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5 Ways to Combine Dark Blinds with Curtains for a Stunning Look

5 Ways To Combine Dark Blinds With Curtains For a Stunning Look

Integrating Dark Blinds with Curtains for a Designer Aesthetics

It’s no doubt that right curtain and blind can make an incredible pair when properly customized and installed. The right combination can change the look and feel of a room in a dramatic way. There was a time when we used to install both these window dressings in the same room on separate windows, but using them together on the same window for a great effect is the latest trend. Now, the question is do curtains and blinds work fine together? Well, the answer is ‘Yes’ because it not only enhances the aura and grace of your space but also ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control. Modern blinds are available in multiple color options to bring elegance and warmth to your space. Many homeowners prefer dark-colored blinds because of their bold vibrant look which adds interest to space. Dark colors have some functional value too that can prevent the harsh sunlight and excess heat from entering your space. And adding textured curtains will double up both the aesthetic and functional value while adding an extra layer of dimension.

Before we show you the various ways of combining dark blinds and curtains, let us tell you that we need to be very cautious on few factors, otherwise the combination can go wrong and you may not get the benefits you are looking for. Follow the below guidelines before you make any decision!

• Choose the Blind Type:
There are plenty of window solutions available in dark colors. When mixing and matching curtains and blinds together, it’s best to think and decide which blind you want depending on the interior type and window position. Dark-colored blind and contrasting colored window curtains can create a solid classic look that will add value to your overall space. For example, with dark-colored blinds, neutral-colored such as creamy, beige, off-white colored curtains work well. If you are opting for any print, then make sure a solid color is chosen for one and a print is chosen for others. If both are printed, then it won’t look good.

• Hang High:
Dark-colored blinds make a room look bold and a little bit cozy. The biggest advantage of layering blind and the curtain is they create an illusion of a bigger room. This works well on small rooms to make space airy and spacious. But make sure to hang the curtain high over the blind. Even you can add some accessories like valances or cornices for an enriched look. Accessorising not only create a timeless beauty for your windows but also block out light and provide other functional benefits.

• Dark + Dark:
This concept of combining dark blind and dark curtains works well only in few areas, but it is good to have light or neutral-colored curtains with dark-hued window blinds.
Dark Dlinds with Dark Curtains
• Fabric Selection
Fabric material is an important aspect to consider. Both blinds and curtains come in sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout options. Choosing the right one will complement the other’s functionality. For example, pair sheer roman shades with textured blackout curtains for maximum effectiveness. This will make your room feel comfortable and pleasing.
Blinds Over Sheer Curtains

• Different Curtains in Same Room
When you have more than one window, then picking the same curtain can be an easier choice but this can make the spaces seem disconnected. Integrating blinds and curtains bring a whole room together while changing the atmosphere from the other rooms in your house. Play with different curtain choices and choose significantly.

• Match the Color
No matter what type of curtain color you choose to blend with the dark blind, make sure they both should match the rod color to create an astounding look.
For many homeowners, dressing a window is just a task, but their functional and aesthetic capabilities can make or break your room. Make a combination that can make your room feel bigger, brighter, and more dramatic.
Roller Shades with Curtains

Ideas of Combining Dark Blinds with Curtains

• Brown Colored Roller Blinds with Curtains

Roller blinds are an amazing choice when it comes to blocking sunlight and providing privacy. Layering brown colored roller shades with light green colored curtains will create a versatile eco-friendly look. This can create a fashion statement when properly installed.

• Blue Colored Roman Blinds with Sheer Curtains

There is no secret that roman shadings are popular for their fashionable stylish look and light-blocking power. While customizing and combining blinds and curtains, opt for dark blue colored blackout roman blinds with white sheer curtains. This looks amazing when installed in your living room.
Blue Roman Shades with Sheer Curtains

• Dark Green Hued Cellular Blinds with White Curtains

Looking for insulation in your bedroom while maintaining the simplicity of the windows? Then combine green colored blackout cellular shades with white or off-white colored blackout curtains for maximum efficiency. This combination will block out all the incoming light completely, creating a darken space while maintaining the privacy level. And most importantly, double-layered blackout materials will increase the capability of insulation, so that you can sleep peacefully without any disturbance.
Cellular Shades with Curtains

• Brown Faux Wood Blinds with Cream Colored Window Draperies

Looking to add some splash of color to your kitchen windows? Here is a solution for you. Brown colored faux wood blinds paired with creamy curtains are an incredible combination for this. Faux wood blinds are popular for their water and moisture resistant properties, and curtains will add extra dramatic value to the windows.

• Exterior Solar Shades with Curtains

Who doesn’t want to make their patio look good and sophisticated? Exteriors are the best place to sit back and relax throughout the day while connecting with the outside nature. To create an eye-soothing look and to maintain light control and privacy, window coverage should be accurate. In this case, you can layer dark grey colored exterior solar shades with camel-colored window draperies for an efficient look. Exterior solar shades are designed to prevent excess sunlight through their different opacity levels while offering insulation and privacy.


We have shown you a few ways of combining blinds and curtains to create designer-friendly look. Now, you can play and experiment with the colors and textures to create a stylish makeover for your windows. While ordering online, the color mentioned in the website may not match exactly with the real one, so it’s better to order free samples to be sure what you are going to do for the windows. For more ideas and inspirations, browse now or consult with the professionals!