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5 Window Coverings for a Signature Summer Look

5 Window Coverings For A Signature Summer Look

The summers are already here and temperatures are already soaring upwards. While the warm sunny afternoons can difficult to bear sometimes, there are many things to love about the summer. The active and vibrant energy all around is one such thing. The change in weather also brings about a change in the way people dress up, engage with others, and the lifestyle they adopt. The summers also call for a change in the décor of the house so that it resonates with the summer’s radiant fervor.

A major part of that change in décor comprises of a makeover of your window dressings. Windows are the focal point of any décor and if you want to impart a signature summery vibe to the interiors, you have got to reconsider the window treatment options at your disposal. These coverings should have the same vibe that we associate with the summers. Bright colors, vibrant prints, and patterns, flowy texture, etc. are some of the finer points of that appeal.

How to Create a Summer Look?

Summers are all about liveliness, vibrance, exuberance, and bright colors; a sharp contrast to the dullness of chilly winters. If you want to achieve a summery vibe inside your room, you need to bring in elements that define summers into your choice of decorative including your selection of window coverings. You can add indoor plants to your interiors to add some greenery to the décor. You can use vibrant colors in your choice of cushion covers, curtains, and other kinds of drapery in your house. You can also opt for fun color schemes for the walls. Including tropical and floral prints to the décor is another way of adding some summery ambiance to the house.

5 Window Coverings for a Signature Summer Look

While making fun alterations to the decorative in the house can help get the interiors ready for a summer look, it will not be complete without the mention of creative décor ideas for your windows. Windows are the focal point of any décor and if you want to achieve a certain look, you have to dress them in a way that complements the rest of the décor. Window treatments not only have practical features that help maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside the room but also adorn your windows beautifully. Window coverings can accentuate the windows and elevate the overall effect of the décor.

There are many creative ways in which you can prep your windows for a signature summer look. But before you get started with the same, you need to have a clear vision about the kind of look and feel you want to achieve and how the rest of the interiors is going to be. Your window coverings should blend in with the rest of the décor items in a way that seems natural and effortless. Hence, having a definite goal in mind surely helps you decide what to pick or which ideas will work. Let us look at 5 window covering ideas you can consider if you want a signature summer look for your home:

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are an awesome selection for any season but the rugged and classic looks of real wood give a ‘close-to-nature’ vibe to the décor. What is even better is that wooden blinds also insulate the interiors effectively against the scorching summer heat, ensure good air circulation, and also provide excellent light control. You don’t need to worry about them complementing the rest of the décor as wooden blinds are versatile enough to fit into any indoor setting.
You can opt for woven wood blinds for that tropical vibe. Woven wood blinds are usually made using bamboo fiber, straw, and natural grass. The natural material used in making these woven woods not only helps keep the interiors cool besides imparting a truly organic and summery appeal. You can further accentuate the look by getting woven wood blinds that have tropical patterns in the form of a leaf or flower-shaped embroidery or prints.
Wooden Blinds for Large Windows


Curtains are our all-weather and all-season window covering choices. With so many colors, designs, and material options, curtains can help you create a great summer look. You can opt for bright and vibrant colors to give that summerlike appeal to the look of the windows. You can also play with fun prints like bold floral prints and other tropical patterns. If you don’t want the look to be too flashy, you can opt for more neutral colors. Embroidered curtains can also be used for a more balanced summer look.
You can also try different combinations of curtains to achieve the same effect. You can have sheers in the middle and bold or dark-colored curtains on either side for a beautiful contrast. To heighten the effect, you can get sheers that have delicate tropical embroidery to go with bright curtains. The curtains can be plain or patterned depending on your taste.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have been used in households for ages to protect against the scorching heat during the summers. Roman blinds have the perfect combination of great looks and practical benefits that make them a great choice for your summer look. If you want the vibe to be very pertinent and visible, you can opt for Roman blinds that have interesting summery patterns. You can choose the color of the blinds also according to the look you have in mind.
If you want the décor to be bold, opt for bright colors. If you want the décor to have a more somber feel, pick neutral tones. To get a fair idea as to which hue will be apt, you can also refer to the color of your walls. To get a summer look, it will be better if your window coverings contrast with the walls which form the background. This will help accent the windows.
Motorized Roman Blinds


Valances can play a larger role than merely hiding the headrails and the mounting brackets on which the window treatments are hung. Valances add perspective and depth to the look of the window. They also bring the focus back on the windows and that helps the décor of the room look more streamlined. To give that summery twist to the valances, you can try valances with fun prints and patterns. Floral pattern, stripes, leafy pattern, butterfly print, etc. are some of the options you can look at. To make the look more prominent, you can consider removing décor items or clutter from the area around the windows. The minimal décor around the window will cause less distraction and will help the valances and the window coverings look more noticeable.
Beautiful Window Valances

Mini Shutters

Shutters always impart a classic and rugged look to the interiors. If you have arched windows or similar architectural attractions in the room, shutters help complement them well. However, shutters are versatile enough to blend well with all kinds of décor elements and styles. If you want to impart a summary appeal to the décor of the house, mini blinds can be a great option. The mini blinds are not too intrusive, provide decent light control, and still ensure that the room looks bright and vibrant enough to do justice to the summer look.

However, these window covering choices need to complemented well by the rest of the décor in the house to truly achieve that signature summer look you have in mind. You don’t need to go out of your way to achieve that. Minor additions can work wonders in accentuating the look. You can add fresh flowers and succulent plants to the interiors. They will not only add freshness to the atmosphere of the room but will also give that summer vibe you seek. You can bring in décor items that are more in keeping with that vibe. For instance, you can hang artificial silk flowers and charm accents in the room. You can add tropical motifs to the décor like seashells, starfish, etc. that complement the summer look. The idea is to create a cohesive look and to achieve that individual elements of the décor have to blend in effortlessly. Hence, the choice of decorative needs just as much thought as the window coverings.