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7 Reasons to go for Motorized Roller Shades

& Reasons to go for Motorized Roller Shades

7 Reasons to go for Motorized Roller Shades

Today, most homeowners and the real estate professionals catering to the needs of the corporate world would surely agree that window coverings play a pivotal role in enhancing the privacy and elegance of any space. Investments in properties, as well as the interiors, are key to reaping long-term benefits in our homes, and cheap motorized shades are one such key window treatment which defines the true essence of investment. These shades add real value to your lifestyle and bring out-of-the-box advantages to the table. What more you can ask for?

Motorized Roller Shades

Let’s read about the seven exquisite benefits which make these shades worth the investment:

Versatile Power Options

Motorized roller shades can be powered by a battery or a hardwired solution – a one-stop feature that will allow you to easily and conveniently power your shades the way you want to. Hardwiring is a good solution if you are able to run cabling through your walls for a neater look. You can even switch to a plug-in power to a wall outlet down the line if you decide battery power isn’t for you.

Saving Energy with Unmatched Elegance

As global warming becomes a real threat, it is always advisable to save energy where ever possible. You can contribute to this by just opting for remote control roller shades as it is one of the most effective ways to conserve energy. Through motorized window shades, you are able to curtail up or lower down the shades in the most elegant way, and of course, it’s quick and highly convenient. Be it a sunny afternoon or a chilling morning, these effective shading systems helps a great deal in deflecting the direct sun rays. While lowering down the shades in summer prevents the room from getting heated, in winters pulling up the shades as per your convenience leads to capturing natural heat from the sun. Having these natural solutions helps in minimizing your reliance on your HVAC system, and thus reducing your energy costs.
Remote Control Roller Shades

Minimizing the UV Effect

These shades are designed to reduce heat from the sunlight, but also to block UV rays from entering your home. This helps protect your furniture from fading, as well as protect you and your family’s health from the adverse effects of UV rays.

Vast Customization and Personalization

As every person is unique, so are our choices and preferences! Luckily, today’s market gives you a plethora of choices to select your favorite fabrics. While every room serves a different purpose, the lighting also varies accordingly. Be it the solar screen, blackout shade, or the classy roman shades – depending on your needs, you have a variety of options to select from. Double-sided fabrics, light-colored fabrics and much more, these motorized shades are available in countless designs that suit every window.
Dual Roller Shades

Keeping You Safe & Secure

How soothing it would be if apart from convenience and elegance, you get complete peace of mind even when you are not at home with regards to the safety and security of your loved ones. Well yes, a smart roller shade gives you all these features as a bundled gift. You won’t have to worry about the toddlers or the pets getting hurt by entangling themselves into the cords of the manual shades, as these are cordless. Also, these shades help give your home the illusion of occupancy even if you are away for weeks at a time.
Motorized shades can be configured with timings of when you want the shades to open up or close down. Therefore, even if you are far away, the preset automation helps to create an impression that people are residing in the house.

Convenience to the Core!

Everyone has a hectic lifestyle, and hence you always look out to simplify your daily activities. Imagine how tiring it would be to manually pull up all the shades of your house every day, without fail. It’s a task that can be tedious after coming home from a tiring day at work, especially if we have hard-to-reach windows.
The electric roller shades make your routine more convenient, as managing numerous shades every day becomes a thing of the past. Be it the mega-sized large windows of your office or the windows of your house, you have the option of managing the shades by a click of a button on the wall, remote, or even by your voice commands. Yes, you read it right – smart motorized shades work on electricity, battery operated systems, and are even compatible with voice recognition devices manufactured by Google, Amazon, and more. Go for motorized dual roller shades for two fabric types in one, with even more convenience and functionality.
Smart Motorized Roller Shades

Adding Aesthetics

One of the biggest and most notable advantages of motorized roller shades is the way it enhances the décor of the interiors – be it a corporate setting or a house. The hanging cords that are visible on the sides of manual shades simply destroy the look of the rich fabrics and the window treatment. They often get entangled, and can be a hassle to fix – and if handled roughly, there are chances they might break altogether
The uniformity and synchronization while pulling up or lowering the shades in unison is one of the highlights of motorized shades. The entire focus shifts to the rich fabrics and the design of the shades that ultimately enhances the décor.