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5 Window Treatments Manufactured With Sustainable Materials and Methods

5 Window Treatments Manufactured With Sustainable Materials and Methods

With consumerism on the rise we are spoilt for choice. For every product, there are endless options available. So there are increased sales in phones, gadgets, cars as well as home decor items like furniture, rugs, bedding, and window shades. However, do we ever stop and wonder how many such products might be detrimental to the environment? Or how sustainable they are? Products that are perishable can be immediately thrown away without being recycled. This leads to a huge amount of wastage the world over, and much of this stuff is dumped into the oceans that endanger marine life. What we need in these times are products that are constructed from sustainable materials, employing a method that contributes to the safety of the environment. This awareness is fasting gaining ground which has led to the manufacturing of eco-friendly products and products that can be recycled. The world of window treatments has also been impacted by this. In this section, we will take a look at these window coverings that are made of sustainable materials and the several advantages that they have on offer, environment conservation being one of them.

Sustainable Materials Used in Window Coverings

We recommend going for natural materials in shades that are built from the essence of nature. Every time you use plastic or a material blend that is hard to break down and recycle when your shade tears down, it might turn into toxic waste that only adds to the woes of the planet. It endangers species, and there’s only so much Mother Earth can sustain. A few examples of natural materials are listed below, which can turn into effective shades entailing several benefits.

1. Cotton: A superb, lightweight material that can be used in the construction of several things, including pillows, bedsheets, table covers and curtains. Cotton comes cheaper than other expensive materials and is very easy to take care of. A simple wash can suffice, and it can be used to construct both light filtering and room darkening window curtains. Cotton is a popularly used material for window shades and curtains.

2. Silk: Weaved from the silkworm, silk is a fabulous fabric that is the hallmark of sophistication, luxury and upscale living. Silk curtains are generally more expensive than others because of their smooth finish and lighter and comfy feel, besides being natural insulators when used as window curtains. Silk looks regal and grand and can have a gorgeous impact on your decor.

3. Wood: One of the strongest materials to withhold wear and tear, climate changes and heat, wood can be effectively used in the construction of window shades. They carry a charming appeal, which makes them a solid fit in any kind of setting, be it contemporary, classic, Bohemian or flamboyant. However, it is necessary to follow a non-toxic procedure while extracting them for the use of furniture and shades, and there are few brands that can do this well. Natural Wood Blinds are a luxurious choice of window treatment and they can be quite a stunner.

4. Bamboo: This material can be used to build several items in home decor, bringing an element of nature that keeps the surroundings rich and lively. Bamboo can be used to create chairs, tables, flooring, and natural shades that can let in a sufficient amount of light besides protecting the home, all the same. Bamboo is now being popularly used for the construction of window blinds.

Window Treatments Constructed From Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly blinds are the first step to ensuring a healthy and pollutant-free lifestyle. To ensure that you are indulging in the same, you need to have at least one of the following window blinds and shades for your home.

1. Wooden Plantation Shutters:

Graber is one of the top brands that sells made-to-order shutters, built from North American hardwood and employing a procedure that adds no chemicals. The procedure is pollutant and toxic-free, ensuring high-quality standards for customized and rewarding consumer experience. Shutters made from wood can be chosen in different slat sizes and operating styles, from a motorized lift to a continuous cord loop system. They are extremely durable window coverings that can withstand any kind of climate, keeping you comfortable and cozy. Because of this feature, these blinds are also great energy savers.
Plantation Shutters

2. Natural Woven Wood Blinds:

Just like Graber, Crown is one of those window treatments that have the capability of becoming the centerpiece of your home. These natural wooden coverings can match any other decor element in your home with their smooth textured appearance and charming design. A few color designs available are Bayhead Grey, East filed Teak, Sarasota Camel and Winthrop Tortoise. When they are raised, they form even folds, and they are moisture controlled to prevent warping and rotting. Like their predecessors, they also come in a unique cordless mechanism that makes them safe for children and pets inside the home.
Natural Wooden Shades

3. Light Filtering and Blackout Cotton Curtains:

Curtains are best managed when they are made from materials that can be easily washed and maintained. Unlike cotton and polyester blends or any other synthetic materials, pure cotton curtains can be very good insulators and blockers of heat. No wonder they can work well in heavy-duty drapery when the purpose is to ensure a room darkening atmosphere. Besides, they can be equally functional as light filtering curtains, where the weave is loose to allow in copious amounts of light. When compared with other materials, cotton curtains usually last long and are much more durable. They are a sound investment that will benefit you for many years to come.

4. Silk Curtains and Drapery:

They might be a tad tough to take care of, unlike their cotton counterparts, but there is no denying silk curtains will end up being one of your most prized possessions once you happen to buy them. These are fabulous window coverings that spell class, sophistication and comfort. They are extremely effective in blocking light and heat, absorbing sound and enabling energy efficiency, and are available in multiple colors and designs to take your pick from. Just ensure that you get your curtains in only pure silk with no blends, and that will be an investment that will give you great returns for much time to come.
Faux Silk Eyelet Curtains

5. Custom Roller Fabric Blinds:

Certain roller shades, both light filtering and blackout, by the ever-reliable brand of Crown are extremely useful thanks to their environment-friendly properties. They are built from a polyester fabric that is dust-resistant, pollution-free and toxic-free. These ensure a safe and healthy living, besides giving you multiple options to customize them the way you want. The range of colors and designs is incredible, from Charcoal, Chocolate and Ecru to Silver, White and Ivory. For your benefit, they come in a variety of control options such as continuous cord loop, cordless and motorized. The lighter fabrics give you greater light control and openness percentage, allowing you to see the world outside without being spotted. The room darkening fabrics, meanwhile, ensure a blackout atmosphere that will be beneficial in case you want absolute privacy, especially after sunset.
Fabric Roller Shades for Wide Windows
We can always do our bit for the environment by buying coverings that are built from sustainable materials that can last you long. Natural materials such as wood, jute, bamboo, cotton and silk immediately come to mind. Many window treatments such as wooden shutters, bamboo shades, and light filtering/room darkening curtains are constructed out of such materials. You can get them for any window of the house, for they entail several advantages such as light control, privacy and energy efficiency. They may cost you a tad more than some of the other materials but it is more than worth the investment when you know the positive impact they have on your surroundings and environment.

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