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A Facelift for My Home – Motorized Solar Shades

Redoing Home Décor and Window Treatments

I know everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was. I remember reading that quote, but cannot recall who said that; nevertheless I can relate to the feelings of that person very well today. For some reason unknown, Tiffany, my loving daughter had decided out of blue that she did not want to live with us anymore. She decided to move in with like-minded friends who brandished tattoos, unique haircuts that covered half of their face, carried a sad expression and wore only blacks. When I first heard the word ‘Emo’, I actually had to go online and search for its meaning. I did not want to argue with Tiffany, but could not come to terms with her lifestyle. She would turn up with one new piercing or fashion now and then, but finally she started to see us as different people and did not want to live with us. She said she wanted to be with normal people. Now this is the time when I want to know the reason such things happen?


After my son George had taken off to Philadelphia to pursue his career in medicine, my home was half empty. Now Tiffany’s departure made it look so hollow and empty that it scared me. I remember the day when Thomas had made the decision of buying this huge house when I was pregnant with Tiffany. He wanted our children to have enough space to live and enjoy their life. 17 years down the line, our kids had developed wings to pursue their own dreams. I know I have no right to complain since I had enjoyed being mother to them for a long time, but that made it difficult now to live without them as well. Thomas, as usual was busy with his work, and even though he missed them both, he did not express his emotions outwardly. He said we cannot be selfish and make our children feel sorry for moving out of our house to pursue their own interests and lives. He somehow completely understood their views and agreed with them as well.



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I decided to change my own lifestyle to deal with the stress I was going through and also change our home to suit my taste. I know Thomas only cares about his own study that he manages on his own- decorating, furnishing, cleaning and everything. Apart from that, he has always given us full freedom to manage our home. From cartoons and Barbie themes to superheroes and lately Emo themes, our home had seen it all. George was doing well in medicine and did not have any intention of coming back from Philadelphia other than on holidays. Tiffany also made clear that she had taken whatever she wanted from her room, and the rest could go to either Salvation Army or on a yard sale.


I decided to change Tiffany’s room into a resting place for me, where I could sneak in for a good sound sleep. I wanted this space to be something I could sit for meditation or have a daytime nap. Thomas often went out on business trips that made our master bedroom a miserable place to sleep in for me. I would enjoy my solitude in this new place I could decorate any way I wanted it. Lavender was my favorite color, so I made that the theme of my bedroom. New bed furnishings, wall decorations, and lavender planted outside which could be viewed from windows made this room appear like heaven. Finally, I replaced the window treatments with new Dual Roller Shades to create versatile light control and privacy levels for my room. The unique design of Dual Roller Shades that integrated any two fabrics from the Solar and Roller collections allowed me to independently lower or raise them as needed. To add to my joy, I found a roller shade fabric that blended in very well with my theme.


Not stopping at the room I wanted to change, I installed the motorized roller shades on other windows of our home except for the kitchen and bathroom that had new specialized window treatments that were installed just a few months ago.


The changing of shades made a huge difference to my mood. I had awesome light controlling capabilities at my disposal and at the same time I had an excellent view to the outdoors that made a huge difference to me. They minimized the glare on the television in our living room to a great extent. Watching a movie was a complete pleasure now without the glare annoying me. I could not believe that the changing of window treatment gave our home such a beautiful facelift. It was like one of those plastic surgeries some people undergo.


I decided to take up my almost forgotten passion and hobby of watercolor painting. I have made plans to redo George’s room into my art room, where I could paint in peace. Remodeling the rooms, interior décor and our garden has kept me busy for past two months. I know the pain of empty nest still lingers in my heart, but slowly it is turning to be something tolerable. No matter how beautiful my home looked, it was still empty, but I am happy my children are different and stand for what they believe in. I never had the courage to do that.



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