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5 White Roman Shades Perfect For French Doors


A French door is a design component that adds opulence to a house for years to come. They feature built-in glass panes that open up previously closed-off areas to the rest of the house, offering a feeling of magnificence while moving out onto a patio or from one room to the other. But, like any other window, there are situations when privacy and glare reduction are needed and that’s when a wide range of French door window coverings come into the picture.

French doors usually have a few characteristics that make it challenging to pick shades that fit on them. Typically, French doors feature raised, bevelled trim surrounding the glass, as well as a door handle that protrudes towards the glass. Therefore, you should consider these parameters while measuring. Additionally, you should check the requirements of the external mounting surface to make sure there is enough of a flat surface for the installation of shades. Finally, the use of hold-down brackets will prevent the shades from swinging while using the door.

Why French Doors Require Window Treatments

Window treatments are a simple way of introducing pattern or color into a room that grabs attention, making your French doors the focal point. Treating your French doors with window coverings aids in shading your home during the hottest part of the day, keeping it cool, and reducing your reliance on AC. Additionally, window coverings on the French doors offer much-required privacy whenever you want it.

White Roman Shades Perfect For French Doors

Roman shades are typically mounted outside for French doors. These shades are built to be long and wide enough to completely cover the glass panes of French doors while the shades are fully lowered. The main objective of the roman shade is to block out sunlight and also offer elegance to any room with its simplicity. The five white Roman shades that are perfectly suitable for any French doors are:

  • Flat White Roman Shades

Amongst all kinds of Roman shades, flat white Roman shades are very popular for their elegance and simplicity. They offer a casual yet traditional look to space. Flat Roman shades possess a number of folds that stack on top of each other when they are raised fully. For French doors, the slim profile of flat Roman shades would look great. Also, the extra fabric offers exceptional light control. Flat Roman shades lay flat against the door when they are lowered, allowing them to stay slim and fit underneath a door handle.

  • Relaxed White Roman Shades

Relaxed white Roman shades would be a perfect addition to your house if you prefer a more casual or chic decor. When these shades are raised, the fabric folds are likely to hang in a curved fashion so that they are lengthier in the center. Relaxed white Roman shades are often used in a less formal environment as they create a more comfortable vibe.

  • London Roman Shades

London White Roman shades develop a tail on each side with a relaxed center. London White Roman shades are casual and add a more whimsical feel to the space. Due to the folds style, dressing up the London White Roman shade can be time-consuming. As a result, they are commonly installed in spaces where they don’t have to be raised or lowered on a daily basis. This is a reason they are used for decorative purposes rather than light control or privacy.

  • White Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades

Top-down bottom-up white Roman shades are a common choice nowadays. Top-down shades are lowered from the top and raised from the bottom which makes them ideal and a versatile choice that offers a wide array of lighting conditions. They also offer some privacy and a complete view of the outside without fully opening the shades.

  • Soft Fold White Roman Shades

Soft fold white Roman shades, also known as teardrop shades, possess distinct cascades falling in a rippling effect all the way to the shade’s bottom. This shade is best suited for those who want loose folds through the shades in the raised or lowered position. These shades offer an informal aura creating an airy mood. These shades can be styled in a more traditional or classic style making them more suitable for formal rooms. The soft folds of this shade likely offer a thick layer of insulation. They also come in woven as well as non-woven varieties and room-darkening as well as light-filtering materials.

Bottom Line

If you are on the lookout for a sumptuous French door covering that frames and highlights the style of the door, then Roman shades are the best choice. Roman shades come in a wide range of textures, colors, and trims that help to customize the design look of your house. The folds of the Roman shade combine perfectly with the clean lines of the French door design. Good-quality fabric blocks the light substantially, however, an extra room darkening liner is also available for sunny areas.

While selecting a corded lift, make use of a cord cleat to keep the strings from getting caught or flying around when the door is closed or opened. If hold-down brackets are unavailable, then a little velcro at the bottom will help to keep the Roman shade in place.