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5 Ways to Give A Rustic Look To Your Home With Woven Wood Shades


Interior décor is largely shaped and enhanced by the look of your windows. If you have a top-notch window treatment that goes along well with the rest of your house, then it can make your house feel incredibly welcoming. Nowadays, the best way to make your windows stand out is to beautify them with cordless woven wood shades. They are also known as natural shades or bamboo shades. These shades have the potential to add a rustic, picturesque, and comforting vibe to your space. 

The most striking feature about wood shades is that they let in just the right amount of light without compromising your privacy. With these shades, you can add a natural and laid-back element to your house. They are perfect for enhancing the look of any home, be it a modern penthouse or a cozy cottage.

Wood shades can be made from a variety of materials such as bamboo, grass, wood, jute, or reed. Not only can you add a richer dimension to your house with these shades, but you can also feel a direct connection with nature. Wooden shades are woven delicately; however, they are highly durable. If you wish to give a rustic and rich look to your house with wood shades, then here are 5 unique and intriguing ways to do so:

  • Opt for Cordless Woven Shades

When you opt for cordless woven shades, you can give a cleaner appearance to the windows since there is no dangling cord visible to the eyes. Additionally, they are a much safer option if you have kids or pets in your house. If safety is your concern, then the highly durable and elegant cordless wood shades are worth the investment.

If you are in search of more budget-friendly options, then wood shades with cords are a good option as well. However, they are not as neat as the cordless ones but they still serve the purpose. No matter the type, wood shades can add dynamism and warmth to your home.

  • Match With Interior Décor

The color of your shades should match the tone of your interior decoration. A smart way to ensure this is to choose shades with a neutral and medium texture. Doing so will ensure that the shades do not draw too much attention yet still looking appealing.

When your window treatment complements your statement pieces and walls, it can help in pulling the overall look of the room together. The shades should blend in with the rest of the space for a cohesive and coordinated ambiance.

  • Create Rustic Vibes With DIY

If you want to add a rustic touch to your windows, you can do it with DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. Bring out your inner artist and customize the shades with your favorite paints. For a bohemian impression, you could create a pattern that resembles the colors of a peacock’s feathers. You could also add an aspect of modern art by playing with spray colors. It is all up to your imagination and the options to express your artistic side are truly endless.

  • Explore Other Options

It is not a must that just because they are called wood shades or bamboo shades, that you cannot stray from exploring other colors or materials. For example, if the predominant colors in your bathroom are white, then you can consider getting white-colored wood shades.

Additionally, if you are a nature-lover and you want to display your love for the environment, then you should choose wood shades that are made from natural grass. It will make you feel closer to nature and encourage you to live sustainably. You do not have to restrict yourself to any specific material, in particular.

  • Consider Layering

If you are someone who values their privacy and personal space, then you can make an order for a privacy liner to be added to your shades. It is especially beneficial to incorporate it in your living room where the infiltration of light can sometimes feel overbearing.  You can also go for blackout liners to reduce the amount of natural light. Privacy liners are great ways to create depth and layering.

These handcrafted shades can be beautified even more with a drapery panel which is a great way to add layering to your windows. Not only does it enhance your interior décor, but it also blocks direct sunlight from coming in. When you go for layering, you are bound to give your house a richer, warmer, and more polished look.

On a Final Note If you love green, natural, and organic elements, you can never go wrong with cordless woven blinds. These blinds look good in practically every room of your house. The best thing is that you can have plenty of natural light coming in while maintaining some privacy. If you miss those colonial, sophisticated, and rustic vibes, then wood shades are sure to bring them back

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