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5 Window Blinds That Go Down from The Top

5 Window-Blinds-That-Go-Down-From-The-Top

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Top Down Window Blinds

Keeping the windows bare will let sunlight to enter your home and reduce your privacy as well. Getting privacy and natural light at the same time can be difficult, especially when your windows confront a busy street-side or neighbor’s house. There are plenty of window treatments available along with various fabric materials to block the light and provide privacy but how do you get privacy while allowing natural light to come through? Well, to get rid of this problem, window designers have come up with a unique solution: a Top Down Feature that lowers the shades from the top portion and holds them at your desired position, making the shades extremely versatile and a great option to fulfill your needs. To enjoy the premium benefits, you need to choose this function during the customization procedure. Besides offering natural light and privacy together, this feature offers some additional benefits too –

• Choose the fabric option according to your requirements. Light filtering top-down shades work well on living room or kitchen while blackout top-down shades work well on media room and bedroom.
• Protect your floor, furniture, and other valuable belongings from the sun’s UV rays. Adjusting the shades will cut down these rays and glare and will let you live a healthy lifestyle.
• The top-down function adds architectural interest to your space. When you have more than one window and all of them are dressed in top down window shades, they create a striking look to the décor.
• Standard pull cords, continuous cord loops, and cordless operations available with this feature. To keep your kids and pets safe from the strangulation of window cords, cordless is a better option.
One single functional addition can give you magnificent home décor. So, you adore the idea of top-down mechanism but not sure what variety of shade or blind you want? This function is not limited to a few window treatments, almost all the coverings can be customized with this option. To make your search easier, we have made a list of window solutions that you can think of!

Window Blinds That Go Down from The Top

• CrystalPleat Graber LF Single Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are popular for their insulation feature, traps the excess air inside the honeycomb structured air pockets and keep home insulated throughout the year. But to maintain privacy and natural light, this top-down functionality featured in CrystalPleat Graber LF Single Cellular Shades are a great choice. Made of 100% polyester make the shades incredibly durable and sturdy to install in any room. To elevate the look of the décor, customize the shades from a variety of color and texture options.
Graber LF Single Cellular Shades

• Crown Looped Roman Shades

We know that getting natural freshness and light is your first concern but if aesthetics is another major concern for your décor, then consider these Crown Looped Roman Shades which are easily customizable with the top-down mechanism. Push down the shades from the top according to your needs of light and privacy. Roman shades are classy yet versatile, and their vibrant colors and design options make them a reliable window solution. Choose the light controlling fabric depending on the room’s needs. Consider these shades to get the benefits of both functionally and aesthetically.
Crown Looped Roman Shades

• Tradewinds Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades

If you want to add a natural touch and elegance to the windows, then Tradewinds Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades are a great choice. Made of natural elements like bamboo, grass, wood, keep the interior safe and secure. Get an adequate amount of natural light along with privacy by integrating the shades with top-down mechanisms. Natural refreshment and incredible functionality make these shades a number one choice to go for. Valances, cornices, edge banding, different styles of hem with designer rods can enhance the look of the space instantly, giving a designer look to the windows. Customize properly to build a fashion statement for your home.
Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades

• 2 Inch EvenPleat Graber Shades

The crispy pleated design of these Graber window shades can create perfect contemporary aesthetics. Integrating the shades with the special and unique top-down feature is like icing on the cake that will give you the perfect light and privacy controlling benefit you are looking for. This amazing functionality will immediately transform your space into a cozy one. For large windows, these shades work smoothly and efficiently. Choosing from various color options will give the windows a textured and synchronized look you are craving for. Additional accessories like brackets, cords will help to revamp the beauty.
2-Inch EvenPleat Graber Shades

• Tradewinds Graber Sheer Natural Shades

If you want to give your interior an eco-friendly ambiance, then these shades are perfect for your space. Top-down cordless mechanism will help to lower the shades from the top and keep them at your preferred location. This will maintain a perfect balance between natural light and privacy, so that you can stay relax and comfortable throughout the day. Cover your large windows with these shades to create a classy and vibrant room décor. Easy to clean and bring sophistication when properly installed.
Graber Sheer Natural Shades
If you are longing for an ideal room atmosphere while maintaining the privacy level, then these top-down featured window solutions are the answer. These shades will change your living style, making it luxurious and pleasing. Check out all the options to enjoy their various benefits without any tension.

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