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5 Window Treatments to Accent your Yellow and Beige Walls

5 Window Treatments to Accent your Yellow and Beige Walls

Choosing the Right Color for your Homes

Home decor is an extension of your personality. How you perceive the world around you is reflected in the way you style your home. The color theme you choose for your house reveals your love for specific colors. They can be vibrant shades like yellow and orange or more understated ones like beige, cream, and white. With the right decor and furniture, any color can be pulled off with grace and style. Getting the look right is the key to making your home decor a success story.

What Yellow Color Says?

For many homeowners, yellow is too bright and loud for comfort. If not used well and complemented well with the other accessories in the room like window treatment, sofa set, lights, etc. yellow has the potential to ruin the entire look of the room and the result could be disastrous. Many people are inclined to avoid using yellow as a wall color. But others are madly, deeply, and passionately in love with yellow and love to surround themselves with the color that is the most luminous of all the colors in the color spectrum. Yellow signifies optimism, happiness, creativity, eternal sunshine, and cheerfulness that accompany springtime.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with such a vibrant color, there are challenges in incorporating it into your home decor. You have to display a lot of caution when choosing the right hue of yellow and in picking up the other accessories in the room.

Smart Blinds for Home Office

Window Treatment for Yellow Walls

For your yellow walls, you can select a range of curtains, drapes, and blinds.

  • If you have a toned-down shade of yellow walls and yellow-colored fabric sofas with large sweeping windows, long curtains are the best to cover them. You can use a layered combination of sheer and tan drapes and hang them high from near the ceiling for maximum visual impact. The tan color will pair well with the other wooden elements in the room like the TV cabinet, center table, etc. while the sheer curtains will allow diffused light to spread across the room creating a cohesive and refreshing look for the room.
  • Yellow does not only need browns and tans to tone down its vibrancy. You can also use bright colors like ruby red curtains with your yellow walls to create a bold statement. These are two primary colors and when paired together can command much attention inside the room. place a vase of cut flowers for fresh fragrance and natural beauty.
  • Have you opted for a bright yellow palette for your room and looking for ways to soften the room, add texture, and tone down the effects of the bright color? Go with cocoa brown textured curtains for grandeur and luxurious appeal. While the walls remain the focal point of the decor, the cocoa brown curtains heighten the appeal of the room for ultimate impact.
  • If you want to go with blinds rather than curtains, you can find the right tone and color for your yellow walls. Go with black or dark brown wooden Venetian blinds or faux wood horizontal blinds and see the sensuous appeal it imparts to your room and the surroundings.
  • For contemporary modern homes with minimalist decor and bright and cheerful ambiance try experimenting with yellow walls with pale green roller shades. They look stunning. The neat and sleek appearance of roller shades and a soft hue of light green compliment the pale yellow walls brilliantly.

What Beige Color Signifies?

If yellow is bright and lively and somewhat challenging to incorporate into your room decor, beige on the other hand is an extremely dependable and safe color. You can use them with any decor and it is easy to complement them. The color is neutral, relaxing, and calm. If you are unsure about which color to opt for in your home, you can always turn to beige as it will never let you down.

Window Treatments for Beige Walls

With beige, you can pair almost every color. Let us take a quick look at some of the window treatments to pair with your beige walls.

  • With beige being a neutral shade, you may be tempted to add some color to break the monotony. It is advisable not to go overboard with color. Try pairing your beige walls with dark blue floral curtains. The pattern will bring variety and texture into the room and the white color in the navy floral curtain will make sure that it is not too overwhelming.
  • Sheer white curtains against a deep beige wall are a fascinating combination. it adds softness and a touch of felinity to the room. Sheer will also increase the amount of natural light in the room which is important because beige walls tend to make the rooms a little dark.
  • Do you want to go for brighter shades of curtains for your beige walls? Try burgundy. This is recommended for rooms that receive a lot of natural light. The rich hue of burgundy will pop up from the light background and creates a rich and royal ambiance inside the room.
  • If you want to mount blinds in the room you have ample options to choose from. A beige and dark brown printed casual Roman shade makes a great choice for your elegant and classy rooms. They will pair beautifully with your beige walls and the prints will help to add some texture to the room.
  • Brown wood blinds and bamboo blinds also make a grand pairing with your beige walls. They lend a soft natural glow to the room, allows diffused light to fill your space, and create a warm, cheerful yet classy ambiance inside your room. It has a calming effect on the surroundings.

You can try experimenting with a combination of yellow and beige walls in your room. The beige will help to tone down the impact of yellow and create a harmonious balance of colors in the room. The choice of color of window treatment will depend on the color of the wall which has the window. If you have windows against the yellow wall you can opt for neutral shaded curtains or sheers. If the windows are against the beige walls then you could opt for some simple printed curtains using neutrals so that there isn’t too much color in the room as there is already a generous amount of yellow used on the walls.

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