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5 Window Shades Designed for Tilt and Turn Windows

5 Window Shades Designed for Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are the latest craze with homeowners. With good reasons, of course! They come with some simple benefits that make life so much more comfortable.

What is a Tilt and Turn Window?

Tilt and turn windows can be operated like normal windows. But they also come with the additional options of just opening the top portion, which tilts inwards in a small angle with the room.

Tilt and turn windows can be operated in three different modes. If the handle is facing down, then the window is locked. Turn the handle 90 degrees to get it to partially open or tilt inward. Turn it another 90 degrees to face upwards, and you have the window open like other normal windows.

Why are Home Owners Choosing Tilt and Turn Windows?

Some functional benefits of tilt and turn windows set them apart from their traditional peers.


Striking the right balance between ventilation and insulation is a difficult task. The tilt function allows the air to circulate in the room, while protecting the interiors from strong gusts of winds. This feature becomes very useful in the summer. The tilt on the top allows all the hot air to escape, which helps keep the temperatures down.

Easy Maintenance

Take the stress out of spring cleaning with these windows. Traditional window designs make it very difficult to clean the outside. However, inward opening design makes it considerably easier to clean the outside of the windows, all from the comforts of your interiors.


Tilt and turn windows come with enhanced security. A robust internal hardware system, fitted with multiple locking points, makes these windows more secure than traditional ones. You also get the option of locking the window even in the tilt mode, so that you can ventilate the room without having to worry about security.


As these windows open inwards, they give the exteriors a finished look. If you have large windows, tilt and turn windows allow you to cover the whole window with glass, without any frames running through the middle. Now you can enjoy the view without window hardware getting in the way. The tilt function is very useful for these windows as they allow ventilation, without you having to deal with opening and closing the heavy frames.

Available in a wide range of colors, materials, and glazing options, these windows give you a lot more leg room for customization. You can also opt for hidden hinges, which add to the finished and clean look.

How to Fit Blinds on Tilt and Turn Windows?

As these blinds open inwards, fitting a blind on them will need some serious thinking. You can firmly rule out fitting a blind inside the recess, as they are going to get in the way. You will have to fit the blind outside the recess, preferably on a headrail. This would leave ample space for the window to tilt backward.

For your window to open completely, you need to place the headrail high enough, so that when the blind is closed, it sits out of the way of the window. There are not too many blinds which would work in this arrangement.

If you wish to highlight the frames and enjoy a hassle-free operation, go for perfect fit blinds. Instead of mounting to the window opening, these blinds attach to the window frames themselves, making it very easy to operate the windows as they move with the window.

5 Shades Perfect for Tilt and Turn Windows!

Honeycomb Cellular Shades

The honeycomb structure of the shades is made up of hollow pockets, which trap air in them and provide enhanced insulation. Due to the perfect fit design, very little gap remains between the frame and the shade. This feature ensures that very little air will escape through your windows, keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer.

These honeycomb shades would allow plenty of light in, keeping your room bright and warm. The light weight of the blinds also makes it easy to handle the window.

Roller Shades

If you go for traditional roller shades, you will have to mount the headrail on top of the recess, so that they stay out of the way when the window is tilted back or opened fully. Roller shades can also be fitted inside the window frames, using customized mini headrails, fitted in with a click and tape system. With these systems, you will not have to close the shade every time you wish to open the window.

Roller shades will offer you greater flexibility when it comes to design selection and functional benefits. You can select solar shades to preserve the view and cut off the glare. Or, you can go for blackout fabric, to get the ultimate blackout effect.

Day and Night Shades

If you want the dual benefits of light control and privacy, go for day and night shades. These shades come with the dual benefits of solar shades and Venetian slat like structures. The first layer will give you lots of natural light, while the second layer with slat like structures would allow you the flexibility of shielding the interior view by lowering the slats at different positions.

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades would give your windows a neat and crisp. The pleated design would add smart lines to the generic geometrical lines of your windows, accentuating their modern and smart appeal.

This highly decorative solution comes with exciting functional benefits. The pleated shade cuts off the glare and fills the room with natural light. Even in chilly weather, these blinds would provide excellent insulation, while you can bask in the comforts of a sunlit room.

Solar Shades

If you want to preserve the view and still have some insulation, go for solar shades. With these shades, it will be hard to think that there is anything between you and the natural world outside. Along with cutting off glare and harmful UV rays, these shades will also aid in insulation, so that you don’t have to compromise on the view for saving energy.

Make the most of your new windows with these amazing shades and craft a unique look for your interiors.