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5 Window Treatments That Match and Accent Your Beautiful Wood Trim


Aesthetically, window treatments like curtains, roman shades, and blinds not only soften the hard lines of any room but also highlight the window’s architectural qualities helping to pull the look together. They also add pattern, texture, color, and a feeling of warmth to a room. Practically, they block out light, insulate the home against heat and cold, prevent fading of furniture and carpets, and minimize outside noise.

The most important aspect of your window coverings is that they should be well-made and perfectly finished. If you feel that you are confused about which window treatment to use for your house, it is actually better to closely observe the trims around your window. By selecting a color that closely matches the tone of the window trim, the window treatments appear to be a part of the room architecture. If your room’s focal point is something other than the window, such as a piece of furniture or a painting, white blinds will not draw attention from it. The good news is, there are many different colors and finishes to choose from when it comes to blinds.

If your window involves thick and distinct frames, then installing an inside-mounted window covering allows the woodwork to steal the show. Fabric shades, wooden blinds, woven shades, sill-length curtains, and wooden shutters all work perfectly when mounted inside the window frame. If you use wooden blinds and shutters, pick a window treatment with a finish that matches the window frame. In the case of natural woven blinds, pick a window treatment having a similar color temperature as your window trim, however, opt for a darker or lighter finish to add depth to the look of the room. Avoid trying to match the window covering rod to the window trim when you select draperies. Painted wood or metal rods alter the overall look. If your window trim is made of stained wood, pick a finish that is a bit darker or lighter than the trim. Don’t go for ornately carved rods if your window trim is slim or sleek as it offers a too heavy look.

Why You Might Actually Want to Cover Parts of the Window Trim

Window treatments are like a frame for the window. Consider it as framing the view. A solid and elegant window treatment actually attracts attention towards the view by bringing the outside world in. However, if the side trim is left uncovered, then the window will begin to appear very busy. As result, it can actually lead to detraction from the view. If possible, it is better to mount the window treatments well above the top of the window. This in turn exposes the lower and upper trim which would look appealing.

Window Treatments to Match and Accent Wood Trim

Are you searching for a window treatment that matches and accents your wood trim? If your home has attractive and intricate window trims, then it is obvious that you would want to display and not hide it. While few window treatments do cover window trim or parts of it, there are other window treatments that do not. Here are five window treatments that would match and accent any wooden window trim:

If the window trim depth allows, mount the wood blinds inside the trim to contrast attractively against pale-colored trim, white trim, or wood trim that is darker or lighter than the wood blinds. This mounting also offers a tailored, elegant look in comparison to outside-mounted blinds. For a good look, they must extend barely past the side trim of the window. For more neatness, mount them right above the upper trim of the window when they are pulled up to the header.

A Roman shade is a panel of fabric hanging down flat in front of the window. Selecting these shades needs planning of how they will be mounted. For some particular reasons, one might either pick outside mount or inside-mount window shades which majorly depends on the window trim. In case of decorative and broad trim that you would want to show off, opt for an inside mount as the shade completely fits within the window’s trim.

  • Sill-Length Curtains

One of the best strategies that most of them prefer is matching curtains with the window trim color. As most of the trims are off-white or plain white, one will not go wrong with this neutral look and will also not clash with other interior decors. Sill-length curtains work best for windows that are kept open every time. These curtains are often a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, and small windows. These types of curtains are mounted in such a way that they end evenly with the window sill, or just above it.

  • White Shutters

You will have several options to choose from while considering the color of your window shutters to enhance your home decor. White window shutters are very well known as they look pristine and also boost daylight hours by reflecting light back into the room. White window shutters match perfectly if the inside windows have a white trim. Select a wood stain for the window shutters if you want the window treatment to accent the wood window trim.

Valances are a form of window treatment on the uppermost part of the inside of a window that is available as decorative boards and fabric hung from a rod. They soften the appearance of windows. The right combination of valances and window trim work together making the windows look unique. The window trim’s preciseness and sharpness can be balanced with the soothing look of valances to offer a complete design.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to go for a fancy window treatment including valances, curtains, or shades, then window trims serve a special purpose. While some use wide window trims as a way of hiding the curtain rods, others use the window trim to accentuate the window treatments style. The style of wood trims subtly complements the design and texture of the window treatments, pulling the design of the whole room together.