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Bigger is not Necessarily Better

Buying a bigger abode doesn’t always offer a solution if you want more space. Besides, there are a lot of folks out there who don’t have the means to cater to the whims and fancies of a boring existence. But there are many options one can employ to achieve an interesting makeover without indulging in expensive fancies.

Some Pointers for home Refurbishment – Get Rid of the Clutter

Doing away with unwanted stuff not only frees up space but also improve the overall value of a room. There’s an unwritten law that says that if you haven’t used something in the last six months, chances are you’ll never use it. Take a good look at what you really don’t need and either put it into storage if you need to hang on to it for sentimental reasons or get rid of it – you can get stuff together and have a garage sale to squeeze some value out of it, rather than dump it all into the garbage. A good place to start would be the hallway; entering a clean and open area always gives off an illusion of spaciousness.


Dump the Frippery

Getting rid of those fancy old dolls, decorative baskets and trinkets can free up surfaces to make for a clutter-free appearance. The other day I visited an old friend after a couple of years – the last time we met was at her housewarming. I was aghast to see that she’d filled every conceivable table top and nook and cranny with some frippery or the other – baskets, statuettes, blah, blah, blah. A perfectly decent sized place had visibly shrunk in dimension with crowding stuff and nonsense. I couldn’t imagine how much of time she must invest in dusting!

Reposition and Redesign

Changing the long-existing floor plan of a room makes for exciting newness and creates refreshing change. Small DIY changes like stripping and polishing the wood furniture or flooring to a new shade, lighter or darker as the case may be, can lift up the seemingly dull looks. New upholstery could do the trick as well, or new cushions, or adding frondy plants to highlight a corner. In the bedrooms, a change in the position of beds, or adding a basket or chest to the foot of the bed would create flair, or the addition of contemporary drapery headers to beds would certainly create drama! Replace the open shoe rack in the hallway with a covered wall-mounted one to free up floor space. Replace and reposition a few of the wall mounted pieces of art.

Change the Color of the Walls and Ceiling

Light colored walls will certainly make a room look larger. Interesting effects like sponging in painting can also perk up a room. Like the walls, painting the ceiling white or some light shade can open up a room to make it look expansive! Painting walls in contrasting stripes will also serve to portray height to the walls.

The All-important Window dressings

The soul of any room is easily its windows. Making windows the focal point of a room can create endless interest. Framing nature’s art stylistically! What more could one ask for?
For rooms with poorly designed windows, or small windows, use window dressings that are mounted well above the window frames to create an illusion of bigger windows and higher walls. Drapes can be suspended from just below the ceiling or from the ceiling and allowed to break just above the floor or puddle onto the floor to create dramatic flair and height to the ceiling. Mounting roller shades (like the Crown roller shades) or Roman shades (like the Artisan Roman shades or the Tradewinds Natural Shades from Graber) a foot or two above the window frame with an eight or ten-inch overhang will allow the perception of bigger windows. Also, designing windows with mouldings or wooden frames can elevate window appeal.
When rooms are built with plate glass windows or large windows per se, a view is of primary significance. Often covering such windows is a shame, but window shading is an absolute necessity. Some people are allergic to the idea of shading their expansive windows, but I’ve seen the same people bow to the vagaries of nature and ultimately shade the windows in keeping with indoor protection and energy savings in terms of heating and cooling expenses.
If you have a desirable window shade overhang, you could use the Exterior Solar Shades that are designed to block the sun rays before they hit the windows, providing cool interiors while maintaining the all-encompassing view, these shades can also be mounted on the exterior of windows if so desired. Solar shades are fabricated by Phifer in varied percentages of openness that decides the amount of light that is let through and the clarity of the view – the lower the percentage, the better the sun blockage but the more obscure the view, and vice-versa. The color, too, decides the level of coolness and reflectance of the sunlight.
Panel track shades from Graber are an unobtrusive indoor window shading option that is fabricated from all sorts of material, as well as the solar fabric – they are built with broad sections that dance gracefully to and fro on panel tracks that can be fitted to the ceiling or the wall to stack to the sides or to remain closed to protect and provide privacy.
Be prudent with the choices you make to create an expansive appearance to your interiors. Cost effectively.



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