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5 Window Covers for Cold Weather

5 Window Covers for Cold Weather

Harsh Winters

Winter can be very harsh. Those sitting in tropical countries have no inkling how cruel winters can be. While those in tropical regions crave for a cooler climate, the countries experiencing bitter winter could make do with some of the warmth. Parts of Europe, Canada and Europe and even Asia have mercury dip as low as -30°C and even more. The sharp piercing wind and the white snow cover for a considerable length of time can have a numbing impact on its inhabitants. Even before winter sets in, they start taking necessary precautions to combat the imminent cold climate. The room heaters which are essential for survival are serviced to ensure that they don’t break down in the middle of the cold spell. Any leaks and gaps in the house are sealed to ensure that the warm does not escape outside and no cold drought flows into the house.

Need Window Insulation

Sometimes despite all the measures, you find that the interiors are not as warm as they should be or the heaters are using up more energy than needed to keep the house warm and pleasant for you and your family. If you are at your wit’s end and cannot understand the source of this energy loss then let us help you out. Check your windows and glass doors. While windows provide a vital link with the outside world once you are indoors, they are also potential sources of energy loss. They cause warm air to escape during winter and to flow in uninterrupted during the hot summer months. The result is sky-rocketing electricity bills that keep put pressure on your finances. Before winter sets in, get your windows and doors effectively and adequately dressed and make them battle-ready to combat the onslaught of bitter cold.

Window Treatments to Help Combat Cold Weather

We are here to assist you in your efforts to find the right insulating blinds for your windows, that are well-suited for the cold climate.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

If you are looking for the perfect pair of shades for your homes your search ends right here. They are probably the best insulating window treatments in the market today. The honeycomb fabricated pockets of the cellular shades trap air inside and this provides the much-needed layer of insulation to your windows. Cellular honeycomb shades help to increase the R-value of the windows to as high as 7. R-value is a measurement of resistance that a material has to heat flowing through it. Lower the R-value lower is the resistance of the material to heat flowing through. Most of the standard windows have an R-value of 3.5 which makes them poor insulators. Cellular shades help to increase this value and hence offer better insulation to your windows and to your rooms.
Insulated Cellular Shades

Drapes & Curtains

1. Though traditional, drapes and curtains are equipped with insulating properties. Classy and elegant, drapes can be also energy-efficient. This is not to say that all curtains and drapes are ideal to combat the cold weather but some of them are and you can even customize them to meet your needs.
2. If you are choosing drapes for the winter months take care to choose the fabric. Ensure that they are not lightweight like sheer or lace. The fabric should be thick, heavy and tightly-woven like suede, tweed and velvet. The dense and thick drapes prevent heat loss from the house.
3. Insulated curtains also work well during winter. There are four layers with a core high-density foam layer which prevents warm air from escaping the house and cold air from entering the house.
4. You can also use layered curtains. A patterned curtain with thick cotton lining and a solid colored curtain before it not only helps to add a style quotient while providing triple-layered insulation. You can even opt for a thermal lining instead of cotton ones for better insulation.
Insulated Drapes and Shades

Roman Blinds

Classy and timeless beauties, Roman Blinds are gorgeous. They add to the charm of the existing décor and can enhance the style quotient of any room. Roman blinds are made of fabric. Instead of normal fabric, for the winter months, you can opt for thermal fabric. These are great in increasing the insulation of the windows and prevent air from escaping the house or cold air from entering.
Insulating Roman Shades

Roller Shades

These are another versatile pair of shades from Zebra blinds. The Dual Roller shades come with one reflective side and another side that is designed to absorb heat. You can reverse these sides as per the needs of the weather. With the reflective side facing the warmest side, during winter the reflective side is turned inwards while the insulated one is turned outwards to absorb the heat of the sun. The insulated face allows the heat to remain locked inside the house and prevents it from escaping.
Insulated Roller Shades


Shutters are another effective way of preventing energy loss during winter. As they make a snug fit on the windows they help to seal them effectively and prevent air leakage through and from the house. The wooden shutters come with slats for light filtration. When these slats are closed tightly they help provide and effective foolproof seal to the windows. This insulating feature of the shutters has made them a popular window treatment choice for cold climates.

Correct Installation of Window Treatments

You can choose any of the above window treatments or even a combination of these to prevent energy loss during the bitter cold months. However, choosing the right window treatment alone cannot ensure good insulation. Proper installation of these window treatments is equally important. The shades must make a snug fit, blinds must evenly overlap and there must be no gaps left around the shades and blinds through which air can pass. If these are not taken care of, even the best window treatments will not be effective enough.

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