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It’s Never Too Early to Prepare – 5 Winter Window Ideas

5 Winter Window Ideas

Winter Window Ideas to Beat the Freezing Air

We all know that winter is more than a few months away, and whether you love it or hate it, the winter cold can be hard for your home. Winter months mean frigid temperatures and that can cause increased heating costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 30% of all heat loss happens through your windows during these cold months. Do you know that cold air can creep into your house through the cracks around your windows, creating an uncomfortable indoor ambiance? Not only leaks or drafts, but poor insulation also results in high electricity bills. The winter months can be a nightmare for you and your family, but there are ways to reduce the effects that a harsh winter has on your home.

Though winter is far away, it’s never a bad idea to start getting your home ready now for the cold weather conditions. It will let you enjoy your winters without any hassle. As we all know windows play a major role in heat loss, so why not start with the windows? If you are not aware of where to start from then check out our top winter window ideas on how to get your windows and doors ready for these freezing winter months!

A Winterizing Checklist For Your Windows

• Seal and Caulk Windows to Prevent Heat Escaping:
Not sealing your windows properly is one of the biggest reasons for high energy bills. If you want that comforting air to stay inside of the house, then find and seal all the cracks and gaps. Check your window sills and if you see any damage, then fix them too. And don’t forget to look for the caulking around the windows, if it’s missing or cracked then make sure to re-caulk.
Caulk Windows
• Weather Stripping:
Weather-stripping enhances the protection against stormy winds and snow. There are different types of weather-stripping available which include Foam Tape, V-channel, Felt, Door Sweeps, and Draft Snakes. But we suggest choosing vinyl weather stripping for the most moisture resistance, or go for metal stripping that you can re-use for many years. Install them between the window sash and frame so that it doesn’t create any hassle during operating the windows. These are inexpensive and easy to install.
Weather Stripping
• Install Energy-efficient Window Treatments:
There are plenty of insulating window coverings available in the market and proper installation can maintain an ideal warm ambiance during the winter months. Cellular shades are some of the most popular insulating blinds. Their honeycomb structured air pockets keep the warm air inside, offering a soothing climate throughout your house. The shades come in different fabric materials, color choices, and mechanisms that significantly impact on saving energy. For example, blackout double cell shades are the most versatile and reliable one when it comes to insulation. Otherwise, opt for triple-layer cellular shades for maximum insulation capacity. You can install them at the exterior or patio part of your house as well.

Besides cellular shades, there are many options like solar shades, roman shades, shutters, pleated shades, and many more which are aesthetically pleasing and functional as well. Explore all the options before you get them.
In addition, you can layer heavy curtains over these insulating shades which will enhance the beauty of your windows while improving the functional aspects. You can add additional blackout or thermal lining to emphasize the functionality of energy-efficiency. Customize them as per your requirements and get them ready for the summer season.
And the interesting part of insulating shades is they work well during the summer months as well, keep the extreme heat out of the home and lower your cooling costs.
Double Cell Shades
• Install Window Film:
If you are looking for a cost-effective way to prepare your windows for the winter months, then window films are a great idea. It is a thin layer of plastic that absorbs the radiant heat from the inside of your home and prevents over 55% of heat from escaping your home. There are different insulation films such as glare reducing film, static cling, and privacy film and they work best with single and double pane windows. Not only in winter, but these also work well on summer months as well by reducing heat gain and keeping rooms cool and comfortable.
Window Tint Film
• Install Low-E Storm Windows
These windows help homeowners to save up to 12% to 33% of energy bills during the winter months. It is made of an ultra-thin invisible layer of metal that can reflect the heat back. They are categorized in two parts – Interior panel (covers the existing window from inside) and exterior panel (cover the window from outside). Exterior storm windows are the most preferred choice by most of the homeowners as they fit all standard double-hung windows.


With these tips, you can easily winterize your windows for the colder months of the year. Some of the tips are suitable for summer months as well. So, once you follow the ideas you don’t have to worry about your increased heating and cooling costs. And the most important thing, if you have old doors and windows, then it’s suggested to replace them with the new ones for maximum efficiency. Make your windows ready now and you will be thankful for the extra protection and increased comfort when winter inevitably rolls around.