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9 Rules To Follow For Hanging Windows Curtains and Drapes

How To Hang Curtains

9 Quick Tips On How To Hang Curtains


Curtains and drapes are among the most efficient window treatments which can make your room exclusive, upscale, and extremely plush. From your bay windows to your patio doors, curtains can work amazingly well with almost all kinds of windows and doors. If hung in the right manner, curtains can uplift the overall look of your room and provide a complete appearance to your interiors.

Apart from their aesthetics, curtains are extremely useful too. You can control the amount of light entering your room by choosing the correct fabric and colors. Besides this, curtains can provide you with ultimate privacy too. Thick fabrics like velvet can block 90% of the outside light, thus protecting your loved ones from the blazing sun. Add impact, drama, and even quirkiness with bold patterns, bright colors and interesting hues. Hanging them the correct way is equally important as choosing the right fabric. 

Know How To Hang Curtains

If you are planning to grab a pair of draperies for your home, go to our blog and install them the correct way to make the most out of your window treatments. To save you from the effort of researching ‘how to hang curtains’ we have included everything in our blog because well, we understand your unconditional love for your house.

The primary step for picking the right curtains and draperies for your windows is choosing a suitable fabric. Functionality is as important as fashion, so begin by asking yourself, “Why do I need curtains in this room?”

#1. Choosing The Right Fabric: If you are looking for some darkness and privacy, you have to choose thicker fabrics and couple them up with a lining. This will provide you with total light blockage during the blazing hours of the day. In addition to this, lining provides a good base too. The added heft helps the curtain to look richer and it flows with a very luxurious feel. On the other hand, if you want a ray of soft sunlight to enter your house, go for unlined fabrics.

How To Hang Curtains - Sheer Curtains

Translucent variants like sheer curtains can also work well for you. Installing light pastel hues can make the room look spacious, spruce, tidy and airy.

#2. Choosing The Right Color: Consider the overall decor of your room to pick the appropriate color.

Curtains And Draperies

For a fine appearance, your curtains and draperies should necessarily blend with the interiors. If you have light color walls, go for curtains with similar undertones which are a few shades darker. This will help you define the windows, thus uplifting the overall look of the room. Keep in mind the location of your windows because if they face direct sunlight, the color of your curtains will definitely infuse into the light and this can make the room look striking and harsh on the eye.

#3. Choosing The Right Print: Okay, we’re gonna give it to you straight for this one. Have a good look at your furniture before finalizing the print of your curtains. If your rug, couch, runner, or bedding is patterned, choose a contrasting solid color for your curtain. Too many patterns create a busy and cluttered look. On the other hand, if you have solid colored stuff in your room, you can play around with the curtain patterns. Go for a matte grey or a powder pink if you want to keep it simple yet graceful and choose a velvet drapery with interesting motifs if you are looking to add some fun.

#4. Choosing The Right Length: The right length is very important when it comes to maintaining the grace of your curtains. If you like more of a classic look, then get a length down to the sill. The length of your curtains should touch the floor but not hover too far above it. On the other hand, if you are hanging them on bay windows, or you have a spacious room, let the length fall and touch your floor. Letting them free flow over the floor gives a very royal appearance that is never out of style.

#5. Choosing The Mounting Style: How you hang your curtains can be tricky when it comes to the mounting style. The usual style is to hand the curtain brackets on the wall above the window molding. This lets the fabric fall with extreme grace and beauty. Now if you have window frames with beautiful details and embosses, you have an option to choose the inside mount in order to not cover them with the curtains.

#6. How To Hang Curtains To Make Your Window Look Taller: If you want to create the illusion of a taller window, install the curtain rod a little farther above the window frame. Make sure you keep it somewhere between six to eight inches above the frame. Make sure you include this in your measurements while placing an order for your custom window curtains or drapes.

#7. How To Hang Curtains To Make Your Window Look Wider: To make the window look wide and grand, you can extend your curtain rod a couple of inches on both sides of the windows. Apart from creating an interesting illusion, this will let more sunlight in and make your room look much brighter.

#8. Choosing The Curtains Rod: There are a number of rod variants in the market. From ‘classic’ and ‘return’, to ‘track’ and ‘tension’, you may pick them according to your requirements.  Go for a Return rod if you are looking for something which gets screwed into the wall easily. On the other hand, Classic can help you adjust the size if you have an unusually sized window. Tension is the cheapest and sturdiest while a Track rod helps your curtains to flow effortlessly.

#9. Picking The Right Shade: Once you are done with the rod type, choose the finish and shade wisely. Do not install bright shaded rods with light color curtains. Go for the metallic finish if you are looking for something classy while picking a matte finish rod if you are more of a subtle hued person is a good idea.

Playing With Combinations

How To Hang Curtains Over Cellular Shades

How To Hang Curtains Over Cellular Shades

Installing curtains over cellular shades can do wonders for you if you live in scorching hot conditions. Cellular shades, AKA. honeycomb shades, offer a considerable amount of insulation inside the room, thus reducing electricity bills commendably. They can help you block all the heat outside and maintain a very comfortable temperature inside. Coupling them with light fabric curtains can help you balance between utility and beauty. This combination can protect your loved ones from the heat and UV radiations outside and simultaneously give you a beautiful looking window dressed up in neat layers of fabric.

Pairing Curtains And Drapes: You can layer your windows in layers of fabric if you have a spacious room. Layered windows provide a very cozy feel to the room. Pick light shade sheer curtains with greyish silk draperies for a look to die for. On the other hand, if you are looking for some color, choose a bright-hued velvet drapery matching the color of your rug and cushions to give your room a complete look. Let the drapes fall on the floor and tie them with beautiful curtain ties having interesting patterns and heavy doodles

Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors With Vertical Blinds:

Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors With Vertical Blinds

If you have a patio glass door which can slide both ways, go for wand free curtains and pair them up with wooden blinds. Choose a natural color for the blinds and add to the look by installing pastel color drapes or curtains.

You can browse through and have a look at our wide range of window covering treatments. In case of any more questions, you can contact us at our toll-free number or email us whenever you feel like. We are happy to help!

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