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5 Ways to Get Plantation Shutters at Discount Prices


Plantation shutters are among the most sought after window coverings that one can find. Plantation shutters come in a wide spectrum of colors and designs, and even in variable materials depending on your choices. Sadly, they are not known for being the ideal budget buy in normal circumstances. But what if you had access to a means of acquiring plantation shutters at discount prices? Surely it must be possible to get these shutters without making sacrifices to your lifestyle. So how would one go about this? Well, you won’t need to make back-alley deals behind home décor shops, that’s for sure. But short of that, there are at least five ways this can go down.

1. Seasonal discounts
Seasonal discounts are a boon to those looking to buy anything for the home. Window coverings are quite an investment and anyway you can shave the price off one is a great idea. Thankfully, you’ll find that reputed sellers like Zebrablinds are known for their insane discounts at times of celebration. So if you’re looking to buy plantation shutters for your window; then seasonal discounts are the time to get them. Even if you’re looking at quality over cost, you can still get better quality plantation shutters during online seasonal discounts.

2. Material matters
The thing about plantation shutters is that they actually have a very variable price range that could range from affordable to “oh dear”, and it all depends on the materials you decide to go for. If you’re looking at PVC or vinyl plantation shutters, you’ll find that the costs are significantly lower (150-350$ per window) than wood (200-550$) per window. However, there is a third option that is surprisingly far more affordable and even quite viable. Faux or composite plantation shutters are a very affordable (100-275$) option for those who’re looking for aesthetics and live in an area filled with moisture. You will need to make sure you have a sturdy window frame (faux wood is heavier than wood) if you choose to go with faux wood. While this may not work as a traditional plantation shutters discount price, it definitely does pay to know what you’re paying for and figuring out how you could pay less.
Graber Plantation Shutters
3. DIY installation for the win
Another way to get a plantation shutter at discount price is to install your plantation shutters yourself. Even if you’ve never done it before, you’ll find detailed videos for the process all over the net, especially across Youtube. Installing plantation shutters is surprisingly easy as long as you have just a little experience with the tools you’re using. You will usually need a measuring tape, a pencil, a power drill, and a screwdriver before you start installing your blinds. Once you have those and have watched the video, installing your new blinds might as well be easy as pie. You may make a few mistakes, but you’ll be beaming with pride once you have those shutters up. This is a great way to get plantation shutters at best prices and give yourself a much-deserved sense of accomplishment.
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4. Competitive pricing
You’ll find that every store seems to have blinds at around the same price, but the key here is that the prices aren’t the same. So while every store tries to sell its products at the cheapest rate possible (and still make a profit); you are free to browse through all online stores and even the nearby physical ones to find the price and quality you are happy with. At first, you may not feel like you’re getting plantation shutters at discount prices, but rest assured that you will mostly see a significant difference between the highest cost and the lowest cost among many stores, for blinds for the same quality. However, some prices may be too good to be true; so in such cases do read the fine print so you’re not stuck with ultra-low quality shutters that will barely last you half a year.

5. Membership perks
While membership perks aren’t always a thing, remarketing definitely is. Most stores tend to prioritize their existing customers by sending them regular discounts that only they can use. The chances are that this discount won’t be too significant, but they will definitely allow you to get your shutters at the best prices. However, this isn’t a feature available in all stores; some don’t have such a program, or they might have a point system instead.
We’re sure that there’s more than just these 5 ways to get plantation shutters, but what’s important is that you go on and get the finest plantation shutters for the best prices.

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