coverings that can reduce the amount of heat and light that stream into your home and also escape your house during different seasons. Yes, you heard it right! With proper insulating blinds, you can see a huge difference in temperature and the reduction of the incoming sunlight. They are designed to keep your home cool during the summer months and warm during the months of winter, saving energy bills. So, before the harsh weather hits your windows, gear up, and give those windows the best makeover and get them ready to withstand extreme temperature conditions. Let us help you in reviewing the best insulating blinds of 2020 so that you can make the right decision for your windows, creating a relaxing and soothing indoor ambiance for lifelong.

Before you check out the top window blinds that are manufactured to provide your space with the highest insulation property, it’s essential to learn about the R-Value and Shading Coefficient of a shade. As these key factors determine how energy-efficient your window blind is and how they will impact on your home’s heating or cooling load!
R-value denotes the amount of heat the window blind resists. The higher the number, the better job the covering does in insulating your windows. And the shading coefficient (SC) is measured by the ability to transfer heat from outside the window to the inside. The lower the SC, the less solar heat it transmits, and it is expressed as the number between 0 and 1.
Remember, adding the right window treatments not only saves money but also increases the level of comfort in your home and improve the look of your windows. Now, explore the best insulating blinds that are built to provide great insulation and incredible beauty to your interior.

Top 5 Insulating Blinds to Complement Your Home Interior

• Cellular Shades:

The first name that comes to mind when we talk about insulated window treatments is Cellular Honeycomb Shades. They are the best for this job. Cellular shades have honeycomb structured air pockets inside that create the perfect barrier of insulation at the windows. For better results, opt for double cell shades instead of single-cell shades as they offer an additional layer of insulation. The shades have the highest efficiency value, making them one of the best popular and reliable choices when it comes to insulation. Though these shades offer better insulating performance, but their sleek and chic makeover is another reason to get them that offers your windows a seamless polished look. Endless colors and design options enhance the looks of your windows dramatically. In a word, the shades are versatile and provide maximum energy efficiency.

Pros –

• Offer effective light and heat control that ensure a comfortable indoor atmosphere, reduce energy costs
• Protect home furnishings from glare and harmful UV rays
• These thermal blinds have a high R-value
• Opting for thicker fabric material means added privacy
• Come in variety of design choices
• Come in TDBU mechanism to get both natural light and privacy at the same time
Cons –
• Slightly harder to clean and maintain as the pockets that trap the excess heat can become clogged with dirt and dust.
• The shades collect moisture which is not a good option for rooms experiencing high moisture or damp and heat.
CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades

• Window Shutters:

Besides adding charm and value to the windows, these window dressings can help you save a fortune on the energy bills. These are mounted tightly to the window frame which means less gaps compared to other window solutions. The slats are adjustable and reduce the transfer of warm or cold air from inside to outside. Keeping them close during winter months will keep you warm inside while reducing the heating bills while in summertime, these shutters will block the direct daylight and other harmful rays while offering privacy. Shutters are always a great choice for creating an amazing structured look and optimal energy efficiency.

Pros –

• Increase value of your home
• Can be customized from range of colors and design options that enhance the aesthetics
• Offers light control and privacy
• Extremely durable to withstand harsh weather condition
Cons –
• A little on the expensive side
• Create difficulties for tilt in windows
• If you are planning to place your furniture near window then shutters are not preferred as they need some space to open
Indoor Shutters

• Solar Blinds:

If you are looking for a heat blocking window covering that doesn’t block your view of the outdoors, then these shades are the answer. These shades come in different opacity levels and fabric materials and choose them as per the requirements. Install them in your exterior areas as well and protect the place from being overheated from the direct sunlight. The shades are the perfect choice if you live in an extremely hot climate area where summers can critically heat up your house.

Pros –

• Keeps heat out in the summer months
• Provide an unobstructed view to the outside
• Have anti-glare properties and protect furniture from UV beams
• Conserve energy
Cons –
• Do not offer privacy at night time
• Not flexible like other insulating window treatments
• More for direct sunlight rather than insulation
Smart Motorized Solar Shades

• Roman Blinds:

These blinds are another mesmerizing choice that made of thick fabric material, making them an excellent choice to make your home energy-efficient. From traditional to modern, these shades can create versatile and flexible look with their endless designs and color options. Available in different light controlling features to control daylight and heat, they help to create a soft and comfortable feel throughout the house. So, in order to maintain a consistent indoor temperature, go for these amazing fabricated blinds.

Pros –

• Excellent light control benefits along with privacy
• Come in TDBU mechanism, allowing daylight to let in while reducing energy loss
• Affordable
• Easy to install
Cons –
• To enjoy ultimate insulation, the shades need to be fully closed that will block the outside view

• Vertical Blinds:

Large windows or patio doors tend to allow more sunlight to let in, making interior uncomfortable. But vertical blinds can solve your problem. They come in different fabric materials that efficiently keep indoor temperatures at your desired level. Adjusting the vanes will control daylight and privacy. Customize them with your favorite colors and texture to get designer worthy aesthetics.

Pros –

• Extremely versatile and offer smoothness when it comes to blocking sunlight
• Accumulate less dust
• Cost-effective
Cons –
• Block outdoor view
• Don’t last for long like the other window solution
• Create noise while operating
Vertical Blinds for Doors
These are the top-notched window solutions that insulate your home against both heat and cold, cutting down on noise pollution and glare, providing a magnificent interior. Making windows insulated not only saves money but you are also committing to greener living by saving energy. A simple change in home decoration can make a huge difference. What are you waiting for? We have reviewed the popular insulating blinds along with their values, pros, and cos. Explore all the options, get your favorite window treatments home, make your home insulated, and improve the quality of your lifestyle!

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